Sunday, April 10, 2011

guest list. for life.

i have one foot in the graphic design door. it's kind of exciting.

aaron found that a favorite band of ours needed a promo paster for this big festival they put on that we are going to... basically, i volunteered/he volunteered me to do it... and i did.

then, last night while driving to huntsville, al from bon aqua, tn for a pgroove show, i stressed out about not having bought tickets early. 

aaron made a phone call, left a voice mail, and twenty minutes later received a text... i was on the guest list. 

too cool? yes! 

but one of the coolest parts? aaron was the plus one... that's usually me. i felt special. 

the show was awesome... i got hugs from all but 1 of the band members when they realized i was the girl that did the poster.

THEN on the way home i opened an email from the guy who got us on the guest list, he thanked me for my work and told me he was sending me an autographed poster. :) 

AND THEN.... i told him thanks and that i would be happy to do more stuff in the future. so right now i'm sitting at my computer working on a promo poster that the band will use. 

the best part? i'm on the guest list for any and all shows i want to go to... ever.


i'm kind of a big deal.