Wednesday, February 02, 2011

greg clayton.

SeƱior Clayton, incase I foget to tell you on saturday, happy birthday. I so miss you and our "not as frequent as they should have been" meetings.
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Hi Mr. Clayton! Last time I saw you, you asked me about any art I'd been up to.....i have been up to a few things....mainly portraiture and jewelry and handmade fashion accessories. Anyhow, I thought you could use a little color on your page, David Bowie style so you can see the little work I've been able to do since teaching.
Hope you're doing GREAT and that your wife's foot is all healed :D
Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!
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    • Lyn Rushton Handmade fashions accessories?!? I love handmade fashion accessories!
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Greg Clayton February 2 at 9:35am
Yes, Jessica, like you, works to expand my horizons --- always a welcome adventure.

A Quiz:
-- what do you most like about your teaching role?
-- what do you like least about it?
-- what are you making time to create?

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