Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010


i woke up around 545 this morning to the sounds of my friend nicole packing. she stopped to have dinner and spend the night last night on her way from ohio to gulf shores; a friend of ours is getting married. since mom and dad got home from their trip yesterday, i decided not to go to the wedding. also because i leave for camp a week from today.

last night i was showing my parents my stairwell painting and i realized i really like it.
when i first finished it, i wasn't too crazy about it. now, i can't stop looking at it. there's something about it that draws me in. i love it. i'm finally proud of it.

on thursday i had 2 interviews scheduled, it turned in to 3.
my first interview was at 1030 in nashville @ the east literature magnet high school (the job i really want). i showed up early to the school, saw a girl walk out of the principal's office, he called me in (around 10:15), did the interview thing (not too sure how it went, could have been better). when i walked out (10:37) there was already another girl waiting. he told me he was interviewing a lot of people for the job and that he would let me know one way or the other by the 12th.

my second interview was in columbia with the head of hr for maury co. schools. just a screening to say whether i should even continue with the application process. when my interview was just ending he asked me what i was doing now, i told him going home, he told me that was incorrect. he sent me directly from there to talk to a principal in mt. pleasant @ the school for visual and performing arts (5-8). that interview (the 3rd) went very well, i think. he gave me a tour of the school, then the art room, he wants me to come back sometime this coming week and interview with his team of... i don't know what to call them. but if they like me i'm in.

such a dilemma. the principal at mt.pleasant asked if both jobs were offered to me, which would i take? and at first i really didn't know. i told him i would have to just take some time and pray and think about it. hopefully the job i want is the job i need.