Thursday, April 22, 2010

one of the coolest things in my life...

i got to hear president george w bush speak tonight. it was beyond amazing. he was warm, charming, witty and poignant. appropriately self-depricating, insightful and a joy to listen to. he was thoughtful, humorous, and graciously did not say any unkind things about current and past presidents who have said unkind things about him. 

a couple quotes from the night:
"If you can make $.50 an hour in Mexico and $5 an hour here, if you're any kind of parent, you're over the border."  on immigration

"Above the fireplace is a painting of George Washington. Who'd you expect... Rutherford B. Hayes?"  on the oval office

"The first plane was an accident, the second plane was an attack, the third plane was a declaration of war."  on 9/11

i am still in awe that i got to experience that man speak. it was such an amazing time. at the end we (the PACKED) benson sang the lord bless you, he cried. so did i. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

freshly hand painted toms

should have included a view from the back. kind of was inspired by the mendhi designs from india and thereabouts. the right shoe took me 3 hours, the left only 2. one of my friends just thought they were a new pattern. he was impressed.

i've decided i'm kind of over school. i know the last 3 weeks will fly by, but i'm ready for tomorrow to be may 9th.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

slow down... please.

hard to believe i'm less than a month away from my college graduation. really hard to believe. it's funny to think back to my freshman year when i couldn't wait for this part to be over, now i don't want it to end.