Sunday, March 21, 2010

paintbowl 2010

paint football/paint dodge ball 

green team before the function started

this one really shows the amount of paint in my hair.

green team after.

the whole group

i took an hour and a half long shower when i got home and then spent an hour picking left over paint out of my hair. then i had everyone in the apartment pick it out for about thirty minutes. this morning, i found paint in my hair. i'm sure there's still some in there.
i scored the winning touch down for our football team. :)
great function. great friends. 

Sunday, March 14, 2010


spring break is over in 2 hours.
1 book report due in 5 days.
1 gsp function in 6 days.
3 formal observations in the next 2 weeks.
teach all 14 elementary art classes by myself starting tomorrow.
in 2 weeks i am done with my k-6 placement and get to go to 8-12.
7th graders don't take art at the academy.
7 weeks until graduation.
12 weeks until africa.
and i can draw a mouse using the number 3 as the body.

2 deep breaths...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

artist statement

i wrote this in conjunction with my show last october- this is exactly as it appeared in the gallery with my 103 pieces...

authors have pens, judges have gavels, democrats have other people's money, i have art.

everything in my life has affected my art. from spending summer 2008 traveling europe and seeing things i had only dreamed of to always living my life with a carefree and lighthearted outlook, i have come to learn that art is not only a depiction, but an experience. i have always found the ability to communicate a human emotion or thought through a pencil, paintbrush, piece of wood, clay, fabric, or metal almost euphoric.

my art has never been for anyone. it has always been for me. only me. i have tried to find honest art within myself. attempting to find what means something to me, disregarding the thoughts of others to find my passion for art. some of my art is thought provoking, while other pieces have no meaning, but are just art for art's sake. a number of my pieces could hardly be called conventional; my art depicts life and life is often unconventional.

the things in this gallery are not merely assignments, but a small window into the past four and a half years of my life. art has never been a part of my life; it has always been my whole life.

irving stone wrote in the agony and the ecstasy that "one should not become an artist because he can, but because he must. it is only for those who would be miserable without it."

always out of the box,