Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my contribution to thanksgiving

every year since i went to college i've volunteered to make something for thanksgiving dinner with the fam.
this year: carrotcakecheesecake.
it's half carrot cake. half cheese cake. what could be better? the fact that i made it from scratch. no boxed any thing here...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i love reading blogs.
there's something about looking into someone else's life that just pulls me in.
i have an igoogle account, which keeps track of and shows me new posts on the blogs which i hold subscriptions to. should you ever get bored with me and my little dotcom, here is a small selection from the lives i not-so-secretly delve into.

what i wore today

post secret (on sundays)

the holtons (friends in mozambique, who i hopefully will live with next summer)

jess-a-mess  (huf roomie)

pril (old roomie- even though she hasn't updated since april...)

16 balls in the air (2 moms with 4 boys each)

mom (does this need an explanation in parenthesis?)

squidhammer (i don't know... i just read it)

andy irwin (friend from high school)

modern skeleton (a friend's blog, who is going to sell some art... hopefully some of mine!)

monkay (i have no clue)

fashion police

keeping it realtor


like i said... i love reading blogs.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

doggies & arches

i've been house sitting since wednesday, and these three sweet girls have kept me company.
the little one on the pillow is mine & nash's dog claire. the big black one on the left is maddigan (maddie), and next to her is toula brown. they play hard, but when they get tired they are sweet, sweet girls.

i've always had high arches. but while wearing this pair of sam & libby flats, it is evident just how high they really are.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

curls & owls

for the first time in a long time i curled my hair and did not pull it up. after the traumatic event during thanksgiving break '07, when i chopped 9 inches off my hair, i was unable to curl it and feel confidently cute. so, this past monday- i gave it a whirl... or a curl. i remembered how good it felt to be curly. i love my hair like this. it makes me happy. monday night was the owl city concert... AMAZING. they were so perfect live- they had an amazing presence on stage. the first band was 'lynhurst' cool? yes. i think so. not only is there name 1/2 awesome.. but the music wasn't half bad. it was different, and i like that. then owl city came out and my heart erupted with happiness. the energy at the concert was just... yes. AND... the best part... my hair lasted the entire day, including the concert.

nothin like a good hair day.

p.s. if you think i'm listening to carley simon sing 'you're so vain' while writing this post... it's because i am. :)