Thursday, June 11, 2009

he must really miss me...

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a story about lyn and nash...
i've never told any one this story, because it would reveal how weird nash and i really are; but, nash wants me to tell you all the tale of the naranian outpost on hwy 64/67.

one night near the beginning of this past spring semester, nash and i were enjoying our usual evening out: sonic run for a slushi for me & a route 44 unsweet-peach-tea, with easy ice and 6 sweet-n-low for nasher... then we drive around talking, listening to music, goofing off, etc., until i fell asleep for nash ran out of gas... a typical evening for us.
nash was just about to take me back to my house when this conversation started as we drove back into town:
nash: "lyn, where is the nearest narnian outpost?"
me: "13.1 miles down 64/67, take the exit, and it's there on the left."
nash: "toward bald knob?"
me: "yes"
nash: "but do they have a catamaran?"
me: "i assure you they have a boat."
(at this point we are passing wal-mart, which is directly across from the on ramp to 64/67
nash: "well, missy... let's just see if you know what you're talking about..."
me: "WHAT? i want to go home... i'm tired! besides, i've never been past the bald knob exit!"
nash: "and we're gonna start the trip odometer just to make sure we go 13.1 miles!"
me: "ok... fine."
**this is the part where we're going down the road listening to some disney song, singing at the top of our lungs**
---mile number 12---
nash: "well... one more mile left... and there's not much of..."
me: "LOOK!!! ahahahahah!!!! next exit 1 mile!!!! hahahahahhaah!!!!"
nash: " yes, but is there a narnian outpost...?"
me: "oh, yes... it will be there!"
---mile 12.5---
me: "THERE IT IS!!!"
nash: "where?"
me: "you see that light? that building directly under it- that's it!"
nash: "we'll go see..."

SO... we take the exit, and turns out, there is a house... with a boat... i had NO CLUE that there was even going to be an exit in 13 miles... i really didn't think there would be a house with a boat there... BUT it was funny.... probably only funny to us... but i told you... this would tell you how weird we really are.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

how nash tells me he misses me...

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isn't he sweet...?