Friday, December 25, 2009

buon natale a tutti ed a tutti una buona notte!
ciao bella!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

my year...

in facebook status... stati... statuses...

no, i do not expect you to read them all... although, i did- and i loved remembering why i wrote what i did, and what was going on in my life when i wrote it...


january only 4 days away from a new episode of gossip girl and 5 days away from nip/tuck!!! woot woot!!! only 3 days away from a new episode of gossip girl and 4 days away from nip/tuck!!! woot woot!!
...made sure to stick some kleenex in her purse for lauren and brad's wedding...
...can't wait for monday... NEW GOSSIP GIRL!!! SO ready for tonight's episode of GOSSIP GIRL!!! READY FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE OF GOSSIP GIRL!!! (and tomorrow's new season of NIP/TUCK!!!!)    
     btw- wtf chuck bass. READY FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE OF GOSSIP GIRL!!! (and tonight's new season of NIP/TUCK!!!!) btw- 
     wtf blair and jack bass?!?!?!?!?
...knows it had to happen, just didn't want it to. it's never easy- even when you know it's coming. Donald 
     Nelson (pop-pop) 1921-2009. so blessed to have wonderful friends who care about her. having to say goodbye to a man that has meant so much to her. Don Nelson 1921-2009
...will soon be headed back to arkansuck. ready.
...has this pain in her cheeks- possibly from all the smiling today. going to her studio space to do a little setting up... already behind... how in the world did that happen?
...wants her daddy to be ok.
...'s dad is having surgery friday on both of his knees.
...'s dad is having surgery friday on both of his knees- after separating his knee caps from the ligaments and
     muscles in his legs... poor daddy.
...'s dad's surgery went well, now he just can't bend his knees for eight weeks...
...'s dad is going home from the hospital tomorrow and she's going home this weekend!!!
...'s dad is going home from the hospital and she can't wait to go home this weekend!!!
...may have jacked it up without meaning to.
...was attacked by the toilet paper dispenser in the reynold's bathroom.
...thinks you should look at this... watching pipeline like a hawk, hoping her 7:30am class won't be at 7:30am.
...loves the pow wow circle. proud of herself and has a wonderful sense of accomplishment.
...can't find the motivation.
...threw up... : (
...drank some ginger ale and has recoupterated.
...drank some ginger ale and has recuperated.


...had a wonderful saturday. "what-if-ing" too much... burnt out. ready for gossip girl- the only thing that's reliable on monday. oh my blair... savoring every moment of gossip girl... which is slowly making this monday worth breathing.
...could smack dan humphrey... always ruining people's lives...
...wants dolcemente.
...just interviewed with brentwood hills church of christ for the summer internship... i think it went REALLY
...kinda misses italy... just kinda. glad her daddy got the staples out of his legs today.
...loves to sing at basketball games... "if you're winnin and you know it clap your hands!"
...does not regret not going to any of her classes today... whoops. studying... barf. in the mood to paint.
...and April just had a ''colorful'' realization.
...'s dishwasher makes funny noises... going to hear ben stein speak tonight... bueller...? bueller...? bueller...?
...has too much to do... pulling an all-nighter.... yay.... taking a choate art history test at noon... pray for her. taking a choate art history test at noon and a modern architecture test at 2:30... pray for her. pretty sure she just failed her architecture test...
...has done all she can... now it's time to wait. tuckered out.
...could use a break.
...was episcopalian today.
...does not understand how she could misplace six tubes of super glue...
...cleaned her room today for the first time since december... whoops. wondering why monday isn't part of the weekend.
...needs to go to an ocean... don't care which one, just need to go.
...makes up excuses so she doesn't have to ask for or take any help... EXCITED!!!
...has decided when she gets old and she can't see, she's gonna be a referee! spending friday night with WNG. <3 sleepy. not going to procrastinate, but go ahead and do her bibliography for her art history term paper... well...
     maybe. giving up her art history term paper for lent.
...kinda wishes the thunder was louder so she could enjoy it on her back porch.
...gets to see jake wood today!!!! driving nashy-poo to the airport... not ready for this... last home game... : ( going to the baseball game, then spring sing practice, and then... last basketball game... : ( singing one of her favorite songs... "go harding bison! go bison! go! go bison! go bison! go bison! go! go
    bison! go! go bison! go bison!

march hopeful. hopeful... well, trying to be. SO glad club softball has officially started and there are only 3 more days until she goes home!!! SO glad club softball has officially started and there are only 2 more days until she goes home!!!
...wants to brighten everyone's spirits... only 37 more class days until finals!!! : )
...can't believe it's only thursday.
...didn't think you would do something like that... but... you did.
...helped mom put away christmas today...
...hopes you're happy... tired of mom and dad's TV being a piece.
...wishes facebook would CALM DOWN.
...doesn't want to go to class tomorrow.
...needs another day off. wishing we could up the tempo a little in chapel...
...wishes the chapel speaker had better grammar. going to clean out her car for the first time since august... scared of this... but knows it needs to happen.
...thinks you should know better.
...thinks it can't be friday yet... because she still needs to finish monday's work!
...can hear the squirrel that lives in the ceiling of the art building.
...can hear the bells, well don'tcha hear 'em chime? Can'tcha feel her heart-beat keeping perfect time?
...= art history term paper
...= art history term paper + modern architecture test
...wishes she knew who egged her car so she could thank them for the lesson in patience.
...was looking forward to softball... but then it rained. packing for CHICAGO!!! awake at 2:47 am... is that a good enough excuse to skip my 8am class? going to chicago today!!! (after all her!)
...<3 chicago... on her way home from the windy city. wondering why searcy isn't more like chicago... thinking... "any time now, i'm waiting. i'm ready." pretty sure her macbook just bit the dust...
...wishes she had the strength to be more like Job.


...has been in the lab since 4:30 this afternoon... working on her art history term paper... since it was on her
     mac hard drive which is still not working... "stuff happens." thanks dr. choate.
...turned in her paper... on time... with 11 pages of complete bull...
...asks you not to point your finger in my face... unless you want it broken off... k thanks... also, don't raise
     your voice toward me... especially in a conversation you weren't being included in. sleepy. all spring sing-ed out... one more show. spending her easter sunday afternoon studying art history...
...has too much on her plate.
...thinks it's funny that she and jonathan alexander wore matching outfits to school today... swinging in a harding swing for the first time in three years... Too bad the boy she's swinging with is
    seven moths old... so excited that Daria is on tv right now!!! pretty sure her art history term paper will be the end of her... beyond frustrated... art history paper=no. her paper done... going to play in the mud tonight!!! in the studio... Surprise! Surprise!
...has a presentation at three that counts for her entire grade for the semester... Fingers crossed....
...=less stress.


...woke up at 7:46 for her 8 o'clock class. She got ready for school in 7 minutes and made it on time to class.
     But the professor was late and only spoke for 10 minutes, letting class out at 8:13... having fun looking for art project things in lowes. taking all the things she found in lowes for under $2.73 and making them an art project. love my major.
     love my life.
...2 finals down, 2 to go.
...doesn't know what's wrong with you, but she does know that she wants you to stop taking it out on her.
...wants finals to be over.
...has too much to do! quitting school to become a bicycle messenger in new york.
...has one final left... the worst one... the art history one...
...GOT AN A ON HER ART HISTORY TERM PAPER!!!!!!! going home!!! : D home! <3 home having mexican food with mom and dad.
...has planted 3 trees today.
...<3's tennessee
...has some lovely bruises from hiking.
...hasn't brushed her hair since wednesday... enjoying the first grilling of the summer.
...BEST. EPISODE. EVER. not a fan of non-western art history... oh well... only a few more days left. looking into cheap data recovery... i just want my pictures back... all 10,000 of them. frustrated. painting a sunset from cinque terre... where she longs to be.
...wishes she new more about computers so maybe she wouldn't be so frustrated! dying her hair... what color will it be today...? ready for the history of non-western art to be over and done with.
...needs to clean her room.
...:: europe, i need you.
...and Nash got a puppy!!!

june pretty sure that double ear infections plus a sinus infection just might equal the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.
...hates that the meds she is on don't let her fall asleep... going to sonic with mom and dad for her first rootbeer float ever! a silencer. kinda bored... getting a manicure & pedicure with the mom.
...enjoyed angels and demons with mom and pop! dad's first movie theatre visit in 6 months!!! The knees are
     getting better!!!
...would like to encourage you to read the note she just wrote...
...:: "one must not become an artist because he can, but because he must. it is only for those who would be
     miserable without it." irving stone, the agony and the ecstacy going on a weekend get away! To searcy! :)
...had a nice long weekend in searcy.
...wishes she could skip some of this...
...fell asleep during her e-stem session at physical therapy. 3 days away from being done with her summer art history class!!! eating chinese with mom and dad and enjoying the soothing sounds of Kenny G playing the titanic sound
     track.... Barf.
...“Patience is waiting, not passively waiting, that is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and
     slow - that is patience.” done with art history!!! so proud of her dad... after falling in january he has been released from the doctor's care, only 6 months
     BEFORE he was told he would be able to walk... he walks at least a mile everyday... : )
...understands. adding one to the list of daily reads: in alabama secretly wishing she was wearing a UT shirt.


...gets to see ted today!!! SO excited!!! going back to tennessee. home... baby sitting until wednesday... then who knows where i'll be. going to searcy on monday. : )
...finally took the praxis, turned in all of her paper work and was admitted into the teacher education program
     today as a fifth year senior... she was supposed to have taken the praxis and turned all the paper work in
     the first semester of her sophomore year.
...just bought her plane ticket to florida!!! : ) going to searcy tomorrow!!! in searcy!
...had so much fun with lauren, nicole, and claire at heber today!!!
...was just on the heather and dc radio show! :)
...<3 Harry Potter exhausted.
...bought a 36x60 canvas today.... YES.
...seems to have Queen's greatest hits on repeat in her head today...
...will be wearing all the orange she can in alabama this weekend. in alabama, wearing tennessee orange, and counting down the days until florida!!!
...finally back in TN... one week till FL... :)
...6 days till FL!
...was hiking a mountain in assisi, italy one year ago today... <3 only 5 days away from florida.... :)
...wishes she could fall asleep...
...:: florida in 4 days. YES.
...:: 3!!!
...'s mom just told her her hair looked lie crap... she's such a sweet woman...
...:: 2 days. Y.E.S.

august going to florida tomorrow!!!
...should have gotten a date to this wedding... ready for FLORIDA!!!
...sharin a bucket with dad. :) so sleepy.
...:: only 7 days until searcy.
...:: family reunion! : )
...6 days...? :/
...:: oh my goodness... 5 days. :/
...Happy 29th anniversary mom and daddy!
...has had a change of plans... back in searcy on thursday. all of her textbooks for 30 dollars... win.
...has had yet another change of plans... back to searcy on friday. trying to be ready to leave... going to holly's house to sit by the pool instead of packing or being productive.
...thinks moving is pretty much horrible. pretty sure laying by the pool is better than unpacking.
...finally has all her stuff in the apartment... might start unpacking after a few hours by the pool with nash. bakin a cake with nasher.
...baking a cake with nash turned into putting out the fire in the oven. :/ almost positive that her favorite room in the art building is the permanent collection storage room...
...finally has internet at the apt.
...wishes she had more courage.
...has a lot of things to work on.
...HUF REUNION!!! : D in an artsy mood. trying to see it clearly.

september SO much accomplished today- feels wonderful.
...just found ten bucks in her pocket!
...shift + apple + q
...<3's WNG. He's her bestie.
...had such a blessed day.
...does not feel well today. :(
..."You know you love me. XOXO. -GG"
...FINALLY got her placement today!!! out on the porch enjoying the rain.
...:: Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.
     ~William Dement
...wishes the vols were playing better... and the gators were playing worse.
...loves the fact that tennessee had the first touchdown of the season that florida let through. Now if we could
    get a few more.
...It's not the fact that you lied that bothers me. It's what you lied about.
...wishes you could read her mind... that would make this lots easier. SO sleepy!!! SO glad Kit-Kat is DVRing GG for me!!! running a 102 fever and feels like she's been hit by a double decker bus.
...has an upper respiratory, sinus, and bronchial infection. sweet. feeling so much better!
...:: pause, please. i am not ready for monday.
...:: scratch the feeling better thing... it's not true. SO thrilled about the portrait jessica did of her!!! love! love! love!

...puts her show up in four days... stressed out? you bet!
...hangs the show on thursday... BAH!
...'s heart belongs to africa. 10 months. glad it stopped raining! Today she moves all of her stuff into the GALLERY!!! AHHHH!!!! having a hard time processing this.
...made a phone call. much better now. ready for tomorrow. losing her mind!!!!
... 13 hours in the gallery... it's finally done. spending today four wheeling and target shooting! ready for this. senior art show @ 2pm in the art building, feel free to come.
...feels as if an enormous weight has been lifted off her shoulders. if you get a chance, stop by the gallery on
    campus in the next two weeks!
...has her fingers crossed... fight, vols fight! with all your might for the orange and white! never falter! never
     yield! as we march on down the field keep marching! let the spirit of the hill, every vol with courage fill!
     your loyalty means our victory! so fight, vols fight!
...Oh rocky top! You.ll always be home sweet home to me!
...wishes she owned a convertible on days like today.
...burnt herself with nitric acid...
...made a 94 on her senior show... nicky made a 95... he's such a loser.


...owl city concert! AMAZING! puppy/house sitting. toula, maddie, & claire are certainly a handful, but SO FUN!
...:: Let's go vols! politely asking her ear and sinus infections to go away.
...has had the hiccups four times today!!! UGH!
...needs 2 roommates for next semester...
...'s fortune cookie said, "an admirer is concealing his affection for you." kinda ready for him to stop concealing
     it... ;)
...tennesse... <3
...still needs two roommates...
...wishes chapel didn't completely suck today... goin home. <3 home and sitting in front of the fire place warming her toes. <3
...used a $36, 200mL tube of paint in about 30 minutes.
...G-O V-O-L-S!!! keeping April Long in her prayers.

december (so far) enjoying the rain and billie holiday in her ears.
...needs to remember to breathe.
...dallas... not ready for these two weeks. trying to make this right. trying to make it better.
...3 dresses in two days... why am i not on project runway...?
...only has 2 finals. i <3 being an art major.
...has only one more final!!! AHHHH!!!! study! study! study! DONE! starting the first round of immunizations for africa today with an hour's worth of shots! :(
...knows that just because everything's changing doesn't mean it's never been this way before... still looking for 1 female roommate... 250/month (includes utilities)... 7 minutes from campus... pool...
     24/7 gym... wireless internet... let me know if you or someone you know needs a room!!! :)
...passed all three of her art content knowledge praxis 2 tests!!! AHHHHH!!!! best day before my birthday gift
     EVER! unfortunately this does not change the fact that she is still looking for 1 female roommate...
     250/month (includes utilities)... 7 minutes from campus... pool... 24/7 gym... wireless internet... let me
     know if you or someone you know needs a room!!! :)
...knows just because every thing's changing doesn't mean it's never been this way before... <3 WNG so thankful for all the birthday wishes! <3

wishing you all a very merry christmas and a happy 2010!

Friday, December 18, 2009

best day before my birthday present ever!!!

i got my praxis 2 art content scores today...


channeling blaire...

please excuse:
1. the gross goggle image montage... i am merely using it as an example.
2. the bathroom photo... it was the only mirror i could find.

last night we had our senior dinner- it was black tie- so i channeled blair waldorf (from the best. show. ever.   gossip girl), and wore an actual bow-tie in my hair.  black tie... check.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

since thanksgiving i have...

...made four dresses...

... had a very foggy day...

... been to dallas...

... and discovered a new yummy grilled cheese. provolone, cheddar, and american.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my contribution to thanksgiving

every year since i went to college i've volunteered to make something for thanksgiving dinner with the fam.
this year: carrotcakecheesecake.
it's half carrot cake. half cheese cake. what could be better? the fact that i made it from scratch. no boxed any thing here...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


i love reading blogs.
there's something about looking into someone else's life that just pulls me in.
i have an igoogle account, which keeps track of and shows me new posts on the blogs which i hold subscriptions to. should you ever get bored with me and my little dotcom, here is a small selection from the lives i not-so-secretly delve into.

what i wore today

post secret (on sundays)

the holtons (friends in mozambique, who i hopefully will live with next summer)

jess-a-mess  (huf roomie)

pril (old roomie- even though she hasn't updated since april...)

16 balls in the air (2 moms with 4 boys each)

mom (does this need an explanation in parenthesis?)

squidhammer (i don't know... i just read it)

andy irwin (friend from high school)

modern skeleton (a friend's blog, who is going to sell some art... hopefully some of mine!)

monkay (i have no clue)

fashion police

keeping it realtor


like i said... i love reading blogs.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

doggies & arches

i've been house sitting since wednesday, and these three sweet girls have kept me company.
the little one on the pillow is mine & nash's dog claire. the big black one on the left is maddigan (maddie), and next to her is toula brown. they play hard, but when they get tired they are sweet, sweet girls.

i've always had high arches. but while wearing this pair of sam & libby flats, it is evident just how high they really are.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

curls & owls

for the first time in a long time i curled my hair and did not pull it up. after the traumatic event during thanksgiving break '07, when i chopped 9 inches off my hair, i was unable to curl it and feel confidently cute. so, this past monday- i gave it a whirl... or a curl. i remembered how good it felt to be curly. i love my hair like this. it makes me happy. monday night was the owl city concert... AMAZING. they were so perfect live- they had an amazing presence on stage. the first band was 'lynhurst' cool? yes. i think so. not only is there name 1/2 awesome.. but the music wasn't half bad. it was different, and i like that. then owl city came out and my heart erupted with happiness. the energy at the concert was just... yes. AND... the best part... my hair lasted the entire day, including the concert.

nothin like a good hair day.

p.s. if you think i'm listening to carley simon sing 'you're so vain' while writing this post... it's because i am. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

wool in the washer

nash's brother bailey put his $69.50, 100% lamb's wool, j. crew sweater in the washer tonight... it used to be a men's medium. it's now a child's large. or claire sized.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


i made a 94 on my senior show... : )

Sunday, October 25, 2009

printmaking sunday

"you make me laugh"
5"x7" etching
2 hours- start to finish

"sitting with brunelleschi and di cambio"
18"x24" lithograph
7 hours- still in progress.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

est. 2002

of the eight years i have had this blog, 2003 is so far the one with the most posts: 154.
only 102 more to go to beat it this year.

i have definitely grown over these past eight years- not only in my writing style, but by reading my old posts, i can see myself maturing and becoming who i am.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


my friend daniel bought an international scout this summer- i am completely jealous.
he took me for a ride today, after a kind of long day, it was the perfect way to relax.
i wish i had a picture of us standing beside it to show how high off the ground it is...

Monday, October 19, 2009

claire watches 101 dalmations

she pretty much stood there like this through the entire movie. she got really close to the tv and really excited when all the dogs started barking.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


i've had these shoes since my freshman year of college. and as i round second base of my second senior year, the evidence of their age is beginning to show. the whole in the bottom of the right shoe is about a pinky nail wide and a nickel long. and the gap between the side and the shoe on the left one is big enough to stick my thumb in long ways... i gotta say, that for a $15 pair of bc shoes... they have served me well. and until they fall off my feet... i will continue to wear them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

post #444

brought to you by the half keyboard...
what? you may ask...
yes, the half keyboard.
all 26 letters, 10 numbers, punctuation, and functions on half a keyboard.

what a weekend.

oh my! this weekend was a whopper! thursday, i spent 13 hours in the gallery so i could have a weekend... friday, i drove to the cabin in batesville to spend time with my family... saturday, i spent the day riding around on the four wheeler, fishing with nash, shooting with dad, chatting with mom, and napping with my big, aaron. then went to visit some friends and their son, casey. sunday was my big day. had the fashion show and gallery opening and i could not have asked for it to have gone better. it was fantastic. the last picture is what i found in class tonight in my bible. we were turning to revelation for our scripture reading and this is where my bible flopped over to... had to take a picture and include it in the blog. it made me giggle.

the first two pictures are of the driveway to the cabin. lots of rain this weekend- so the driveway was a bust. the next is of course, aaron napping. then casey. then my girls in my dresses (and me). the last one i should hope is self explanatory.

Friday, October 09, 2009

this makes me want to cuss.

"He has achieved nothing. He's stumbling. He hasn't achieved any of his promises and nothing is working. He promised to close Guantanamo and now that's not going to happen, and the Arab-Israeli conflict looks like it's going to get very nasty."

"While it is OK to give school children prizes for 'effort' -- my kids get them all the time -- I think international statesmen should probably be held to a higher standard,"


you'd look like this too if you'd just gotten home from 13 hours in the gallery...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


a. this just completely baffles me.
b. i do not understand how this is an acceptable piece of clothing.
c. $44.00... REALLY?
d. NO.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


i finally found hooters style fried pickles in searcy. dixie cafe has fried pickle spears, but there's something about the fried chips that is so much better.

Monday, October 05, 2009

i've waited a long time for this

i know it's a little hard to see, but this is 'the glass case' where all posters for upcoming and running shows go for the galleries here on campus. and LOOK. my poster is FINALLY in there. FINALLY.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


last night was my first session of africa training at HUT(harding university training).
HUT is made up of what is called the 'global village.' is it about 10 square miles of land, with roads/trails cut through to make up the huge village. there is a market on the main road, which has side roads that branch off to go to simulation places such as africa, rural china, latin america, among others. in 'africa', there is a well, a "bathroom facility" (i used trees instead), the beginnings of a church building, and 2 huts, both made out of wooden poles and mud (for lack of a better descriptor) with tin roofs. one hut is the cooking hut- which is round, and contains 2 small stoves, a pile of cooking wear, and a place for the cook to sit. the other hut (about 10 feet away) is a small rectangle, only large enough to squeeze in 20 people uncomfortably... yes. 20 people. in one room. mr. barryman did such an excellent job helping us learn what it would/will be like if we have to go to a village where we don't speak the native language, they speak no english, and there is no translator. mr. barryman lived in kenya for 10 years, so he spoke only kowengen last night, giving us hints with the tones in his voice when we guessed something correctly. after feeding us a traditional african meal (which was pretty good) we were sent to sleep- 10 girls in the tiny hut and the 7 boys in a huge tent. go figure. some where around 3am it began to rain... and i laid awake listening to the rain on the tin roof. it was pretty amazing.
this morning, mr. barryman came back up to 'africa' and woke us up with the horn of his truck, and drove us back down to the main building to have breakfast and church. both were amazing. so was brushing my teeth. : )
what a wonderful experience i've had.

i am eternally grateful to mom and dad for buying me these vasque boots and smartwool socks for africa. i'm pretty sure if i had not had them last night i would have been miserable and my feet would probably have fallen off. the smartwool retains heat up to a certain degree and then begins releasing the heat so my feet never get too warm. and my boots kept my feet dry and comfortable through the rain and the mud. good investments. need more smartwool socks.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

first day of the season & relay for tie-dye

today was the first day of scarf season. to open the season, i decided to wear the first scarf i bought in florence.

tonight was relay for life, i walked my part of the relay from 845-930, then tie-dyed a shirt for myself... which turned into "lyn! make me one!!!" SO... 3 hours later, and 20 shirts later, i got to leave. claire and i are sitting and watching some tv before hopping in bed. i have africa training tomorrow. and i am very excited. might just wear one of my new tie-dyed t's.