Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas!

i hope you all have a very wonderful, safe, happy, and non politically correct merry christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

22 tomorrow

it's hard to believe i was 11 eleven years ago.
i feel older. maybe it's because i can't say i'm 21 anymore... 
maybe it's because i'm realizing i have 3 semesters left in college...
or maybe it's because i pay rent and bills...
maybe it's just because i'm growing up...
YEAH, right! like that's ever gonna happen!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

oh! it's over!!!

i can't believe this semester is over. i take both of my finals on tuesday- yes, both- meaning i only have 2. one at 8am and one at 130. then i'll be done. i have all day monday to study and all this weekend. i have to finish a drawing or two for dr.keller, and mat my graphic design project, but other than that- i'm done! and i'll be going home soon!

22 in 6 days... 

Saturday, December 06, 2008

no one else has better friends than me!

i have THE best friends in the world!

last night the girls (april, jillie, julia) and i were getting dressed up fancy to go out to dinner. we did our hair, our make up, put on formal type dresses... the whole nine yards.

we were standing in the living room taking pictures when we heard someone coming in our front door. i was freaking out, cause i really didn't like the fact that some uninvited hooligan was trying to come to our shindig. when the door opened, there he was... Nash Gammill

so, i of course start crying/laughing... and nash says, "so are you ready to go? we only have 30 minutes to get there."
and i inquired as to where it was we were going...

nash drove all the way from dallas, tx yesterday to take me to the gamma sig formal! the thing that gets me the most about it is that EVERYONE knew... april, julia, jillie, bo, alex, micah, jake, leroy, alycia... EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT IT BUT ME!!!

i love my girls! i love my gsp boys! and i love my nashy-poo!