Saturday, November 29, 2008

i'm busy. ok?

oh my goodness, i forgot- whoops.

in the past 25 days, i have:

dyed my hair,
gone to 2 weddings (missed one!),
made a 100 on a graphic design project,
made 2 a's on 2 different print making projects,
painted my fingernails,
paid my rent (which drained my bank account),
rearranged my bedroom,
house sat for reagan and nate,
watched the new 007 movie,
laughed my self silly talking to nash,
ate till i wanted to throw up with pril,
finished a scrapbook,
took 2 algebra tests,
passed an algebra test,
finished 2 drawings,
finished my mountain of laundry but didn't bother to fold or put any of it away,
unpacked from house sitting for reagan and nate,
drove to TN for 7 days of family fun,
went to costo,
went to church at a new place with the fam,
played with my puppy,
did homemade printmaking (kinda ghetto),
pestered the cat,
been to the er ,
baked apples,
had thanksgiving dinner at least twice,
met a new baby cousin,
and decorated a christmas tree.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

allergic to class

i'm in computer graphic design... 
and it makes me want to throw up..
cause i'm allergic...

i'm extremely over this class right now. want to leave... been here for 3 hours.