Saturday, August 30, 2008

week one...

good beginning to the fall semester.
pretty easy going schedule, i pretty much love it. 
april and i are adjusting to our home, it's wonderful.
we had a slumber party last night. it was great. 
life is good.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

feels like home to me...

landed in nashville thursday night around 9 and was absolutely beside myself about being in america and getting to see the fam. got sonic, and went home. it was so nice to sleep in my bed, with my puppy, knowing that my brother and parents were just footsteps away. 

switzerland was fantastic, although it rained a lot while we were th
ere. we went to the top of the harder klum, one of the shortest of the tallest mountains in the swiss alps. interlaken is one of the most amazing little cites i've ever been to. it's the picture perfect little swiss town, and we were lucky enough to get there on a national holiday and at the perfect time to watch a parade. lucern was very beautiful, the water and weather were great. it rained a lot.

germany was one of the best places we went. we stayed in a hostel called the tent- which is exactly what it sounds like... a huge tent housing more than 100 bunkbeds... it was so amazing. we made some friends who were also going to paris, and decided to meet up with them then- it was so nice to see a familiar face in a foreign place. munich was so much fun. we sat in the square one afternoon and watched the giant coo-coo clock go off. very entertaining. it rained a lot.

the czech republic was fantastic. we had no idea what we were in for when we got there, but it was a very pleasant surprise. we enjoyed navigating prauge and not understanding anything people were saying. it was pretty fun. it rained a lot.

we ended up spending an unexpected 5 hours in the city of frankfurt, and enjoyed sitting at a local coffee spot watching it rain.

france was wonderful, the city of paris is so pretty, and there are so many different things to do. the eiffel tower at night is fantastic, the louvre is overwhelming, and everything is just so great. we met up with our friends from munich and ended up spending every day in paris with them. and yes, it rained.

london was awesome. i didn't think i would have as much fun as i did, but i wouldn't change a thing about our time there. other than the rain.

i'm so glad to be home and now i'm just trying to convince myself that i'm ok with school starting in a week... BLEH.

i would try to get picture on here, but considering i took over 5,500 that might be a little hard...
i'll get some up soon.