Saturday, May 17, 2008

sleep over

i had a boy/girl sleep over last night... GASP!
rachel hooper, ted wheetley, drew ater and i met up in nashville last night, ate some cheap dinner, hung out at the parthenon park just had ourselves a good evening. as the night wore on i suggested a movie at my house on the big 80+ inch projector screen- all agreed, and just decided to make an adventure out of it and spend the night in the rushton house. totally fun. i love my friends. i miss my pril.

Friday, May 16, 2008

i don't say it enough

i absolutely love being home... 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a little history

so,  april posed a question to me about who the original members of fAlpha Kappa Sigma were, and how many original members there were, since we're starting to dwindle down... well, here we go...

sometime during the fall of our freshman year at HU april and i were sitting in "the black whole/abyss that is 327" which of course was the name of our dorm room, enjoying tv time while the rest of campus was off doing pledge week things... we could hear our fellow freshman and others shouting and yelling their club stuff... we laughed at them, got mad at them for yelling and disturbing our peace... then we decided we needed our own club... fAlpha Kappa Sigma... or fAKE.

april and i, being the founders, are the co-presidents. that's all the officers we have... it's really all the officers we need. but, we told our non-club friends that they were in, cause they totally wanted to be. at the time our non-club friends were erin, jared w, jared c, nash, joey, and luke. 

well, fAKE found itself losing a member at the end of that semester due to parting ways in friendships... that first member was erin(whom we dearly love, and still consider a member, she's just inactive). a few semesters later, fAlpha Kappa Sigma lost another member, luke, due to... let's say... ummm... his inability to not be a loser. as the survivor host would say, he was voted off the island. then this past fall, we lost another, a jared, but only because his time at harding had ended. this coming fall, we'll lose our other jared, because of graduation. joey too, i think has attended his last fAlpha Kappa function... so now it's down to 4. nash, april, jared c, and myself. 

every monday of finals week fAlpha Kappa Sigma hosts a bi-annual "The Last Supper." it's held at what we like to call "mi puebchito," which is our favorite mexican place in searcy. it's a time to unwind and to forget about finals for a few hours, it's also time for us to say goodbye before the christmas or summer break. 

welp... that's about all the history there is to it... seeing as you all wanted to know about it so badly... 

how's that april?
any thing you'd like to add?

Monday, May 12, 2008

mi chiamo lyn.

so... since there are only 50 days until i fly off to italy, i'm taking some time to learn a little italian. i have flash cards and everything. "speak in a week" is the program i got, and so far, it's fun and i think it might actually work to help me survive the month of italian living. i looked at pictures of cinque terra today... and i can't wait. 

some of my other conquests lately, are to read slaughter house five(book trade with erin), and to finish the chronicles of narnia before the end of may. when i get back to searcy for the month of painting, i'll be reading books 2 & 3 of the golden compass... since i have finally finished all 7 harry potter books, which were the reasoning for not finishing the golden compass series back to back... which bothers me... but- its ok. dadams got all flustered with me when i finished book 6 of hp and was freakin out cause i needed book 7... he said "we all had to wait forever! i think you can wait a week!" bahahah- oh dadams. 
i'm slowly making a packing list for the summer, and i think i'm making very good decisions about what goes in the backpack and what doesn't. i think it's better for me to plan and write out every last thing i think i'll need and then go back and slowly cross out things that i know i won't use. it works that way for me. i don't think i'll be bogged down by my bag being too heavy, or by things that will just take up space.

i think i'm having withdrawal symptoms... i quit having 20 studio hours a week... and i quit cold turkey. i need an apron and a drop cloth... i need to make a mess. i need to be artsy.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

3 down, 2 to go.

year number 3 at harding is over. i got home yesterday around 530pm, just in time to eat dinner with mom and dad. i'm glad i'm home.
finals were prett much easy, considering i only had 2 that i had to study for: algebra and art history. hopefully kept my b in algebra, and probably lost my b in art history... it's ok, i'll take the c. most likely will end up with an a for the semester in printmaking, and probably a b in sculpture... oh well.
i'm only home until the end of may, then it's back to searcy to take a painting class that i've been dreading- but it's with mrs. austin, so that makes it better.
at the end of june i come home long enough to pack and get on an airplane... then it's italy til august. the first of august starts the 2 week journey from italy to paris. pretty much excited. school starts again on august 25th, at which point i hope i am rested, and ready for the excitement that the new semester promises. i have 2 jobs for next fall, with possibilities of a third. one is continuing the job i have now as beckie's student worker. the second is the green room/dressing room girl for the campus activites board. i also have been told that i still get to plan a few events- so that's pretty cool. the third is a preschool job at the college church. so, we'll see what happens there. i don't see my classes as being much of a threat this coming fall, so these jobs will be good.

this year at fAlpha Kappa Sigma's 6th bi-annual "Last Supper" it was april's birthday... and as always it was celebrated with loud noises and silly mexican waiters...

the last 5 remaining fAKE members... (from right to left-nash, me, april, jared c, and joey)
a wooden bowl i made in sculpture.
my artist book... it's a sandwich. when dadams gave me my grade i had to give him a hug- he had written: " lyn, this is just too much fun. settle down. art is serious. a+"
whole wheat bread, with mustard, spam, pickle, tomato, colby cheese, and romaine lettuce.
alabaster sculpture
native american style flute... dragonfly themed with 45 yards of satin ribbon... yea.
lithography self portrait- such a lyn face... dadams told lauren and i that we could not use the huge litho stone to put both of our prints on the same stone to cut printing time in half because of the mess that andrew murray and jonathon edelhuber made when they tried printing using the same stone with 2 images... well... lauren and i have a listening problem... well, just to the word no... so, we put both of our images on the same litho stone, and printed them together anyway... my print is titled "i'm not andrew murray" and lauren's is "i'm not jonathon edlehuber" we both got a's.

screen print on transparency
"grace" screen print