Sunday, April 27, 2008


1305 tulip ave... the cutest address ever...
mine and april's new residence as of june. comes fully furnished, washer/dryer, sweet big screen tv with free satellite, beds, dishwasher, fridge, self-cleaning oven, kitchen table with 4 chairs, couches, love seat, front and back yards(which we don't have to mow), a driveway, trash pick up on monday and thursday, and 2 very cute porches. it's had 3 yucky boys living in it for the past few years, so the people that own it(dr. and mrs. michael kiihnl) are taking the month of may to have it PROFESSIONALLY cleaned. thank goodness- it needs it. the toilet was gross. and somehow it's cheaper than living in the privileged housing dorms... what? yes, i know... it's crazy. i'm so excited. isn't it cute?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

460 pictures...

photo album 1
photo album 2
photo album 3
photo album 4
photo album 5
photo album 6
photo album 7

ok- so pther than trying to even think about posting pictures from chicago... that's where you can find them. all 460. have a look, there's some cool stuff in there. including picasos, monets, degas, seruats, and come others. there are lots of pictures of the city, and lots of other stuff.
chicago was amazing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

finally wednesay

a picture of my breakfast:

i had forgotten what dr.pepper tasted like. it had been nine years since my last dr.pepper. this past week i was in wal*mart, and saw plain caffeine free dr.pepper, not diet caffeine free... i don't really do diet beverages... well, i just had to get some. and oh my stars... i forgotten it was so good.

chicago is only hours away.
this time tomorrow i'll be at the art institute museum.
and a little bit after this time tomorrow, i'll hopefully get to see my mom and daddy.

since she posted a picture of her fabulous accommodations for the weekend, i'll post one of mine.

it's tiny, i know, but that's what they had...
it's the student hostel in chicago... yes, hostel... 7 beds, 1 room, no shower curtains... april and i will be visiting my parents.
i think it will prepare me for my 6 weeks in europe... well... probably not, but it was a good thought.

i got another b on an art history test, which just makes me ecstatic. to be honest, i'm shocked at how well i'm doing in there. putting bad grades on the refrigerator works wonders.

i need to put up pictures of my latest art(mostly screen and litho prints), maybe i'll get around to that when i get back.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

number 355

i only have to make it through wednesday...
then it's off to chicago...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

another year older... well, kinda.

happy b-day to 2 of my favorite ladies...
happy 11th 39th, mom.
happy 21st pril.
i love you.