Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and the boss of the year award goes to...

beckie weaver!

i have the best job ever.
what do i do?
well- every now and again i run an errand, copy something, fax something...
but- today i got to draw. and got paid for it.
i win.
i have the best job ever.

Friday, February 22, 2008

what photo booth can do for your figure...

i'm so glad my boobs don't actually look like this...
i'm also glad april isn't a giraffe.

he answers prayers

got a d on my art history test.

christmas gift

haven't put this up before today, because i didn't have a picture.

nash got me this wonderful yellow coat for christmas.
he did good- i wear it every chance i get.
he picked it out and everything.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

suddenly seymore...

is standing beside me.

i am in love with LSoH.
rehearsals are fun because we're finally to the point of nit/gnit/knit-picking. there are no more big blocking things to work out, no more choreography to be done. we are doing so well. i love the cast, we have so much fun together(all 8 of us). we finally got to move into the ulrey performing arts center (the UPAC) tonight. first time in the actual building we will be performing in. it was nice. we have some adjustments to make there, but we are already doing that we ease. i get to climb the crawl space into the cat walk at one point in the show and i laid eyes on that for the first time tonight... it will be... fun. i'm going to costume pull tomorrow, which is exciting and scary at the same time... oh, robin miller. what are we going to do with you?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

italo-byzantine? or florentine renaissance?

i took an art history test today.
i blanked on the first question.
it was bad, to say the least.
i'm praying for a d.
or at least a high f.
as i told daniel spears right after i took it, it reached up and smacked me.
i studied so hard for this test... and look where that got me.
no more of that...

rehearsals are going well.
we're off book for act 1 tonight... that should be eventful.

i'm finally on book 5 of harry potter.
i have had zero time to read because of art history, and all the other art stuffs i have going on.
so, now that the test is over, i can get back to number four, privet drive.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


mike beebe spoke in chapel today. during his last sentence, the power in the benson went out... well, most of it. he did well. good for him.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

busy, busy, all the time and not a drop to sleep.

the past weeks have been filled to the brim with loads of stuff to do.
i did my first screen print in printmaking 2- it turned out... ok. not as grand as i had originally hoped, but it was my first, so i'm not complaining. can't wait til i can print tshirts.
finished my first piece for sculpture- it was a breakdancer. made completely out of found objects- like baby clothes, and a baby doll head, and metal pipes that i found on the floor in the shop. i had a good time with it, and made a 93 on it. good deal. i also started my second piece, which is a cedar log. i'm carving it and whatnot to make a piece of sculpture... there will be process pictures soon.
haven't had much in lines of rehearsal because one of the trio has been involved in another play, but it's finally over, so we're really packin' 'em in this week. sunday-thursday, 7-11pm. today is our first choreography rehearsal- so that should be tons-o-fun.
the game last night was extremely intense. we thought we almost lost on of our players- he was hit in the head by someone's breast bone, was thrown back a few feet, couldn't get up, started to shake... it was very scary. he is one of mine and april's good friends. we were holding hands and ever tearing up when the trainer was trying to get him to respond. moments later, he was back in the game. he's such a go-getter. the game ended up going into over time- thank goodness. and we won on the buzzer by a shot by a 6-10 senior, jesse bynum. he was just inside the key, he shot with one second left, the buzzer went off and the ball went in the hoop. we rushed the court and joined our team. we hugged chris, and told him never to give us another heart attack... cause we didn't carry any asprin to the game.
today i'm taking a couple's engagement photos, as long as it doesn't rain. they are a sweet pair of kids... but they're still kids.
i love my job. working with beckie is fabulous. and she's right... my best skill is knowing exactly what to get when i go to sonic for happy hour. i even know what the others on the hall want. weaver wants a large diet coke, mclain wants a large diet cherry limeaide, and shock wants a large coke, and if kaitlyn is there, she just wants a sprite. i love my job.