Monday, January 21, 2008

oh my...

just got home from my first little shop rehearsal...

Friday, January 18, 2008

it's over...

week one is done. and i'm glad.

thankfully, i don't have a horrible schedule this semester-
but that doesn't mean that i have time to do anything.
my classes are pretty demanding,
plus rehearsals for
LSoH start next week.
work with beckie is wonderful.
i love it.

i have a date tonight with nash. : )

here's the run down
monday, wendesday, friday
printmaking II from 10-12
choir rehearsal 12-1
int. algebra 1-2
art history: renaissance to modern 2-3
work 3-i wanna go home.

tuesday, thursday
sculpture I from 10-1
leadership strategies 1-215
work 230ish- i wanna go home.

good schedule, just lots to do.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

burning leaves...

when the basement is full of empty cardboard boxes and the yard is full of leaves, you know scott rushton is going to get out the matches. and the gasoline.
it's no ordinary task for a man who spent quite some time making things blow up for the camera. that's right... my dad was a special effects man.
the sonic booms that echo off the side of the house and through the woods make you think some drastic life ending event has just occurred. but, don't you fret... it's just dad. burning leaves.

a bon aqua sunset

dad's bamboo is starting to kink and curve

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the year in photos, version 07


bowling with clint

ready for basketball

banquet with jared

staying up too late

weekend in nashville

spring break tour

freezing our butts of in the
33 degree weather for lacrosse!

april's surprise bday party!

birthday party in the bathtub

a last night out with 2 bffs

babysittin my punkins
ellie grace and alyssa rae

hangin with my pal ec

pensicola, fl

perdido key, fl

back at school

first trip to heber

weekend at heber

weekend in Dallas


in dallas with my roomie!

the shoot

four wheelin with my pril

seminole stomp


cassie ponder's wedding with nash

long bus rides...

basketball season!

basketball game with jareds

christmas card photo

fAlpha Kappa Sigma's
5th bi-annual "the Last Supper"

21st birthday!

christmas with the fam

hope you all had a great 2007
and a wonderful new year.