Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas!

i hope you all have a very wonderful, safe, happy, and non politically correct merry christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

22 tomorrow

it's hard to believe i was 11 eleven years ago.
i feel older. maybe it's because i can't say i'm 21 anymore... 
maybe it's because i'm realizing i have 3 semesters left in college...
or maybe it's because i pay rent and bills...
maybe it's just because i'm growing up...
YEAH, right! like that's ever gonna happen!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

oh! it's over!!!

i can't believe this semester is over. i take both of my finals on tuesday- yes, both- meaning i only have 2. one at 8am and one at 130. then i'll be done. i have all day monday to study and all this weekend. i have to finish a drawing or two for dr.keller, and mat my graphic design project, but other than that- i'm done! and i'll be going home soon!

22 in 6 days... 

Saturday, December 06, 2008

no one else has better friends than me!

i have THE best friends in the world!

last night the girls (april, jillie, julia) and i were getting dressed up fancy to go out to dinner. we did our hair, our make up, put on formal type dresses... the whole nine yards.

we were standing in the living room taking pictures when we heard someone coming in our front door. i was freaking out, cause i really didn't like the fact that some uninvited hooligan was trying to come to our shindig. when the door opened, there he was... Nash Gammill

so, i of course start crying/laughing... and nash says, "so are you ready to go? we only have 30 minutes to get there."
and i inquired as to where it was we were going...

nash drove all the way from dallas, tx yesterday to take me to the gamma sig formal! the thing that gets me the most about it is that EVERYONE knew... april, julia, jillie, bo, alex, micah, jake, leroy, alycia... EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT IT BUT ME!!!

i love my girls! i love my gsp boys! and i love my nashy-poo!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

i'm busy. ok?

oh my goodness, i forgot- whoops.

in the past 25 days, i have:

dyed my hair,
gone to 2 weddings (missed one!),
made a 100 on a graphic design project,
made 2 a's on 2 different print making projects,
painted my fingernails,
paid my rent (which drained my bank account),
rearranged my bedroom,
house sat for reagan and nate,
watched the new 007 movie,
laughed my self silly talking to nash,
ate till i wanted to throw up with pril,
finished a scrapbook,
took 2 algebra tests,
passed an algebra test,
finished 2 drawings,
finished my mountain of laundry but didn't bother to fold or put any of it away,
unpacked from house sitting for reagan and nate,
drove to TN for 7 days of family fun,
went to costo,
went to church at a new place with the fam,
played with my puppy,
did homemade printmaking (kinda ghetto),
pestered the cat,
been to the er ,
baked apples,
had thanksgiving dinner at least twice,
met a new baby cousin,
and decorated a christmas tree.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

allergic to class

i'm in computer graphic design... 
and it makes me want to throw up..
cause i'm allergic...

i'm extremely over this class right now. want to leave... been here for 3 hours.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the shoot was good. 
i got to sleep.
i got to hang out with my mom and dad.
i got to eat steak and potato soup.
i got to play with my puppy.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

hello. it's almost friday. thank goodness. this weekend is the weekend of the shoot- and i'm thirlled. i always love getting away from school, even if it is only for a few days.

i need a long break.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


somedays there are people in my life that i want to slap. or at least have the ability to slap. 
today was one of those days.

Monday, September 22, 2008

my headache

i feel like there is a skewer going into the back of my head- near my neck... there's also one being driven through the side of my head into my brain.
my head hurts.
can't sleep.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008

football weather...

when the leaves start falling off the trees, after they have turned from green to orange or yellow or red, the fall weather starts. football weather starts. when you step outside in the sunshine, it's perfect, and when the wind blows, you just need a light sweater or a long sleeve t.

that's my favorite.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

week one...

good beginning to the fall semester.
pretty easy going schedule, i pretty much love it. 
april and i are adjusting to our home, it's wonderful.
we had a slumber party last night. it was great. 
life is good.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

feels like home to me...

landed in nashville thursday night around 9 and was absolutely beside myself about being in america and getting to see the fam. got sonic, and went home. it was so nice to sleep in my bed, with my puppy, knowing that my brother and parents were just footsteps away. 

switzerland was fantastic, although it rained a lot while we were th
ere. we went to the top of the harder klum, one of the shortest of the tallest mountains in the swiss alps. interlaken is one of the most amazing little cites i've ever been to. it's the picture perfect little swiss town, and we were lucky enough to get there on a national holiday and at the perfect time to watch a parade. lucern was very beautiful, the water and weather were great. it rained a lot.

germany was one of the best places we went. we stayed in a hostel called the tent- which is exactly what it sounds like... a huge tent housing more than 100 bunkbeds... it was so amazing. we made some friends who were also going to paris, and decided to meet up with them then- it was so nice to see a familiar face in a foreign place. munich was so much fun. we sat in the square one afternoon and watched the giant coo-coo clock go off. very entertaining. it rained a lot.

the czech republic was fantastic. we had no idea what we were in for when we got there, but it was a very pleasant surprise. we enjoyed navigating prauge and not understanding anything people were saying. it was pretty fun. it rained a lot.

we ended up spending an unexpected 5 hours in the city of frankfurt, and enjoyed sitting at a local coffee spot watching it rain.

france was wonderful, the city of paris is so pretty, and there are so many different things to do. the eiffel tower at night is fantastic, the louvre is overwhelming, and everything is just so great. we met up with our friends from munich and ended up spending every day in paris with them. and yes, it rained.

london was awesome. i didn't think i would have as much fun as i did, but i wouldn't change a thing about our time there. other than the rain.

i'm so glad to be home and now i'm just trying to convince myself that i'm ok with school starting in a week... BLEH.

i would try to get picture on here, but considering i took over 5,500 that might be a little hard...
i'll get some up soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


got up exceedingly too early on thursday morning to catch our train to rome, ate a lovely breakfast of train station food (which i've learned to get used to). got into rome around 1030am, and off we went. we dropped our bags in the train station at the storage place as we have been doing for the past few weeks- it really is less fun if you have to carry those bags every where you go... our first day was pretty much a whirl-wind tour of rome, hitting a few highlights on the way. we did fountains- bernini's triton, and trevi, and the older bernini's boat. about 8 miles later, it was time for dinner- which was VERY yummy. hard rock cafe- roma. i had a cheeseburger. it made my day. free ketchup. crunchy french fries. free refills on water. and best of all... air conditioning and ice. : ) after hard rock we decided to do the spanish steps- backwards. we did the hill from behind to not have to walk up the steps, but only down when we were done. it was sunset by the time we got there, and it was stunning. the next day proved to be worth it's weight in gold. around 8am we were entering the vatican museum... AMAZING. my friend hagen (who just happens to be catholic) and i kind of set our selves apart from the group and wandered around the museum together. we enjoy each other's company. we got to the end of the museum, and were on our way to the sistine chapel- unfortunately we learned that we could not take pictures of it (bummer)... but, none the less, it was astonishing to be in there... although, it was smaller than i had pictured it. when you have your back turned to the last judgement, there are 2 doors past the gate, one going right, the other going left... the left door was wide and lead to a hall way- the one to the right was a little smaller, and lead to a stair well- hagen and i not knowing which way to go, chose the smaller door- taking the narrow path. we ended up having gone through the "restricted" areas of the vatican with an asian tourist group... we blended right in... we ended up breaking off from them and landed out side by a drinking fountain with 2 options of where to go from it... the coupla (the dome) or the tombs of the popes... we of course chose the tombs of the popes. after meandering through the maze of the tombs, and watching people pray to the dead popes- we ended up in a very small and dark stair well- when we got out on the other end of the stairwell we were standing in the middle of st. peter's- looking up at the baldaccino... i nearly wet my pants. it was wonderful. there was some kind of italian diplomat there that day- and i was unable to see the pieta... almost cried. but, the day went on- had some good pizza and good water at the pope's house- and he had a clean and free bathroom, with toilet seats. so- after the vatican we went to the arch of constantine and the colosseum- very awesome. then, there was a little bit of time left in our day, and i went back to st. peter's- and saw the pieta. the next day was the borgese and the capitoline museums- got to see some really awesome stuff- the colosal head of constantine, the dying gaul, the she-wolf and romulus and remus, and mrs. borgese as venus... i know most of this means nothing to you, but that's ok, i like telling you about it. we also went to the pantheon, and did the forum, and i got to walk on the via appia- which was in mine and aaron's high school latin text book- it was neat. original roman road. i also drank water from the roman aquaducts. it was cold, clean, and free. 
today, being sunday, is our day of rest. so, we went to italian church, had lunch, and have come home for naps, laundry, and whatever our little hearts desire. i love sundays. 

we leave for our last group trip this week- we go to assisi. then back here for a few days of recouping and packing before our journeys to other parts of the world begin. to inform you if you don't know- in the next 20 days i'll go to switzerland, germany, prauge, france, and the uk.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


was in padua, venice, and ravenna from sunday to tuesday. it was good. i'm tired. i'll update more later. 

Saturday, July 12, 2008

fun fun fun

got back yesterday from cinque terre- most beautiful thing, ever. it rocked. good trip.

Friday, July 04, 2008

i finally made it.

after 24 hours of being in airplanes, airports, and buses yesterday we got to the avanti- it's great... just no air conditioner- any where in italy for that matter. we were just exactly on time for all of our flights- the one from amsterdam to rome was close, we ran through the airport from the a concourse all the way to the end of the d. we arrived just as the final call was made... lucky us. i was one of 2 of us not to get luggage lost. i feel very fortunate. most girls didn't think to pack extra clothing for an emergency, and i'm really glad i did- even though i didn't need it. today we had an amazing breakfast around nine- cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt(which is way more better than the american stuff), milk, juice, and toast. we had a little devo and powerpoint with dr. keller then went walking all over scandicci. we found the italian version of walmart (superal) and gallo's pizza. we had gilato---YUM! we met some very nice gentlemen at the gilato place, andrea and johnny. they gave us free italian ices after we finished our ice cream. : ) we hiked back to the avanti and are lounging around trying to get over jet lag... we're going to the HUF party at the villa in about an hour to celebrate the 4th of july. it's been great so far, i'm sure it's just going to get better.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

wasting away in the art building...

these are the latest things to emerge victoriously from my studio cubical.

the top one is a self portrait with dots. the bottom ones are a style study of four master artists. the first is hopper, then van gogh, then liechtenstein, and the bottom one is rauschenberg.

i'm ahead in class- one project left, one week left.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

13 days...

here's where i'll be...

lyn rushton
scuola biblica di frienze
via armando spandini, 24
50018 scandicci (fi)

i like peanut butter... and crayons... and orbit sweet mint gum... and nash. 

there, i said it... i like nash. happy now?

: )

Friday, June 13, 2008


last night i ate at brick oven pizza co. with gene, beckie and vivian... of course while we waited we talked of our travels and the wonderful food we had eaten along the way. since i can't talk about italian yummies yet (although i will be able to in 2 weeks!), i threw in chicago.

best pizza in chicago... found at giordano's. their world famous stuffed pizza will leave you stuffed. it's so wonderful. you can get almost anything you can dream of inside your pizza. it's thin crust is cracker crisp and so yummy on the edges...

a plain 'ole good chicago hot dog is at j's dawg and burger... it's cheap and good... but they yell at you if you put ketchup on your hot dog...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

ode to a dead guy

german expressionist, kandinsky... oh how i love this piece, now that i've copied it, i have an even greater appreciation for it. kinda glad it's over though...

30+ hours... you get a little tired of looking at the same thing all the time, and measuring and looking and guessing... oh the measuring...

kandinsky's composition viii- lyn style. i'm naming it the title of this post... "ode to a dead guy, kandinsky's composition viii"

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

slowly but surely...

i'm getting moved in. clothes are still in bags, books and knick-knacks still in boxes, but the kitchen is fully unpacked and functioning. my bedroom is a wreck from the boxes, bags, and just plain clutter littering the floor... it will get done eventually- i'm in no hurry.

class is going alright, joey and i are facing the elements and painting outside from 1-5 every afternoon, we've found shade. 

i'm ready to go to europe, an adventure that i'm sure will influence me in many ways. can't wait. 

searcy isn't the same with out my usual gaggle of friends... i stayed on the phone with nash for about 2 hours the other night, just laying in bed, neither of us could sleep... i'm proud of april, she's doing something new to her, well... not new, but new again... ; ) i miss her so much it hurts. erin is back in knoxville and i can't wait for her to come to arkansas. the good thing is, traffic isn't as horrible as it is when school is in... 

Saturday, May 17, 2008

sleep over

i had a boy/girl sleep over last night... GASP!
rachel hooper, ted wheetley, drew ater and i met up in nashville last night, ate some cheap dinner, hung out at the parthenon park just had ourselves a good evening. as the night wore on i suggested a movie at my house on the big 80+ inch projector screen- all agreed, and just decided to make an adventure out of it and spend the night in the rushton house. totally fun. i love my friends. i miss my pril.

Friday, May 16, 2008

i don't say it enough

i absolutely love being home... 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a little history

so,  april posed a question to me about who the original members of fAlpha Kappa Sigma were, and how many original members there were, since we're starting to dwindle down... well, here we go...

sometime during the fall of our freshman year at HU april and i were sitting in "the black whole/abyss that is 327" which of course was the name of our dorm room, enjoying tv time while the rest of campus was off doing pledge week things... we could hear our fellow freshman and others shouting and yelling their club stuff... we laughed at them, got mad at them for yelling and disturbing our peace... then we decided we needed our own club... fAlpha Kappa Sigma... or fAKE.

april and i, being the founders, are the co-presidents. that's all the officers we have... it's really all the officers we need. but, we told our non-club friends that they were in, cause they totally wanted to be. at the time our non-club friends were erin, jared w, jared c, nash, joey, and luke. 

well, fAKE found itself losing a member at the end of that semester due to parting ways in friendships... that first member was erin(whom we dearly love, and still consider a member, she's just inactive). a few semesters later, fAlpha Kappa Sigma lost another member, luke, due to... let's say... ummm... his inability to not be a loser. as the survivor host would say, he was voted off the island. then this past fall, we lost another, a jared, but only because his time at harding had ended. this coming fall, we'll lose our other jared, because of graduation. joey too, i think has attended his last fAlpha Kappa function... so now it's down to 4. nash, april, jared c, and myself. 

every monday of finals week fAlpha Kappa Sigma hosts a bi-annual "The Last Supper." it's held at what we like to call "mi puebchito," which is our favorite mexican place in searcy. it's a time to unwind and to forget about finals for a few hours, it's also time for us to say goodbye before the christmas or summer break. 

welp... that's about all the history there is to it... seeing as you all wanted to know about it so badly... 

how's that april?
any thing you'd like to add?

Monday, May 12, 2008

mi chiamo lyn.

so... since there are only 50 days until i fly off to italy, i'm taking some time to learn a little italian. i have flash cards and everything. "speak in a week" is the program i got, and so far, it's fun and i think it might actually work to help me survive the month of italian living. i looked at pictures of cinque terra today... and i can't wait. 

some of my other conquests lately, are to read slaughter house five(book trade with erin), and to finish the chronicles of narnia before the end of may. when i get back to searcy for the month of painting, i'll be reading books 2 & 3 of the golden compass... since i have finally finished all 7 harry potter books, which were the reasoning for not finishing the golden compass series back to back... which bothers me... but- its ok. dadams got all flustered with me when i finished book 6 of hp and was freakin out cause i needed book 7... he said "we all had to wait forever! i think you can wait a week!" bahahah- oh dadams. 
i'm slowly making a packing list for the summer, and i think i'm making very good decisions about what goes in the backpack and what doesn't. i think it's better for me to plan and write out every last thing i think i'll need and then go back and slowly cross out things that i know i won't use. it works that way for me. i don't think i'll be bogged down by my bag being too heavy, or by things that will just take up space.

i think i'm having withdrawal symptoms... i quit having 20 studio hours a week... and i quit cold turkey. i need an apron and a drop cloth... i need to make a mess. i need to be artsy.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

3 down, 2 to go.

year number 3 at harding is over. i got home yesterday around 530pm, just in time to eat dinner with mom and dad. i'm glad i'm home.
finals were prett much easy, considering i only had 2 that i had to study for: algebra and art history. hopefully kept my b in algebra, and probably lost my b in art history... it's ok, i'll take the c. most likely will end up with an a for the semester in printmaking, and probably a b in sculpture... oh well.
i'm only home until the end of may, then it's back to searcy to take a painting class that i've been dreading- but it's with mrs. austin, so that makes it better.
at the end of june i come home long enough to pack and get on an airplane... then it's italy til august. the first of august starts the 2 week journey from italy to paris. pretty much excited. school starts again on august 25th, at which point i hope i am rested, and ready for the excitement that the new semester promises. i have 2 jobs for next fall, with possibilities of a third. one is continuing the job i have now as beckie's student worker. the second is the green room/dressing room girl for the campus activites board. i also have been told that i still get to plan a few events- so that's pretty cool. the third is a preschool job at the college church. so, we'll see what happens there. i don't see my classes as being much of a threat this coming fall, so these jobs will be good.

this year at fAlpha Kappa Sigma's 6th bi-annual "Last Supper" it was april's birthday... and as always it was celebrated with loud noises and silly mexican waiters...

the last 5 remaining fAKE members... (from right to left-nash, me, april, jared c, and joey)
a wooden bowl i made in sculpture.
my artist book... it's a sandwich. when dadams gave me my grade i had to give him a hug- he had written: " lyn, this is just too much fun. settle down. art is serious. a+"
whole wheat bread, with mustard, spam, pickle, tomato, colby cheese, and romaine lettuce.
alabaster sculpture
native american style flute... dragonfly themed with 45 yards of satin ribbon... yea.
lithography self portrait- such a lyn face... dadams told lauren and i that we could not use the huge litho stone to put both of our prints on the same stone to cut printing time in half because of the mess that andrew murray and jonathon edelhuber made when they tried printing using the same stone with 2 images... well... lauren and i have a listening problem... well, just to the word no... so, we put both of our images on the same litho stone, and printed them together anyway... my print is titled "i'm not andrew murray" and lauren's is "i'm not jonathon edlehuber" we both got a's.

screen print on transparency
"grace" screen print

Sunday, April 27, 2008


1305 tulip ave... the cutest address ever...
mine and april's new residence as of june. comes fully furnished, washer/dryer, sweet big screen tv with free satellite, beds, dishwasher, fridge, self-cleaning oven, kitchen table with 4 chairs, couches, love seat, front and back yards(which we don't have to mow), a driveway, trash pick up on monday and thursday, and 2 very cute porches. it's had 3 yucky boys living in it for the past few years, so the people that own it(dr. and mrs. michael kiihnl) are taking the month of may to have it PROFESSIONALLY cleaned. thank goodness- it needs it. the toilet was gross. and somehow it's cheaper than living in the privileged housing dorms... what? yes, i know... it's crazy. i'm so excited. isn't it cute?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

460 pictures...

photo album 1
photo album 2
photo album 3
photo album 4
photo album 5
photo album 6
photo album 7

ok- so pther than trying to even think about posting pictures from chicago... that's where you can find them. all 460. have a look, there's some cool stuff in there. including picasos, monets, degas, seruats, and come others. there are lots of pictures of the city, and lots of other stuff.
chicago was amazing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

finally wednesay

a picture of my breakfast:

i had forgotten what dr.pepper tasted like. it had been nine years since my last dr.pepper. this past week i was in wal*mart, and saw plain caffeine free dr.pepper, not diet caffeine free... i don't really do diet beverages... well, i just had to get some. and oh my stars... i forgotten it was so good.

chicago is only hours away.
this time tomorrow i'll be at the art institute museum.
and a little bit after this time tomorrow, i'll hopefully get to see my mom and daddy.

since she posted a picture of her fabulous accommodations for the weekend, i'll post one of mine.

it's tiny, i know, but that's what they had...
it's the student hostel in chicago... yes, hostel... 7 beds, 1 room, no shower curtains... april and i will be visiting my parents.
i think it will prepare me for my 6 weeks in europe... well... probably not, but it was a good thought.

i got another b on an art history test, which just makes me ecstatic. to be honest, i'm shocked at how well i'm doing in there. putting bad grades on the refrigerator works wonders.

i need to put up pictures of my latest art(mostly screen and litho prints), maybe i'll get around to that when i get back.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

number 355

i only have to make it through wednesday...
then it's off to chicago...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

another year older... well, kinda.

happy b-day to 2 of my favorite ladies...
happy 11th 39th, mom.
happy 21st pril.
i love you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

sad it's over, glad it happened.

little shop was absolutely amazing. i can't remember a show that i've had as much fun on. we closed monday night, having all shows but one to sell out. i'm so glad i did it. and i miss it already; but, tonight april and i snuggled on the couch and had tacos and watched a movie- just like old times. made me happy.

by the way, i got a b on my art history test. : )

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

post number 351

so, if you remember, i was nominated "amateur photographer of the year" by the isp (international society of photographers) with this photo. i received information about the isp convention to be held in las vedas, where the 10,000 dollar amateur photographer of the year prize would be awarded. they didn't tell me that i had to be present to win until after the registration date, i didn't register, i didn't win the $10,000.

Friday, March 14, 2008

early renaissance

if you wish to receive information about today's art history test, please contact april long or beckie weaver.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

good idea, bad idea

good idea: buy april a cookie.
bad idea: piss april off when she's pms-ing.

last night april and i took our dishes out of the common kitchen we share with our suite mates, and we put them under our beds in our room- so that we may use them. because we are tired of there constantly being a sink full of dishes, not a cabinet full, like there should be.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and the boss of the year award goes to...

beckie weaver!

i have the best job ever.
what do i do?
well- every now and again i run an errand, copy something, fax something...
but- today i got to draw. and got paid for it.
i win.
i have the best job ever.

Friday, February 22, 2008

what photo booth can do for your figure...

i'm so glad my boobs don't actually look like this...
i'm also glad april isn't a giraffe.

he answers prayers

got a d on my art history test.

christmas gift

haven't put this up before today, because i didn't have a picture.

nash got me this wonderful yellow coat for christmas.
he did good- i wear it every chance i get.
he picked it out and everything.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

suddenly seymore...

is standing beside me.

i am in love with LSoH.
rehearsals are fun because we're finally to the point of nit/gnit/knit-picking. there are no more big blocking things to work out, no more choreography to be done. we are doing so well. i love the cast, we have so much fun together(all 8 of us). we finally got to move into the ulrey performing arts center (the UPAC) tonight. first time in the actual building we will be performing in. it was nice. we have some adjustments to make there, but we are already doing that we ease. i get to climb the crawl space into the cat walk at one point in the show and i laid eyes on that for the first time tonight... it will be... fun. i'm going to costume pull tomorrow, which is exciting and scary at the same time... oh, robin miller. what are we going to do with you?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

italo-byzantine? or florentine renaissance?

i took an art history test today.
i blanked on the first question.
it was bad, to say the least.
i'm praying for a d.
or at least a high f.
as i told daniel spears right after i took it, it reached up and smacked me.
i studied so hard for this test... and look where that got me.
no more of that...

rehearsals are going well.
we're off book for act 1 tonight... that should be eventful.

i'm finally on book 5 of harry potter.
i have had zero time to read because of art history, and all the other art stuffs i have going on.
so, now that the test is over, i can get back to number four, privet drive.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


mike beebe spoke in chapel today. during his last sentence, the power in the benson went out... well, most of it. he did well. good for him.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

busy, busy, all the time and not a drop to sleep.

the past weeks have been filled to the brim with loads of stuff to do.
i did my first screen print in printmaking 2- it turned out... ok. not as grand as i had originally hoped, but it was my first, so i'm not complaining. can't wait til i can print tshirts.
finished my first piece for sculpture- it was a breakdancer. made completely out of found objects- like baby clothes, and a baby doll head, and metal pipes that i found on the floor in the shop. i had a good time with it, and made a 93 on it. good deal. i also started my second piece, which is a cedar log. i'm carving it and whatnot to make a piece of sculpture... there will be process pictures soon.
haven't had much in lines of rehearsal because one of the trio has been involved in another play, but it's finally over, so we're really packin' 'em in this week. sunday-thursday, 7-11pm. today is our first choreography rehearsal- so that should be tons-o-fun.
the game last night was extremely intense. we thought we almost lost on of our players- he was hit in the head by someone's breast bone, was thrown back a few feet, couldn't get up, started to shake... it was very scary. he is one of mine and april's good friends. we were holding hands and ever tearing up when the trainer was trying to get him to respond. moments later, he was back in the game. he's such a go-getter. the game ended up going into over time- thank goodness. and we won on the buzzer by a shot by a 6-10 senior, jesse bynum. he was just inside the key, he shot with one second left, the buzzer went off and the ball went in the hoop. we rushed the court and joined our team. we hugged chris, and told him never to give us another heart attack... cause we didn't carry any asprin to the game.
today i'm taking a couple's engagement photos, as long as it doesn't rain. they are a sweet pair of kids... but they're still kids.
i love my job. working with beckie is fabulous. and she's right... my best skill is knowing exactly what to get when i go to sonic for happy hour. i even know what the others on the hall want. weaver wants a large diet coke, mclain wants a large diet cherry limeaide, and shock wants a large coke, and if kaitlyn is there, she just wants a sprite. i love my job.

Monday, January 21, 2008

oh my...

just got home from my first little shop rehearsal...

Friday, January 18, 2008

it's over...

week one is done. and i'm glad.

thankfully, i don't have a horrible schedule this semester-
but that doesn't mean that i have time to do anything.
my classes are pretty demanding,
plus rehearsals for
LSoH start next week.
work with beckie is wonderful.
i love it.

i have a date tonight with nash. : )

here's the run down
monday, wendesday, friday
printmaking II from 10-12
choir rehearsal 12-1
int. algebra 1-2
art history: renaissance to modern 2-3
work 3-i wanna go home.

tuesday, thursday
sculpture I from 10-1
leadership strategies 1-215
work 230ish- i wanna go home.

good schedule, just lots to do.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

burning leaves...

when the basement is full of empty cardboard boxes and the yard is full of leaves, you know scott rushton is going to get out the matches. and the gasoline.
it's no ordinary task for a man who spent quite some time making things blow up for the camera. that's right... my dad was a special effects man.
the sonic booms that echo off the side of the house and through the woods make you think some drastic life ending event has just occurred. but, don't you fret... it's just dad. burning leaves.

a bon aqua sunset

dad's bamboo is starting to kink and curve

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

the year in photos, version 07


bowling with clint

ready for basketball

banquet with jared

staying up too late

weekend in nashville

spring break tour

freezing our butts of in the
33 degree weather for lacrosse!

april's surprise bday party!

birthday party in the bathtub

a last night out with 2 bffs

babysittin my punkins
ellie grace and alyssa rae

hangin with my pal ec

pensicola, fl

perdido key, fl

back at school

first trip to heber

weekend at heber

weekend in Dallas


in dallas with my roomie!

the shoot

four wheelin with my pril

seminole stomp


cassie ponder's wedding with nash

long bus rides...

basketball season!

basketball game with jareds

christmas card photo

fAlpha Kappa Sigma's
5th bi-annual "the Last Supper"

21st birthday!

christmas with the fam

hope you all had a great 2007
and a wonderful new year.