Tuesday, July 25, 2006

3 long weeks

so- i've been out of camp for about 2 or 3 weeks. but the 3 weeks i was there were long. it started out kinda fun, just being in the swing of summer that i knew as a kid. i loved it when i was younger. it was awesome. but, things change.
sunday of first week, a counselor friend in the cabin upstairs came running down and said "come quick, one of my girls is throwing up." i put on shoes and quickly became known as "puke mamma." as in most bothersome situations i'm involved with, i took charge. i got all the girls out of their beds and outside on the porch. i got the sick girl to the side of the porch - just in case. and with a little help from the camp nurses who couldn't stomach even looking at it, i got rubber gloves, trash bags, a mop and bucket, and some lysol. i cleaned off everything it got on (it was projectile), got the girl to change her clothes, and got the girl's mom on the phone. she soon was gone, and came back a couple days later, after having been to the doctor and finding out she had strep-but wasn't contagious. it was an interesting night. the next day, one of my campers started getting sick. food poisoning. she was the only one though, thank goodness. so, i of course was elected to take care of her, and her messes. she came back later too. my cabin got the black mop most of the week, i think it was 3 days in a row. one day we didn't even bother cleaning. just didn't want to. and of course, we got yelled at for it. oh well.
day camp was exhausting. it's only 3 days long, but it's more exhausting than a week. it was fun though. we didn't do much.
teen week is always fun. sunday, a mom and daughter walk in my cabin and the mom says, "are you relish? i've heard lots about you." my first thoughts are holy crap, and who have you been talking to? she tells me she heard i was a good disiplenarian. amazing. i lay down the law at camp. if you want to have fun, you'll act right. that's all. well. i took it light heartedly, no biggie.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

haven't touched this blog in a while, figgured i should. i use my xanga more. www.xanga.com/violynrushton

so, camp has been poop. one more week- then i'll update on all of camp.