Monday, May 29, 2006

holy canoli

this summer is great fun. so far- hitting the high lights- i've been to/in a wedding, a bachelorette sleep over, went to alabama, seen x-men3 twice, been hangin out with my bro a lot, had a memorial day cook out with the fam, went to hooters with 5 of my favorite people in the world, saw one of my favorite comedians live, and the fun just keeps coming! the gulf and memphis also await me this summer. and laura's bday is only 16 days away- we're going all out. not really- but we're going to have some fun! and who knows what else i'll find to get into.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

g-ma goes home

a wonderful woman that i treasure has gone to live with our creator. i'm sad, but i'm happy for her. i will never stop loving her. or remembering her. she was always so proud of us, even if what we were trying to do wasn't going so well. she never ceased to amaze me by the food she would put on the table- even if i was the only one that was going to eat it. i would sit at her table and eat a whole can of pineapple for lunch, and maybe give pop-pop a slice or two if he wanted it. she always wanted everyone to be taken care of, and if that meant she didn't get something, she didn't care. she was an amazing person, and i hope to be half the wife, woman, and mother she was.