Sunday, April 30, 2006

so much fun, it should have been illegal...

well- it probably was according to the "harding police"

me, brandon, april, david, farren, jason, chelsea, sean, and monica all went and played in the mud and water on the front lawn. it was AMAZING! so fun! we had a slip and slide type thing going- and a little football tossin', and a huge mud fight. it was the most fun i've have in a long while- i totally needed it. especially today. it was kinda yucky- but well worth the fun. best shower i've had... whoa... good shower. first thing i did when i walked in the room though.... BRUSHED MY TEETH... hahaha! it was SO much fun! if it's raining tomorrow- you'll know where to find me...

pictures to come soon... and very soon... if they turn out... april's waterproof camera... no flash... dark outside... night time+no flash=no bueno... "what's a bueno?"

hahaha! i love these kids! why did we just now really start hanging out this much! oh the fun we could have been having! but, i'm having an amazing time. good last couple of weeks... will make me not want to go home... sigh.

Monday, April 24, 2006

first time for everything...

ate my first ever wendy's burger tonight...

it was pretty good. so many of my friends here are proud of me... hahaha!

went swimming tonight- swam my mile in 7 minutes or so, but that was with flippers. i'm thinking with out would round out at about 9 or 10 minutes. so, we'll see. i'm gonna probably swim everyday- gonna need a lot of conditioner.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


finally got to go to heber yesterday! it was really fun. jumped off some cliffs and swam around. got a little sun, and just had a real good time.

i think brandon fell asleep.

sean and the coke having a deep conversation.

liz soakin up some sun.

the cliff with all the people on top is the one we jumped off of the most.

these pictures show just how hard it is for the two of us to take pictures together.




brandon, sean, and liz... and some random kid on a rock.

betcha can't guess which leg is april's and which leg is mine...

so- it was really fun. and this weekend was just good all over. luke picked me up for church this morning, and then we went to colton's for lunch. now he's headed home. and i'm headed to bebee! how fun! no. no fun. it's the last concert of the year, and the seniors are going to cry... blah blah blah... so, i'm going to take a nap before i go...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

very cool

so- i have this amazing friend who does totally cool stuff for me...

*background info* luke had to leave school early this semester- 3 weeks before spring break for medical reasons. came back for spring sing weekend. yesterday, april told me: "i was supposed to tell you yesterday that luke might have sent you something, and you should expect it to be here today- it might be a package..." so, i of course checked my mail like 5 times in 2 hours- and there was no package... but...

i got a phone call at 6:oopm yesterday from luke.... i was at the bank.

me: hi!

luke: heya gal!

m: how are you?

l: good, can you do me a favor?

m: of course.

l: look out the window in like 2 seconds.

m: ok, but i'm not in my dorm room.

l: i know, just look out the window.

m: i am looking out the window...

l: look out the window of the house.

m: i'm not in a house, i'm at the bank... still looking out the window...

l: what? crap!

m: huh?

l: i'm here in searcy! standing outside the house you're supposed to be babysitting in!

and blah blah blah! he got me. not as good as he had hoped for, but he still got me. he's here for a formal for chios, and everybody did a good job of keeping it a secret from me that he was coming- very cool. we hung out at the underground, and he ate dinner with me, aiden, and caily. it was fun. glad he's here.

FINALLY going to heber today- it' a ripe 88 degrees, with 45% humidity, and the sun is blazzing. i walked downstairs to the laundry mat, and started to sweat. that cold water will feel good. we're leaving sometime between now and 130- and who knows when we'll get back. i'm taking my camera- so there will definetly be another post with lots of pictures of my day.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

random reflecting

taken at sonic last saturday. went with luke, david, and april for something to drink. david took this with his phone. it's a pretty good picture i think. my hair isn't dyed in it though- so... don't look at that part of my head...

this was taken in memphis back in february- on our way to beale street for lunch before the opera: don giovani. which was excellent. and the trip was really fun.

me and the roomie(april) in our new shades. so cute...

another of me and jodi in memphis

fun times at the beginning of the year- this is september- the choir retreat. jodi, me, andy frye, and toilet paper... i'm the statue of liberty.

christmas burgers... april and a flipflop... i honestly don't know. but it's a funny picture.

that's pretty much all i got. this has been an amazingly random post. oh well. meant to put this on here:

The Pentagon announced today the formation of a new 500 man elite Fighting unit called the United States Redneck Special Forces. These Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas boys will be dropped off into Iraq and have been given only the following facts about terrorists:
1.The season opened today
2.There is no limit.
3.They taste like chicken
4.They don’t like beer, pickups, country music or Jesus.
5.They are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the death of Dale Earnhardt.
6.Their favorite movie is “Brokeback Mountain.”
We expect the problem in Iraq to be over soon.

thought that was kinda funny. got it from andy- thought dad and arron would think it was funny. i'm tired. sleep.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

our afternoon

another afternoon spent with josh- it was fun. and very warm. so we took lots of pictures in the shade and the fountains.

most of the pictures i took were digital, but the best ones i took are being developed from film. i like the my digital camera- but film, and doing it yourself is judst so much more fun.

these too are really good- i love the one below, i think it was the best digital- can't wait to see how the real pictures turn out.

i think he's smiling... i can't tell.... honestly- 2 smiles. and one was forced out when i said, "josh, smile!"

that's just enough smile. it's a good picture. i wasn't really tall enough to actually see what the picture was going to look like before i took it, so this one was all luck.

looks like an album cover... -josh, if you ever make a CD- this is the cover... or one of the other 100 pictures i've taken of you.

i like this one.

it was so hot, we went to play in the fountain. it was 100 degrees! whoa! and it's only april! crazy... but, we're going to heber thursday! yay!

the water was cool, not as cold as the lilly pond, but it felt really good since it was so warm outside.

so, it was a good day, with only one class and test at 2. spending time with josh is always fun. and april and i went to walmart so i could turn in my 2 rolls of film.

it's a good week so far- just a little stress. not too much. i hope thursday isn't too hott. well, early afternoon can be, but around 6:30-8:30, if it could cool down just a smidge, that'd be great, thanks... yea, hi, this is bill lumberg... haha.

and by the way, not ALL the good ones are taken. (sticking my tounge out)

Monday, April 17, 2006

facebook funny and other junk

i read over my profile today, after reading some of my friend's recently updated profiles... and for favorite book- every one pretty much has the bible... a book about heaven, and how to get there... i have dante's inferno... a book about hell, and how to get there... thought it was funny.

going to CPR tonight with jared. might be eating with josh in an hour or so. he hasn't made up his mind yet...

today was alright- a little stressful. tests and all... but i'll live. another test tomorrow, but atleast it's a tuesday.


ate with jodes and jared c. went to cpr with jared w. sat with "j-dub" and josh.

today's clumsy moment happened durning CPR intermission. kyle, and kevin decided to come sit with us for the 2nd half- so, as i was climbing over the row of seats that i walked down to hug kyle- what do i do, but topple over! so, everyone starts laughing, including me, and asking if i'm OK. of course i am... i just wish there was a cure for clumsy and accident prone.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

today's hair color

around 4 o'clock today, i got the urge, and there just happened to be a box of hair color in the room. so- this is "red hot brown" it looks more black in these pictures than brown, and some of it does look black in certain lights- but i dig it.
so- we'll see how long this lasts, and then i'll change it again. but, for now- this is good. happy easter!

Saturday, April 15, 2006


ended up not going to heber- luke wouldn't have been about to swim if we had gone, so we went bowling. april and i had the urge to use the kiddy bowling thing, cause we're not too smooth with keeping the ball out of the gutter. and she still kicked my butt. so did luke. david didn't bowl... he never does. i've never seen the kid bowl. crazy boy. i think he and luke had fun. i know april and i did. we went to berryhill after and played a game. brandon joined us. it was fun. we played the game that april bought herself for her birthday. totally fun game! after brandon and david left for spring sing, luke spent some time with his club people, and april and i saw hoodwinked at the rialto. it was cute. it was really cold in the theatre though. i could feel the hair growing on my legs! so- then we kidnapped luke, and went to scary movie 4. it was funny. full price, but funny. david took this picture- i thought it was cool.

so- no heber today, but we're gonna try to go on thursday. "the pretties" are going tomorrow, and how i wish i could be there! but, i have to finish a project, take an online test, and do all sorts of other exciting things.

is it a bad idea to wear black on easter?

Friday, April 14, 2006

spring ding weekend is upon us. this weekend will be filled with lots of fun. spring sing tonight with luke's parents, luke, his siblings, and april and joey. good times. tomorrow... wait for it... here it comes.... wait for it....

so, it'll be a pretty good weekend. sunday, i have to meet with my group for "sex ed" for our presentation at 8AM on monday- yucky.

. i got the venus done last night. turned it in today. josh was very sweet, and came to sit with me while i worked on it, so i wouldn't be by myself. we had fun- he did his lesson plans, and when i got done- i went crazy with the camera! it was cool

this was one of my favorites- i didn't know that the light would bounce like that off of the chess pieces, but i'm glad it did. looks like i erased it or something.

thought this one was kinda cool- the focus kinda bothers me, but i only had digital... (reasons i love manual film)... kinda looked like he crashed down on the game... chaos is always good.

i think this is my favorite of him- it's a natural smile, not forced. it's perfect. we talked about his lack of smiling in pictures, i think there are 2 smiling of the probably 35 i took of him. this is a good one.

this is a good one too- kinda somber- i dig it.

then, i took a picture of myself- no good reason, but i got a new facebook picture out of it. i find it annoying that the venus is sticking out the back of my head- i hate her. i just want to knock her over! smash her into itty bitty pieces! AHHHHH!!!!

so, last night was fun, and josh has agreed to be "my subject" again, and the next time, i'm taking a real camera and film. i love the digital for the purpose of quick pictures, but it's "no bueno" when it comes to photography.
shalom out.

Monday, April 03, 2006

just thought this was amazing! i hope you guys get a kick out of it, as did i. this will make power point a lot more fun... it has nothing to do with bike riding... but i think it might make it in the show just for kicks and giggles. love you all.