Saturday, January 21, 2006

going to texarkana today- coming back tomorrow night... BLEH. don't wanna go! but, i have to. choir. see ya sunday.

Friday, January 13, 2006

so glad to be back at school. this is a picture taken at church of paige, april, and myself. while i'm not amazingly thrilled about my gruling schedule- i am very happy to be back. my friends have started the black market on harding campus- so that i can eat on monday, wednesday, friday- seeing as i go from 8 in the morning til 5 in the afternoon with out a break. so- when i see my friends some of them slip my something to eat that the stole from the caf- or got in the student center. today wasn't as bad a as usual though- i got out of my 10-12 early, around 11:30, and was able to grab a quick burger from the caf. it was... cold. bleh. oh well. at least i got to eat. so- i've been doing homework, and studying already. second semester is really going to kick my butt. i'm afraid that this is the on ei'm going to strugle through. i've got some really tough classes- and here's someting funny- i have 74 drawings due on manday- assigned today from mr.pitt. these are to be 24 from magazines, and the other 50 from our heads, or watching people- of the skeletal outline. said they shouldn't take us long... ha. i've been working on then for about 30 minutes and i've only gotten one done. AMAZING. so- april's laying in bed doing algebra- erin's laying in bed. i'm sittin here- not being productive, and i like it. it seems like i just go go go all day- and then when i get in my room and just sit down- oh so nice. but, i have so much stuff to be doing. pitt wants us to spend an hour a day drawing + the 2 hours we're in the class. bah! i have to read for american national government- snooze. read for physical science- blah. i got all my art for elem. ed. done already. and april and i are eventually going to go work out. so, other than the 18 hours of classes, countless hours of homework, drawing, reading and otherwise... i have LOADS of free time... just pouring out of my ears. yea. uh huh. ok.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

back at school- ready for another semester. can't wait for it to get going.
the past couple days have been good to me(as my life always is). it was good to get back a little early so i would have time to unpack everything(still not done), and be able to organize my head for the weeks to come. i'm afraid that on wedesday morning i'm going to wake up and get ready for wellness and sprint to the gym in my sweats as i did all last semester. that would be bad. so- thankfully, april and i have our 8 together. she'll keep me from doing goofy things like that. so: here's my week:
health and safety - 8am
chapel - 9
anatomy for art majors - 10- 12
choir - 12
american national govt. - 1
bible - 2
art for elem. ed. - 3- 5 (only monday/wednesday)

chapel - 9
physical science - 10- 11.15
choir - 12
bible - 2

so, i have a long day and a short day- and of course the short day is full of breaks, and the long day i don't get one. atleast art for elem. ed. doesn't meet on fridays! that helps. but still- my schedule is wacky- as always. even in high school i always had a weird schedule. ok- enough complaining!

everything here is going well. i'm glato be here and to see all my friends. wade and i hung out, and it was really good to see him. i saw david and chris- that was fun- they basically shot down TN- so we're not friends anymore... kidding. ummm- saw chris(the other one) and that was interesting to saw the least. not diggin his new girlfriend. bleh. ummm... so- yea. saw a couple of friends from bible yesterday- it was good. oh- one more complaint- buying books is expensive- over 300 dollars. ok- so, i'm back on campus. and it's great to be here. i love it.

Sunday, January 01, 2006