Friday, December 16, 2005

totally awesome

last night was my last night in searcy, and i had an amazing time. wade and i looked at chirstmas lights which made me very happy. i love christmas and the lights... just makes me smile. being around him was very comfortable, and relaxed. very nice. we talked about everything under the sun- it was fun.
when i walked in the door at 12:14- ALL of the RA's sittin at the desk said- "lyn, who is that boy?!" and mrs.slayton- the dorm mother- said "why didn't you get him under the mistle toe?" i turned RED. i was blushing- and trying to hide my face, and smiling from ear to ear. it was pretty funny.
april ended up going to the movies with matt- and she had an AMAZING time... hahaha... we both had great nights- our last nights here for a month... :*( oh well...going back home will make me love harding even more- and just make me want to come back even faster) i'll miss april! aww- roomie!
leaving in a little while. back in january.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

angry words

does some one ever tick you off so much you just grit your teeth and have this burning pain to kick something? oh boy, do i. it is worse than ever. and i can't stand any more of it. it angers me how much of a terrible thing this has turned out to be. i never thought it would get this bad... boy was i wrong. i thought being surrounded by harding- and everything it is would make her a better christian, a better person... no. it honestly makes me want to cry. i want my old bestfriend back- who is this person?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


when life hands you lemons, throw them back.