Tuesday, October 25, 2005


so, i've played raquetball for a total of 2 hours today- once for class, once for fun. kinda tuckered out. but, this week is homecoming week, and tomorrow starts the homecoming festivities. tomorrow is dress your major day- i'm excited about that one. then it's miss-match day, then black and gold day. then the game is saturday. and so is the 5k run/walk that april and i are going to do. we are making our selves do this. and we're actually preparing for it. not nearly enough in advance, but we're doing it. so much to do, so much fun to have. i really should be doing some laundry right now- and might just be going to do some, but, i'm not in the mood. so, i think i'm not gonna- i'll wait till april will do it with me, which is hard for her right now because she's not here. maybe tomorrow will be laundry day... blah.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

basically- yea.

so, basically i feel like poo.
i have been out of the rom twice in the past two days- once to walmart, once to chapel. my throat is so amazingly sore- it hurts to think about it. i woke up every four hours last night- and haven't been able to sleep for a time span longer than that since i got sick. i just got out of the shower- and i'm hoping that makes me feel a smidge better. my throat hurts all the way into my ears. my jaw, ears, throat, and whole body just ache. swallowing is pretty much impossible- and just hurts too bad. so- i'm supposed to go back to the doctor in a week if i haven't gotten any better. so, i'm back to bed. to try to sleep- or, just lay there and not swallow. maybe some more meds... night love kiss

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


my life rocks. completely and totally! i love my life! i am so blessed my God i have everything i do, and the abilities i have, and of course, the amazing people in my life. i love college and everything about it! there is nothing i would change about my life. except missing my parents. i miss them a lot. but, never fear- dad should be in AR today, and mom will soon follow. i find myself constantly smiling and never wondering why-but knowing that everyday is a good day because i am alive, and happy, and well. the only thing that ever gets me down about my days is my job- and even when i'm at work, i'm talking to people and having a good time with my co-workers. i love my life, and everything/one in it. can't wait to see my parents.

on a completely different note- yesterday kyle took me with him shopping... he wanted my opinion... what does that mean? don't know, don't care. i like it. lol. today after speech class, a guy who i have not talked to much and i just randomly started talking after class and walked together to the student center at a very lazy pace and talked the whole way! i love that! last night when i met grant, i was excited to meet him- but it was hard to have a conversation with him... i had to put effort in to it... i hate that... i mean- he's a cool guy- but i don't like having to work to have a conversation with someone. but- it's cool. so- david, the guy i was talking to after speech is really tall. like at least a foot taller than me. he's taller than aaron(whom he met) -passed him while walking on the way tothe SC- so... yea. he plays the violin, and tennis- and he likes hearing about my clumsy tennis playing... almost hit the green today... i swung my racket really hard- and it ended up between my knees- and not thinking i tried to take a step forward- and almost fell on my face. but didn't thank goodness... but i did fall UP the stairs this morning. i walked out of the room with a bunch of stuff in my hands- and got to the 2nd floor when i realized i had left my keys in the room(unlocked). so i turned around really quickly, with all that stuff, and my tennis bag kinda got caught up around my feet- and i feel up the stairs. so- needess to say, today has been an eventfull day for lyn and her feet.

everything in roomate land is going really well- wouldn't change it for the world.

i'm hanging out with paden again tonight- i hung out with him after church on sunday night. so, i saw him in passing last night, and he asked me to hang out with him again. i'm excited. he asked me to go to the LR air show on saturday- but i declined. told him i'd go another time. he settled for hanging out tonight instead.

college guys are so NOT high school guys- i love it.

i have a big art project due at 3 tomorrow that is only half done- trying to get enough done today so i can finish it in class tomorrow. so far it looks good. this one might want to be framed mom. we'll see.

love and kisses.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

back pain

i woke up this morning with a pretty bad pain in my back. i got up took some tylenol and went back to sleep. and kept sleeping. and kept sleeping. and kept sleeping. so, needless to say, i went to bedside this morning. but, now i have a chance to clean the room before open house tonight. and then i'll be able to do some laundry later.
didn't do laundry yesterday because i woke up too late before erin's parents got here. didn't feel like getting up at 7:30 to do laundry. but, it'll get done- not a big deal.
i bought myself a green courduroy jacket. it's very cute. and very plain. i really like it. i especially like that it was only 10 bucks. it has fake pockets with kinda miffs me- but, it's ok.
still have a slight pain in my back- the pain that's pretty much always there- so, i think i might get up and start some cleaning. then go to lunch, then to work. but we're having open house tonight- that makes me happy. this is the first one i've been here for. for some reason erin and i weren't here when we had the first one, so lucy and her friends from wherever had a thing in our room- since it's the biggest. so, i think i'll go now. got lots to do. feel like i've wasted a lot of my day already...