Friday, September 23, 2005


oh my goodness!
the most amazing day ever!
for no reason today was just... WONDERFUL!
i attacked tyler with a hug today! i was just really happy and had lots of energy.
it was so cool!
happy friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


wal*mart with april and joey...4-5
ate dinner with april and joey till april left...5-6
will and daniel joined me and joey...6-6:45
jason joined while i decided to play tennis...6:45-7
changed and played tennis with joey...7-7:30
sat in the lobby with kyle...7:30-8:45
talked to randal in the student center...8:45-9
just walked in the door... it was a good night.
could have thrown in a few more people...
but it was a good night.

my day was really good. it was just an awesome day! i love college!

oh yea!

our dorm room is only like the cutest thing ever!
other than me of course...

last night/today stuff

last night i went to harbin devo with matt johnson. and it was good times. matt is a very nice guy who likes to hide behind himself. kinda. somehting like that. he's not very out going, and i know if he was everyone would love him. i don't know anyone that knows him that doesn't adore him. so- matt... i hate to tell you, but, we love you. sorry. even in the 97323407Q degree weather, it was a good devo. the speaker was... weird. but the devoting part i liked. the singing was good and all. so, probably gonna go back to that every now and again.
today was a great day aside from having to get up at 8:00 AM toget ready, walk to tennis, and find out it was canceled. yea. that sucked. but, other than that it was a great day. two classes other than the 15 minute chapel- so you can't beat that with a wooden spoon.
fun times, fun times.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


today is year day! horay for year day! 09/20/05. that's too cool for school. and that last sentence had 6 o's in it... that amuzes me...
so. today was a pretty ok day.
i went to the nurse, to make sure i wasn't dying. my kidney has been giving me some pain lately, and so, i wasn't very thrilled about it. and my esophogas is not longer falling out. just a little throat pain when i first wake up and really late at night(early in the morning). so... i may still be dying, just not as quickly.
work is going well. i guess. it's work. i got to talk to mom and dad tonight, so that was cool.
school is... yicky. i made a 75 on my western civ test. i feel kinds grose about that grade considering all my other gradesin that class were 100's. so- yea, gotta step that up a notch. my grade in bible is currently an A- so that makes me uber-happy. and if i had other classes that cared to post grades, i would check them- but since i don't, that kinda puts a kink in my grade update. so- yea.
hit myself with my own tennis racket today. yea. that was impressive. coach just laughed at me... but he stayed by our court, and complimented me several times on my back hand(my forehand needs work... a lot of work). and he also was amazed that i could actually make the ball go over the fence with my serve. he asked where i learned to serve, so i said volleyball, and he said "no wonder". so- then i started playing with a girl in there with me, and we were volleying and she hit it too me, but i fell a little short of the ball, and didn't hit it very hard, and so it didn't get all the way over the net- and the girl i was playing with yelled "hit it again!" and so i yelled back "i can't! i'm a volleyball player! that's the unforigvable sin!" and coach just doubled over and laughed. so, i really enjoy that class. i'm a little afraid of raquet ball- that could be painfull. considering i hit myself with my own tennis raquet- and the raquet ball court is enclosed... this could be bad.

Monday, September 19, 2005


i feel kinda bad. i slept right up to 8o'clock. and missed my 8o'clock. but, i haven't been feeling physically well for about a week- so, i'm going to see the nurse today. right after all my classes. test in western civ today- ewww. so, i'm going to study for that for the next 20 minutes. maybe it's a good thing i didn't go to wellness today- more time for western civ.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

thoughts concerning thoughts.

ok- so, i have this theory. actually, i have a couple.
theory number one
you have to be happy with yourself to be happy with other people.
looking at girls(and guys) who focus thier lives on being with someone- a "siginificant other"- and are so happy to be envolved with someone who thinks of them as "more than a friend"... it almost makes me sad to see them get hurt a week and 4 days later. NO. the "hole in your heart" will still be there when he(she, it) leaves. you moron. oh my goodness! are you people flippin stupid?!?! my answer: yes. these people are flippin stupid. you have to be happy with you first and foremost. and not pretending to be happy with you- genuinely happy. to be you, to be who you are, to be who you are as a christian. otherwise that hole... is just going to keep being empty-and it might even get bigger. so, stop digging the holes in your heart with the shovels of stupidity. and learn to be ok with you. search yourself- try yourself. if you find something you hate, change it(for the better of course). and until you can be truely ok with yourself, just leave the opposite sex alone.
theory number two
if you don't make an effort, it won't happen.
AHH! stupid people bother me. not-can't help it-stupid, but smart stupid. people who have every ability God granted to man(woman)- but don't use those abilities. people don't try to be happy. i think that's where i'm going with this. it bothers me that people make it a point to have a sucky life. sulking around as if to say- "have pitty for me, my life sucks more than yours"- but then complain about not being happy. i wake up every morning and say to myself: "today is going to be a god day wether you like it or not." it's as if i refuse to have a bad day. someone called me "little miss sunshine" yesterday, and i asked him why he called me that. he responded: "i've never seen you show any other emotion but happy emotions. even when you walk into a 9AM class when it's pouring down rain; you somehow have a smile on your face when everyone else looks so sad, and upset. i wish i could be that way, and not be so pessimistic all the time. you seem to have a bubble around you that just bursts with happiness. and that, is so cool." i smiled and just said "wow." i then told him what i tell myself everymorning. and that i too have my down days. but, when something goes "arye" i try not to let it drag me down the rest of the day. i mean, if something is constanly on my mind, yea, it's not going to be the best day- but i'll try my hardest to not let it drag me down too hard. so- i guess what i'm drivin at here is that you can't be negative all the time, and expect to be happy. be opptomistic. it's not as hard as it looks.

ok- so on a much lighter note- last night's game was the BEST GAME EVER! oh my goodness! 13 to 13 at the final buzzer, after like 202394762397 interceptions, and then came over time... INTERCEPTION! the best game! oh my! and of course i sat with some guys, and they thought my coaching was hilarious. they all cracked up when i started yelling at the players, and the coaches, and the refs. and then they stopped laughing when i turned around and looked at them... lol. then we all started yelling. it was great fun. oh my gosh! best game EVER!
well, today i'm finishing an art project, and working two shifts at telethon- so... barf-o-rama. not about the art thing, the telemarketing. haha. i'm a poet and didn't realize it... lol.
my "study date" yesterday was really fun. we didn't study, we are today though. yesterday we went out to sit on the grass and study under a tree(sub abore) and we talked for about 10 minutes before getting out our notes, and then we were reading notes, and just started talking. read notes. talked. read notes. talked. yea- that wasn't going very well. so- then we decided to forget studying and to just sit there and talk. then we went to dinner. and i left him in the caf. oops. no- i didn't reallyleave him there, he knew i was leaving. well, i met up with some other people after the game, and we went around just talking- and ended up in the harbin lobby. i was sitting there and april and jason were doing something else, and this guy had ordered a pizza, so we asked him for the number- and some how, that's how we started talking. so, i went to sit by him so we could talk, and after a while my phone rang- and it was SHAUN TEAGE! AHHHH! he's getting married! ewww! how weird! my heart jumped when he called me- it scared me... i didn't know what to say, i didn't want to talk to him... so, i asked jon(the guy i was talking to) if he wanted to go get his laundry(still in the dryer) and so, we walked out, and i said hi to a bunch of guys i knew walking into the dorm- and shan made some stupid comment, and being the smart-alec i am.. yea. that went well. so, i looked at jon, and said "he start talking to me really loud so he can hear you." and he did- and that gave me the excuse to GET OFF THE PHONE! eww... it made me want to yarf. AHHHH! i did not like that sam i am, i do not like his calling me ma'am. that was weird. but anyway- jon is really sweet. and he asked me to come hang out in the harbin lobby some more... so- yea. probably gonna do that. so, life is great.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

trying again.

so- this is the second time i've try to post this... so it won't be as long this time.
college is awesome.
college is great.
i've even had a couple dates.
so, the retreat was awesome! it was amazing! i got to spend some time with some really cool people. ::cough brooks cough cough brett cough:: so- yea. brett is amazing. wow. good weekend. umm- the week has gone pretty good. and it's still going well. i get paid today. and that makes me happy! i got snail mail from momma phyllis, and got an e-mail from mom and daddy. so, i'm feelin good. i'm loving college. and it's great. two of my classes were canceld for today, and that made me UBER-happy! april moved in with us since lucy moved in with lupita since lupita's roommate didn't like her. so, we're all up here now, and it's wonderful! ummm... because i'm kinda ticked about the last post getting lost, this one isn't very long or detailed... i'll work on that.


i spent two days trying to type a really good update- and finished it this morning. went to publish it, and it DISAPEARED!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

that was fun

just went to the movies with erin, april, and... mean boy! (matt). we had a good time. matt is really fun. kyle ended up not going, which i think in turn was a good thing. i would have been to... in the middle. and that would have been a smidge weird maybe... but, i had a lovely time- and so, i'll see matt again tomorrow in drawing/comp. so- yea. that's pretty much it at the moment on that subject.
as for life in generall , it's wonderful. i'm having a great time.