Tuesday, August 30, 2005


i love having wellness! and i love that april has wellness too! yesterday we swam for 30 minutes, and played basketball for 30 minutes. and tonight we swam for 45 minutes! it's so awesome! but i want a swim cap. and i can't find them anywhere here- so... yea. i'm still looking for one. thankfully i don't have much homework tonight though. i have to finish a little art homework, might ake me 12 minutes. and i need to read for western civ... YAY! western civ! joy. i have to be up really early in the morning though- so, yea... gotta be in the GAC at 8AM. but, tyler is in there with me, so it's not such a bore. might just be washin my hair tonight so i can sleep ina little later... yea. so, i think tomorrow night after april and i swim we're going to go to the fitness room and get on the treadmils or the cycles. i love to cycle. it makes me feel good, and burns lots-o-calories! i've actaully been trying to eat good(better) here on campus. i don't over eat in the caf. i eat enough, but i don't go crazy... if you catch my drift. well, i'm already dosing off, and i have quite a bit to do before bed. so for now, i'm done.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


went to the episcipal church with erin and april this morning. going to the c.o.c. next week. watching moulin rouge, then going to lunch. also have to do a smidge of home work for tomorrow. gotta read for western civ., read for bible, and print something off and sign it for my wellness class. so- that won't take long. lucy went to church in little rock today- a bus came to get her i think. she went with dana, lupita("loopee"), and aziyadee(deedee). so, we don't know when she'll be back. she said this morning that it is the same kind of church she attends in honduras. kyle is getting back on campus sometime this afternoon- supposed to call me when he gets back, might go to college church with him tonight. and possibly go to the caf... depending on what time he gets back. erin, april and i are going to get some eats from there here in a little while. letting the 12 o'clock church crowds die down. the three of us, and who ever decides to go eat with us, usually show up the caf about an hour to an hour and a half after it opens. then there's barely anyone in there, no lines, and it's not as loud. AND on top of that, we can sit where ever we want, and be as loud as we want. OH, and we get a private concert! hahaha! i am the number one groupie of jordan and kensley! haha! we met them i think friday night, and they are awesome guitar players, so- we (erin, april, and i) are their groupies. they love to just ad-lib and make up stuff when they play. it is so awesome. and they also play some good cover stuff. poor kensley's foot may be broken! so sad! and he's a bigger guy and he's on crutches, and he hates it! i don't blame him at all though- i can't stand being on crutches! they make my armpits hurt! so, anyway- just small up-to-date on the past couple hours... more to come shortly.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

oh yea...

yea, forgot to say: i had to use the corn bag tonight. first time. swollen ankle- hurts bad... and knee killing me, a little big. so- yea... cornbag=friend.


the life house concert was AWESOME! who sat on the front row? lyn and erin did, that's right! then april found her way over! that's right- close up pictures! woo-hoo! i tok a whole roll of film... the waltons, the band- just stuff. so, yea, it was amazing. but now, i am amazingly tired. we had the concert choir ice cream social at dr.shaerin's house before dinner and the concert. then, came to the room- did some homework for tomorrow. so, now it's time to finish my homework and hop in the bed.
but before i do that...
kyle is a kyle. i didn't see him today. but i have my 1 o'clock with him tomorrow. ummm... i don't really know who he's like yet, haven't known him that long. so- we'll find out. i'm gonna go lay in my bed.and probably sleep in it too.

argh.... zebra pirates...

walmart is a demon of furry! i have to go to walmart... AGAIN!!!!!
argh.... the zebra pirates are attacking my underwear drawer!
i have no idea...
i'm rambleing.
and it's because i have to go to walmart... AGIAN.

yay college!

ok, so last night erin, april, kyle and i went to "mission improvable" HILARIOUS! it was so funny. at one point i could not breathe, and almost started to cry! SOO FUNNY! and kyle was glad he went. if it had not been for me, erin, and april, he wouldn't have been there. and so, it was fun times.then kyle came to the lobby to get the stuff i took out of erin's car for him(from walmart) and got that, and then he went back to armstrong for bed. erin, lucy and i were up till around 12 something last night studying. we had a BNEW quiz today... true and false, so i know it kicked my butt. i think i did OK, but had it been ANYTHING other than true false, i would have aced it. BUT, it's ok. i like "dr.brthr.cloer". he's cool. everytime someone hears i have cloer, they get this look on their face... i like the guy. he's cool. he's almost like a paul rogers, mike kelley, joesph sr. baumgartel type person. he has enough humor to keep you interested, and he has very good presentation style. although he mumbles a little.but, i like him. he's wise, and a great teacher, and so far i'm enjoying his class. i like chapel. i like my seat in chapel. i sit next to erin on my right, and a guy named randal on my left, he's nice. and a girl that is in my bible class and some other class sits next to him. and a girl we met a couple days ago sits behind us- can't remember her name (madison?) , and april moved her seat, so she's infront of us. i enjoy chapel. i like going- and it's cool in the benson, so it's relief from the warmth of the walk from the GAC. or the other ganus building on MWF. although, this whole eating half your lunch on the way to choir, and finishing the rest during your one o'clock class thing is crazy.... BAH! but it doesn't bother me. wel, it does, but i don't mind it. well... IDK.... i don't really care. i don't especially care for it, but so far my only thing against it is that it's hard to get the water bottle out of the backpack, hold the half eaten sandwhich, open the water bottle, get a drink, and put the lid back on, all while walking, and not to mention crossing the street. lol. no, i usually wait until the sandwhich is gone to get a drink... the boxed lunch thing is working well, so far, erin has picked them up everyday... and if she doesn't mind, i may have her keep getting mine. i just don't have time... my days are rough... but, i like it. i'm enjoying college- most of it. i like it here. i'm happy. i just wish my brother would answer his phone when i call... lol... it's all good. peace out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


just finished the first of many MWF classes. not to terrible. it was a good day. there's a guy and two girls i know in my art 103, but the girls aren't important. his name is kyle jones, met him sunday- went to walmart with him sunday afternoon with some other people and we're going to walmart together tonight so we can buy our art stuff. so- yea... he's cool. got his number. he has mine... going to walmart together. lol. so- yea... not a big thing. we ate dinner together with some other people monday and last night. so- i'm thinking that's going to happen again tonight. probably... hopefully... HAHA! anyway...! yea- umm- finally got all my books today, and was able to take one back. that made me happy. but of course i took back the book that only cost seven dollars... and then had to buy one that cost 23 dollars... blah. so- yea. my art class will be good, and that was really the only class i was worried about i like mrs.austin. she's pretty neat. so-i think i'll enjoy that class. oh, by the way... mrs.fortner is PSYCHO! CRAZY WOMAN! i think i like her, but CRAZY. anyway- time to go to walmart.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


thought this was funny to find just after purchasing books...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

read "yay" first...

ok, so- all in all first day of classes... not that bad. went well actually. 9AM tennis and raquetball was about 15 minutes long. 6 people in the class. 11AM bible was FULL. no seats left. dr.(brthr) cloer was pretty cool. he seems like the kind of guy erin and i will enjoy. 12 was concert choir- just talked about the class, didn't really DO anything. BIG. over 40 incoming new members- who knows how many returning old ones there are. ummmmm.... ah... speech 1PM. smaller than bible, bigger than tennis/raquetball. "what is "como 101," alex?" all in all a good day. i get out at 2:15 on tuesdays/thursdays, and 2:50 MWF. so- yea... not a bad day. just wanted to say that...


i made concert choir! yay! erin did too! yay! we're so happy! yay! BUT... no lunch break... bleh... boxed lunch... ok. so, not that big a deal. and next semester, i'll just have to either not have a 1 o'clock or not have an 11 o'clock. no biggie... now i know. so, erin and i have to get from the 2nd floor of the bible building to the second floor of the reynolds center in 10 minutes! yay! bookin' it! and not to mention- that's when we're supposed to pick up our boxed lunches! AMAZING! so- we'll see how that goes... for today, i think i'm going to carry something to eat with me today- just incase. and erin will be with me for 2 of my four classes today, so if anything happens, i'm in good hands. i need to tell my professors about this little deal... hummm... yea. gotta do that. "Ummm, Dr.Sheridin, ummm.... if I don't eat, I'll ummm... be in the floor..." yea.... i see that going very well. lol. it'll be fine... no stressing/worrying needed. got up realy early today. 8:30. don't have to be in class until 10. i hate this altered schedule... it's extremely confusing. not to mention it's my first day as a student on campus- but my schedule is all junked up! holy fish... so, i have until 10 o'clock, which is usually chapel for me, to be in the big gym. and i got up at 8:30- and didn't even wash my hair... silly me. i just didn't want to be stressed out my very first day. so, as hard as i try not to be- i'm sure there will be some stress... hopefully not though. getting from the GAC to the Bible building in less than 10mins. though- EEEK! i'll try.... we'll see what happens. oh, and another thing- i don't have all of my books. GREAT. the bokstore RAN OUT of the notebook(complete with notes) that i need for my bible class. WONDERFUL. but, erin got one- so we'll share until i can get my own. hummm... ok... i'm sure i'll have more to blabber about after this day of funny schedule times, and running across campus, is over... i just want to be on the NORMAL schedule! if it were normal, i think i could handle it... BUT NO... crazyies...

Monday, August 22, 2005


i actually slept in today. till 10:18. other than sleeping when i'm sick, or after camp or something- that's the latest i've ever slept in. so- erin and i missed breakfast, again. and missed energy group 5. but it's ok, we talked to the leader, we were just going to play hide and go seek in wal*mart- so, i don't need another kick out of wal*mart.... um- we're going to the stupid center later to buy the pass, and get parking stickers, and..... umm... other stuff. so, yea. today will be fun. erin and i have not gotten up for breakfast yet. it's at 7:30! yea right! oh, and my mailbox- doesn't open. sticky lock... yea, caouldn't see if i had any mail. not that i thought i would, but just to see if i could get it open. 4 different people tried to open it- couldn't... so, yea. gotta go to the post office today too. so, our room is like the central hangout for EVERYONE. people are always in our room. it cracks me up. they always knock which is nice, but when we say "come in!" they stand there- so we have to go open the door. bah. ok- so, i think i'm gonna go make myself un-grose... shower is needed. i find out about choir today- i'll make sure to let you know.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

3rd day at HU, 3rd day at walmart.

yes, erin and i have been to walmart EVERYDAY we've been here. amazing. today was service project day, and our project was to wash college church's buses. it was SO fun. we played with water hoses and buckets full of water- soaked like 4 guys... super duper fun. so- the theme dinner is super heros. and i think erin and i are undecieded at the moment. i was thinking about wearing my pink floyd shirt- and i thought that would be good enough... but idk. come 5 o'clock tonight, my mind may change.so- yeah.

Friday, August 19, 2005

finally here.

so- after a really long day yesterday and about 30 minutes today... i am completely unpacked! so proud of me! but yea, we went to our energy group thing about an hour ago, and we have another at 2:30. erin's group is going to frozen d, and my group is going to play kiss-n-tackle, and possibly hit some dr.pepper cans with a baseball bat.so- i duno what i'm gonna do. i'm amazingly tired, and just want to take a nap! i slept really well last night- so that's a good thing. umm... so, yea. when something actually goes on around here, i'll let ya know.

Friday, August 12, 2005

this made me giggle...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it's offical, John Kerry, is a woman.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

6 days

i leave in 6 days. so... yea. i've been slowly packing, and i guess now i can start not-so-slowly packing. i have mixed emotions about this move. so- i'm just kinda blah. this post isn't very informative, but once i get on campus, and get my life back in the groove once i get there, i'm sure there will be much more to post. until then... insert imagination here.