Saturday, May 21, 2005

almost there

the above link is the link to my high school. and in just one and two half days.... i will be done. i will have "got-er-did" as someone said at HICKman county graduation this morning. i graduate on friday. it was so hard for me not to cry this morning at h.c.h.s. it was really hard. i'm not sure about friday night though- i can't decide if i'll cry or not...
i did not however cry at my LAST CONCERT WITH CINDY FREEMAN! ha ha! i was so proud of myself. and erin, she didn't cry either. go us.
i went to hurricanes last night with nick, aaron, will, sasha, and cathey, and we had a lot of fun! it was really cool! sigh. i love being 18. lots of fun. well, i'm really tired, so i might be going to get some sleep now-
" of the day:
"i'm a hobosexual"
he he...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

so glad to be home!

wow. i am super glad to be home. gatlinburg with concert choir was rough. it was fun, but rough. we came in 2nd. so that's not bad. i had fun.
glad to be home.
" of the day:
"if i were gay i would give you my heart, and if i were gay i would give you my all, but i'm not gay, so get your hand out of my pants."
-stephen lynch