Monday, February 14, 2005

so- it's valentine's day, or as i like to refer to it: Single's Awareness Day or S.A.D. today was a rather good day. yesterday mom and i made fortune cookies for my friends, and they went over really well. mr.jones was impressed with my poetry:
Valentine's Day fortune cookie
To all you losers that hang out with me.
I'm cheap, so here's your treat. I'll be your
friend to keep. Gee, you sure are lucky. I hope
your Valentine's Day is full of love and
other crap. Just remember I'll be celebrating Single's
Awareness Day thanks to a certain ex-boyfriend
(the moron chap). I love you all and your friendship
is something I truly cherish. Remember: I Heart You!
And love will never perish.

i'm such a poet. lovely words...
everyone liked the fortune cookie except jeremy, and he's gay so he doesn't count. i thought erin was gonna cry, mr.jones loved it. julee and nate were really excited and nick was really cute about it. he put his fortune in his wallet so... i dunno. for those of you that don't know... i would kinda like to spend time with nick. he's really sweet.
my brother has a date tonight. i'm proud. and jealous. but... oh well.
quote of the day:
"a man is not where he lives, but where he loves."
i thought that was an appropriate quote for today.
have a great day.