Friday, December 16, 2005

totally awesome

last night was my last night in searcy, and i had an amazing time. wade and i looked at chirstmas lights which made me very happy. i love christmas and the lights... just makes me smile. being around him was very comfortable, and relaxed. very nice. we talked about everything under the sun- it was fun.
when i walked in the door at 12:14- ALL of the RA's sittin at the desk said- "lyn, who is that boy?!" and mrs.slayton- the dorm mother- said "why didn't you get him under the mistle toe?" i turned RED. i was blushing- and trying to hide my face, and smiling from ear to ear. it was pretty funny.
april ended up going to the movies with matt- and she had an AMAZING time... hahaha... we both had great nights- our last nights here for a month... :*( oh well...going back home will make me love harding even more- and just make me want to come back even faster) i'll miss april! aww- roomie!
leaving in a little while. back in january.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

angry words

does some one ever tick you off so much you just grit your teeth and have this burning pain to kick something? oh boy, do i. it is worse than ever. and i can't stand any more of it. it angers me how much of a terrible thing this has turned out to be. i never thought it would get this bad... boy was i wrong. i thought being surrounded by harding- and everything it is would make her a better christian, a better person... no. it honestly makes me want to cry. i want my old bestfriend back- who is this person?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


when life hands you lemons, throw them back.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Sunday, November 20, 2005

I'm home.

well, after a long night of driving, and being hit by a tractor-trailer. i'm home. i'm in a bit of pain, but nothing i won't live through. other than that, i have done nothing since getting here. and i like it. i got my hair cut(2 1/2 inches) and saw harry potter. which was amazing. i've been playing with my puppy, and sittin around chilaxin. -those of you that don't speak californian- "chilax" is a combination of chill and relax. chilax, chilaxin, chilaxate, chilaxed, will chilax, will have chilaxed; so on and so forth. so, that's basically the extent of the mess that's been goin on for the past two days. so. now i sit here on the couch with my bea(puppy) and my mom, watchin Bedknobs and Broomsticks. one of the greatest movies of my childhood. totally sweet.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


there was an old clap-board country church that needed repainting. so, the elders and deacons met to decide who would do this job. they elected a deacon who was somewhat greedy for the job. he bought the paint and thinned it down with water so he could keep part of the money for himself. just as he put the last brush stroke down on the last board, a huge thunderstorm came through and washed off every drop of paint. a loud voice came from above and said "repaint, repaint, and thin no more!"

Friday, November 04, 2005


this week has been pretty good. and there are only 13 days left til thanksgiving break, so that makes this week better.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


so, i've played raquetball for a total of 2 hours today- once for class, once for fun. kinda tuckered out. but, this week is homecoming week, and tomorrow starts the homecoming festivities. tomorrow is dress your major day- i'm excited about that one. then it's miss-match day, then black and gold day. then the game is saturday. and so is the 5k run/walk that april and i are going to do. we are making our selves do this. and we're actually preparing for it. not nearly enough in advance, but we're doing it. so much to do, so much fun to have. i really should be doing some laundry right now- and might just be going to do some, but, i'm not in the mood. so, i think i'm not gonna- i'll wait till april will do it with me, which is hard for her right now because she's not here. maybe tomorrow will be laundry day... blah.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

basically- yea.

so, basically i feel like poo.
i have been out of the rom twice in the past two days- once to walmart, once to chapel. my throat is so amazingly sore- it hurts to think about it. i woke up every four hours last night- and haven't been able to sleep for a time span longer than that since i got sick. i just got out of the shower- and i'm hoping that makes me feel a smidge better. my throat hurts all the way into my ears. my jaw, ears, throat, and whole body just ache. swallowing is pretty much impossible- and just hurts too bad. so- i'm supposed to go back to the doctor in a week if i haven't gotten any better. so, i'm back to bed. to try to sleep- or, just lay there and not swallow. maybe some more meds... night love kiss

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


my life rocks. completely and totally! i love my life! i am so blessed my God i have everything i do, and the abilities i have, and of course, the amazing people in my life. i love college and everything about it! there is nothing i would change about my life. except missing my parents. i miss them a lot. but, never fear- dad should be in AR today, and mom will soon follow. i find myself constantly smiling and never wondering why-but knowing that everyday is a good day because i am alive, and happy, and well. the only thing that ever gets me down about my days is my job- and even when i'm at work, i'm talking to people and having a good time with my co-workers. i love my life, and everything/one in it. can't wait to see my parents.

on a completely different note- yesterday kyle took me with him shopping... he wanted my opinion... what does that mean? don't know, don't care. i like it. lol. today after speech class, a guy who i have not talked to much and i just randomly started talking after class and walked together to the student center at a very lazy pace and talked the whole way! i love that! last night when i met grant, i was excited to meet him- but it was hard to have a conversation with him... i had to put effort in to it... i hate that... i mean- he's a cool guy- but i don't like having to work to have a conversation with someone. but- it's cool. so- david, the guy i was talking to after speech is really tall. like at least a foot taller than me. he's taller than aaron(whom he met) -passed him while walking on the way tothe SC- so... yea. he plays the violin, and tennis- and he likes hearing about my clumsy tennis playing... almost hit the green today... i swung my racket really hard- and it ended up between my knees- and not thinking i tried to take a step forward- and almost fell on my face. but didn't thank goodness... but i did fall UP the stairs this morning. i walked out of the room with a bunch of stuff in my hands- and got to the 2nd floor when i realized i had left my keys in the room(unlocked). so i turned around really quickly, with all that stuff, and my tennis bag kinda got caught up around my feet- and i feel up the stairs. so- needess to say, today has been an eventfull day for lyn and her feet.

everything in roomate land is going really well- wouldn't change it for the world.

i'm hanging out with paden again tonight- i hung out with him after church on sunday night. so, i saw him in passing last night, and he asked me to hang out with him again. i'm excited. he asked me to go to the LR air show on saturday- but i declined. told him i'd go another time. he settled for hanging out tonight instead.

college guys are so NOT high school guys- i love it.

i have a big art project due at 3 tomorrow that is only half done- trying to get enough done today so i can finish it in class tomorrow. so far it looks good. this one might want to be framed mom. we'll see.

love and kisses.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

back pain

i woke up this morning with a pretty bad pain in my back. i got up took some tylenol and went back to sleep. and kept sleeping. and kept sleeping. and kept sleeping. so, needless to say, i went to bedside this morning. but, now i have a chance to clean the room before open house tonight. and then i'll be able to do some laundry later.
didn't do laundry yesterday because i woke up too late before erin's parents got here. didn't feel like getting up at 7:30 to do laundry. but, it'll get done- not a big deal.
i bought myself a green courduroy jacket. it's very cute. and very plain. i really like it. i especially like that it was only 10 bucks. it has fake pockets with kinda miffs me- but, it's ok.
still have a slight pain in my back- the pain that's pretty much always there- so, i think i might get up and start some cleaning. then go to lunch, then to work. but we're having open house tonight- that makes me happy. this is the first one i've been here for. for some reason erin and i weren't here when we had the first one, so lucy and her friends from wherever had a thing in our room- since it's the biggest. so, i think i'll go now. got lots to do. feel like i've wasted a lot of my day already...

Friday, September 23, 2005


oh my goodness!
the most amazing day ever!
for no reason today was just... WONDERFUL!
i attacked tyler with a hug today! i was just really happy and had lots of energy.
it was so cool!
happy friday!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


wal*mart with april and joey...4-5
ate dinner with april and joey till april left...5-6
will and daniel joined me and joey...6-6:45
jason joined while i decided to play tennis...6:45-7
changed and played tennis with joey...7-7:30
sat in the lobby with kyle...7:30-8:45
talked to randal in the student center...8:45-9
just walked in the door... it was a good night.
could have thrown in a few more people...
but it was a good night.

my day was really good. it was just an awesome day! i love college!

oh yea!

our dorm room is only like the cutest thing ever!
other than me of course...

last night/today stuff

last night i went to harbin devo with matt johnson. and it was good times. matt is a very nice guy who likes to hide behind himself. kinda. somehting like that. he's not very out going, and i know if he was everyone would love him. i don't know anyone that knows him that doesn't adore him. so- matt... i hate to tell you, but, we love you. sorry. even in the 97323407Q degree weather, it was a good devo. the speaker was... weird. but the devoting part i liked. the singing was good and all. so, probably gonna go back to that every now and again.
today was a great day aside from having to get up at 8:00 AM toget ready, walk to tennis, and find out it was canceled. yea. that sucked. but, other than that it was a great day. two classes other than the 15 minute chapel- so you can't beat that with a wooden spoon.
fun times, fun times.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


today is year day! horay for year day! 09/20/05. that's too cool for school. and that last sentence had 6 o's in it... that amuzes me...
so. today was a pretty ok day.
i went to the nurse, to make sure i wasn't dying. my kidney has been giving me some pain lately, and so, i wasn't very thrilled about it. and my esophogas is not longer falling out. just a little throat pain when i first wake up and really late at night(early in the morning). so... i may still be dying, just not as quickly.
work is going well. i guess. it's work. i got to talk to mom and dad tonight, so that was cool.
school is... yicky. i made a 75 on my western civ test. i feel kinds grose about that grade considering all my other gradesin that class were 100's. so- yea, gotta step that up a notch. my grade in bible is currently an A- so that makes me uber-happy. and if i had other classes that cared to post grades, i would check them- but since i don't, that kinda puts a kink in my grade update. so- yea.
hit myself with my own tennis racket today. yea. that was impressive. coach just laughed at me... but he stayed by our court, and complimented me several times on my back hand(my forehand needs work... a lot of work). and he also was amazed that i could actually make the ball go over the fence with my serve. he asked where i learned to serve, so i said volleyball, and he said "no wonder". so- then i started playing with a girl in there with me, and we were volleying and she hit it too me, but i fell a little short of the ball, and didn't hit it very hard, and so it didn't get all the way over the net- and the girl i was playing with yelled "hit it again!" and so i yelled back "i can't! i'm a volleyball player! that's the unforigvable sin!" and coach just doubled over and laughed. so, i really enjoy that class. i'm a little afraid of raquet ball- that could be painfull. considering i hit myself with my own tennis raquet- and the raquet ball court is enclosed... this could be bad.

Monday, September 19, 2005


i feel kinda bad. i slept right up to 8o'clock. and missed my 8o'clock. but, i haven't been feeling physically well for about a week- so, i'm going to see the nurse today. right after all my classes. test in western civ today- ewww. so, i'm going to study for that for the next 20 minutes. maybe it's a good thing i didn't go to wellness today- more time for western civ.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

thoughts concerning thoughts.

ok- so, i have this theory. actually, i have a couple.
theory number one
you have to be happy with yourself to be happy with other people.
looking at girls(and guys) who focus thier lives on being with someone- a "siginificant other"- and are so happy to be envolved with someone who thinks of them as "more than a friend"... it almost makes me sad to see them get hurt a week and 4 days later. NO. the "hole in your heart" will still be there when he(she, it) leaves. you moron. oh my goodness! are you people flippin stupid?!?! my answer: yes. these people are flippin stupid. you have to be happy with you first and foremost. and not pretending to be happy with you- genuinely happy. to be you, to be who you are, to be who you are as a christian. otherwise that hole... is just going to keep being empty-and it might even get bigger. so, stop digging the holes in your heart with the shovels of stupidity. and learn to be ok with you. search yourself- try yourself. if you find something you hate, change it(for the better of course). and until you can be truely ok with yourself, just leave the opposite sex alone.
theory number two
if you don't make an effort, it won't happen.
AHH! stupid people bother me. not-can't help it-stupid, but smart stupid. people who have every ability God granted to man(woman)- but don't use those abilities. people don't try to be happy. i think that's where i'm going with this. it bothers me that people make it a point to have a sucky life. sulking around as if to say- "have pitty for me, my life sucks more than yours"- but then complain about not being happy. i wake up every morning and say to myself: "today is going to be a god day wether you like it or not." it's as if i refuse to have a bad day. someone called me "little miss sunshine" yesterday, and i asked him why he called me that. he responded: "i've never seen you show any other emotion but happy emotions. even when you walk into a 9AM class when it's pouring down rain; you somehow have a smile on your face when everyone else looks so sad, and upset. i wish i could be that way, and not be so pessimistic all the time. you seem to have a bubble around you that just bursts with happiness. and that, is so cool." i smiled and just said "wow." i then told him what i tell myself everymorning. and that i too have my down days. but, when something goes "arye" i try not to let it drag me down the rest of the day. i mean, if something is constanly on my mind, yea, it's not going to be the best day- but i'll try my hardest to not let it drag me down too hard. so- i guess what i'm drivin at here is that you can't be negative all the time, and expect to be happy. be opptomistic. it's not as hard as it looks.

ok- so on a much lighter note- last night's game was the BEST GAME EVER! oh my goodness! 13 to 13 at the final buzzer, after like 202394762397 interceptions, and then came over time... INTERCEPTION! the best game! oh my! and of course i sat with some guys, and they thought my coaching was hilarious. they all cracked up when i started yelling at the players, and the coaches, and the refs. and then they stopped laughing when i turned around and looked at them... lol. then we all started yelling. it was great fun. oh my gosh! best game EVER!
well, today i'm finishing an art project, and working two shifts at telethon- so... barf-o-rama. not about the art thing, the telemarketing. haha. i'm a poet and didn't realize it... lol.
my "study date" yesterday was really fun. we didn't study, we are today though. yesterday we went out to sit on the grass and study under a tree(sub abore) and we talked for about 10 minutes before getting out our notes, and then we were reading notes, and just started talking. read notes. talked. read notes. talked. yea- that wasn't going very well. so- then we decided to forget studying and to just sit there and talk. then we went to dinner. and i left him in the caf. oops. no- i didn't reallyleave him there, he knew i was leaving. well, i met up with some other people after the game, and we went around just talking- and ended up in the harbin lobby. i was sitting there and april and jason were doing something else, and this guy had ordered a pizza, so we asked him for the number- and some how, that's how we started talking. so, i went to sit by him so we could talk, and after a while my phone rang- and it was SHAUN TEAGE! AHHHH! he's getting married! ewww! how weird! my heart jumped when he called me- it scared me... i didn't know what to say, i didn't want to talk to him... so, i asked jon(the guy i was talking to) if he wanted to go get his laundry(still in the dryer) and so, we walked out, and i said hi to a bunch of guys i knew walking into the dorm- and shan made some stupid comment, and being the smart-alec i am.. yea. that went well. so, i looked at jon, and said "he start talking to me really loud so he can hear you." and he did- and that gave me the excuse to GET OFF THE PHONE! eww... it made me want to yarf. AHHHH! i did not like that sam i am, i do not like his calling me ma'am. that was weird. but anyway- jon is really sweet. and he asked me to come hang out in the harbin lobby some more... so- yea. probably gonna do that. so, life is great.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

trying again.

so- this is the second time i've try to post this... so it won't be as long this time.
college is awesome.
college is great.
i've even had a couple dates.
so, the retreat was awesome! it was amazing! i got to spend some time with some really cool people. ::cough brooks cough cough brett cough:: so- yea. brett is amazing. wow. good weekend. umm- the week has gone pretty good. and it's still going well. i get paid today. and that makes me happy! i got snail mail from momma phyllis, and got an e-mail from mom and daddy. so, i'm feelin good. i'm loving college. and it's great. two of my classes were canceld for today, and that made me UBER-happy! april moved in with us since lucy moved in with lupita since lupita's roommate didn't like her. so, we're all up here now, and it's wonderful! ummm... because i'm kinda ticked about the last post getting lost, this one isn't very long or detailed... i'll work on that.


i spent two days trying to type a really good update- and finished it this morning. went to publish it, and it DISAPEARED!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

that was fun

just went to the movies with erin, april, and... mean boy! (matt). we had a good time. matt is really fun. kyle ended up not going, which i think in turn was a good thing. i would have been to... in the middle. and that would have been a smidge weird maybe... but, i had a lovely time- and so, i'll see matt again tomorrow in drawing/comp. so- yea. that's pretty much it at the moment on that subject.
as for life in generall , it's wonderful. i'm having a great time.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


i love having wellness! and i love that april has wellness too! yesterday we swam for 30 minutes, and played basketball for 30 minutes. and tonight we swam for 45 minutes! it's so awesome! but i want a swim cap. and i can't find them anywhere here- so... yea. i'm still looking for one. thankfully i don't have much homework tonight though. i have to finish a little art homework, might ake me 12 minutes. and i need to read for western civ... YAY! western civ! joy. i have to be up really early in the morning though- so, yea... gotta be in the GAC at 8AM. but, tyler is in there with me, so it's not such a bore. might just be washin my hair tonight so i can sleep ina little later... yea. so, i think tomorrow night after april and i swim we're going to go to the fitness room and get on the treadmils or the cycles. i love to cycle. it makes me feel good, and burns lots-o-calories! i've actaully been trying to eat good(better) here on campus. i don't over eat in the caf. i eat enough, but i don't go crazy... if you catch my drift. well, i'm already dosing off, and i have quite a bit to do before bed. so for now, i'm done.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


went to the episcipal church with erin and april this morning. going to the c.o.c. next week. watching moulin rouge, then going to lunch. also have to do a smidge of home work for tomorrow. gotta read for western civ., read for bible, and print something off and sign it for my wellness class. so- that won't take long. lucy went to church in little rock today- a bus came to get her i think. she went with dana, lupita("loopee"), and aziyadee(deedee). so, we don't know when she'll be back. she said this morning that it is the same kind of church she attends in honduras. kyle is getting back on campus sometime this afternoon- supposed to call me when he gets back, might go to college church with him tonight. and possibly go to the caf... depending on what time he gets back. erin, april and i are going to get some eats from there here in a little while. letting the 12 o'clock church crowds die down. the three of us, and who ever decides to go eat with us, usually show up the caf about an hour to an hour and a half after it opens. then there's barely anyone in there, no lines, and it's not as loud. AND on top of that, we can sit where ever we want, and be as loud as we want. OH, and we get a private concert! hahaha! i am the number one groupie of jordan and kensley! haha! we met them i think friday night, and they are awesome guitar players, so- we (erin, april, and i) are their groupies. they love to just ad-lib and make up stuff when they play. it is so awesome. and they also play some good cover stuff. poor kensley's foot may be broken! so sad! and he's a bigger guy and he's on crutches, and he hates it! i don't blame him at all though- i can't stand being on crutches! they make my armpits hurt! so, anyway- just small up-to-date on the past couple hours... more to come shortly.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

oh yea...

yea, forgot to say: i had to use the corn bag tonight. first time. swollen ankle- hurts bad... and knee killing me, a little big. so- yea... cornbag=friend.


the life house concert was AWESOME! who sat on the front row? lyn and erin did, that's right! then april found her way over! that's right- close up pictures! woo-hoo! i tok a whole roll of film... the waltons, the band- just stuff. so, yea, it was amazing. but now, i am amazingly tired. we had the concert choir ice cream social at dr.shaerin's house before dinner and the concert. then, came to the room- did some homework for tomorrow. so, now it's time to finish my homework and hop in the bed.
but before i do that...
kyle is a kyle. i didn't see him today. but i have my 1 o'clock with him tomorrow. ummm... i don't really know who he's like yet, haven't known him that long. so- we'll find out. i'm gonna go lay in my bed.and probably sleep in it too.

argh.... zebra pirates...

walmart is a demon of furry! i have to go to walmart... AGAIN!!!!!
argh.... the zebra pirates are attacking my underwear drawer!
i have no idea...
i'm rambleing.
and it's because i have to go to walmart... AGIAN.

yay college!

ok, so last night erin, april, kyle and i went to "mission improvable" HILARIOUS! it was so funny. at one point i could not breathe, and almost started to cry! SOO FUNNY! and kyle was glad he went. if it had not been for me, erin, and april, he wouldn't have been there. and so, it was fun times.then kyle came to the lobby to get the stuff i took out of erin's car for him(from walmart) and got that, and then he went back to armstrong for bed. erin, lucy and i were up till around 12 something last night studying. we had a BNEW quiz today... true and false, so i know it kicked my butt. i think i did OK, but had it been ANYTHING other than true false, i would have aced it. BUT, it's ok. i like "dr.brthr.cloer". he's cool. everytime someone hears i have cloer, they get this look on their face... i like the guy. he's cool. he's almost like a paul rogers, mike kelley, joesph sr. baumgartel type person. he has enough humor to keep you interested, and he has very good presentation style. although he mumbles a little.but, i like him. he's wise, and a great teacher, and so far i'm enjoying his class. i like chapel. i like my seat in chapel. i sit next to erin on my right, and a guy named randal on my left, he's nice. and a girl that is in my bible class and some other class sits next to him. and a girl we met a couple days ago sits behind us- can't remember her name (madison?) , and april moved her seat, so she's infront of us. i enjoy chapel. i like going- and it's cool in the benson, so it's relief from the warmth of the walk from the GAC. or the other ganus building on MWF. although, this whole eating half your lunch on the way to choir, and finishing the rest during your one o'clock class thing is crazy.... BAH! but it doesn't bother me. wel, it does, but i don't mind it. well... IDK.... i don't really care. i don't especially care for it, but so far my only thing against it is that it's hard to get the water bottle out of the backpack, hold the half eaten sandwhich, open the water bottle, get a drink, and put the lid back on, all while walking, and not to mention crossing the street. lol. no, i usually wait until the sandwhich is gone to get a drink... the boxed lunch thing is working well, so far, erin has picked them up everyday... and if she doesn't mind, i may have her keep getting mine. i just don't have time... my days are rough... but, i like it. i'm enjoying college- most of it. i like it here. i'm happy. i just wish my brother would answer his phone when i call... lol... it's all good. peace out.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


just finished the first of many MWF classes. not to terrible. it was a good day. there's a guy and two girls i know in my art 103, but the girls aren't important. his name is kyle jones, met him sunday- went to walmart with him sunday afternoon with some other people and we're going to walmart together tonight so we can buy our art stuff. so- yea... he's cool. got his number. he has mine... going to walmart together. lol. so- yea... not a big thing. we ate dinner together with some other people monday and last night. so- i'm thinking that's going to happen again tonight. probably... hopefully... HAHA! anyway...! yea- umm- finally got all my books today, and was able to take one back. that made me happy. but of course i took back the book that only cost seven dollars... and then had to buy one that cost 23 dollars... blah. so- yea. my art class will be good, and that was really the only class i was worried about i like mrs.austin. she's pretty neat. so-i think i'll enjoy that class. oh, by the way... mrs.fortner is PSYCHO! CRAZY WOMAN! i think i like her, but CRAZY. anyway- time to go to walmart.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


thought this was funny to find just after purchasing books...

Image hosted by

read "yay" first...

ok, so- all in all first day of classes... not that bad. went well actually. 9AM tennis and raquetball was about 15 minutes long. 6 people in the class. 11AM bible was FULL. no seats left. dr.(brthr) cloer was pretty cool. he seems like the kind of guy erin and i will enjoy. 12 was concert choir- just talked about the class, didn't really DO anything. BIG. over 40 incoming new members- who knows how many returning old ones there are. ummmmm.... ah... speech 1PM. smaller than bible, bigger than tennis/raquetball. "what is "como 101," alex?" all in all a good day. i get out at 2:15 on tuesdays/thursdays, and 2:50 MWF. so- yea... not a bad day. just wanted to say that...


i made concert choir! yay! erin did too! yay! we're so happy! yay! BUT... no lunch break... bleh... boxed lunch... ok. so, not that big a deal. and next semester, i'll just have to either not have a 1 o'clock or not have an 11 o'clock. no biggie... now i know. so, erin and i have to get from the 2nd floor of the bible building to the second floor of the reynolds center in 10 minutes! yay! bookin' it! and not to mention- that's when we're supposed to pick up our boxed lunches! AMAZING! so- we'll see how that goes... for today, i think i'm going to carry something to eat with me today- just incase. and erin will be with me for 2 of my four classes today, so if anything happens, i'm in good hands. i need to tell my professors about this little deal... hummm... yea. gotta do that. "Ummm, Dr.Sheridin, ummm.... if I don't eat, I'll ummm... be in the floor..." yea.... i see that going very well. lol. it'll be fine... no stressing/worrying needed. got up realy early today. 8:30. don't have to be in class until 10. i hate this altered schedule... it's extremely confusing. not to mention it's my first day as a student on campus- but my schedule is all junked up! holy fish... so, i have until 10 o'clock, which is usually chapel for me, to be in the big gym. and i got up at 8:30- and didn't even wash my hair... silly me. i just didn't want to be stressed out my very first day. so, as hard as i try not to be- i'm sure there will be some stress... hopefully not though. getting from the GAC to the Bible building in less than 10mins. though- EEEK! i'll try.... we'll see what happens. oh, and another thing- i don't have all of my books. GREAT. the bokstore RAN OUT of the notebook(complete with notes) that i need for my bible class. WONDERFUL. but, erin got one- so we'll share until i can get my own. hummm... ok... i'm sure i'll have more to blabber about after this day of funny schedule times, and running across campus, is over... i just want to be on the NORMAL schedule! if it were normal, i think i could handle it... BUT NO... crazyies...

Monday, August 22, 2005


i actually slept in today. till 10:18. other than sleeping when i'm sick, or after camp or something- that's the latest i've ever slept in. so- erin and i missed breakfast, again. and missed energy group 5. but it's ok, we talked to the leader, we were just going to play hide and go seek in wal*mart- so, i don't need another kick out of wal*mart.... um- we're going to the stupid center later to buy the pass, and get parking stickers, and..... umm... other stuff. so, yea. today will be fun. erin and i have not gotten up for breakfast yet. it's at 7:30! yea right! oh, and my mailbox- doesn't open. sticky lock... yea, caouldn't see if i had any mail. not that i thought i would, but just to see if i could get it open. 4 different people tried to open it- couldn't... so, yea. gotta go to the post office today too. so, our room is like the central hangout for EVERYONE. people are always in our room. it cracks me up. they always knock which is nice, but when we say "come in!" they stand there- so we have to go open the door. bah. ok- so, i think i'm gonna go make myself un-grose... shower is needed. i find out about choir today- i'll make sure to let you know.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

3rd day at HU, 3rd day at walmart.

yes, erin and i have been to walmart EVERYDAY we've been here. amazing. today was service project day, and our project was to wash college church's buses. it was SO fun. we played with water hoses and buckets full of water- soaked like 4 guys... super duper fun. so- the theme dinner is super heros. and i think erin and i are undecieded at the moment. i was thinking about wearing my pink floyd shirt- and i thought that would be good enough... but idk. come 5 o'clock tonight, my mind may yeah.

Friday, August 19, 2005

finally here.

so- after a really long day yesterday and about 30 minutes today... i am completely unpacked! so proud of me! but yea, we went to our energy group thing about an hour ago, and we have another at 2:30. erin's group is going to frozen d, and my group is going to play kiss-n-tackle, and possibly hit some dr.pepper cans with a baseball i duno what i'm gonna do. i'm amazingly tired, and just want to take a nap! i slept really well last night- so that's a good thing. umm... so, yea. when something actually goes on around here, i'll let ya know.

Friday, August 12, 2005

this made me giggle...

Image hosted by

it's offical, John Kerry, is a woman.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

6 days

i leave in 6 days. so... yea. i've been slowly packing, and i guess now i can start not-so-slowly packing. i have mixed emotions about this move. so- i'm just kinda blah. this post isn't very informative, but once i get on campus, and get my life back in the groove once i get there, i'm sure there will be much more to post. until then... insert imagination here.

Saturday, July 16, 2005


i'm sick and exhausted. got all my stuff done at harding- i'm a student with a hectic schedule- fun times. i don't feel too much like posting right now, so maybe later.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


i leave for ar. tomorrow morning around 6! i'm excited! i'm finalizing my plans to be a student in thefall, and i'm SUPER happy about it! erin is coming with me, and so are our moms- gotta be some one responsible on this trip! well, i just wanted to say to those of you faithful readers (since there are SO MANY) that i won't be at home- but i'll return shortly, and tell you ALL about my trip when i get back.
" of the day:
"save the last dance in your dreams tonight..."
frank sinatra, the hottest dead man ever- singing, The Last Dance.
kiss kiss

Thursday, July 07, 2005


ok- so- um- yea...
not really much to post about.
just letting you know i'm ok after the finger burn of the 4th-
ok- but really, nothing post worthy has happened...
so i'm gonna stop...
right about......................................................

Monday, July 04, 2005


happy 4th! just to let you know, i burned my thumb lighting a "glitter cone" for the family firework extravaganza. we (aaron and i) lit quite a bit of really big stuff- including a box called "bling bling" and "dozenz of fun". so we ended with a tremendous finish- one bottle rocket. it was funny. yay fireworks. peace out.
" of the day:
"today is our independence day!"
-dude who plays the president in "independence day"
have a good-n

Friday, July 01, 2005

no. i don't.


awww. i love the notebook. i've seen the movie about 4 times, and now i'm going to read the book. i'm excited!
family reunion tomorrow- erin's coming... i'm excited, sitting by the pool with my best friend and some cousins- this will be fun.
ok- i love being me.
" of the day:
"i'll be seeing you."
- the notebook
i love this, i think... hum. i think this is good- probably is. just wondering....
much love, many kisses.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fun in the Son Rocked my face

Wow! Fun in the Son was amazing! It was really hot outside, and I got sick, but that's ok, because it was really fun. All the bands were really cool- even though they ALL picked on me! It started out with just Poor Man's Riches, who were really awesome-but a bunch of punks(i heart you!) and they made fun of my accent, and the way i said "feet." Well, hardy-har-har, y'all are from Kentucky, which ain't any better! Well, after they left I was talking to som guys from Liptocoal, and they had the best time trying to talk southern... wasn't working out for them to well. Then the Exit East guys and the guys from Ever Stays Red decided to chime in... WOW. At the end of the day after Everday Sunday "rocked the casba" they were sitting in the office eating, and I walked in to clean up, and they started talking to me, and the lead singer said: "your accent is thick", so I told him his was too,and said what's my accent? normal? It was great times pickin on the southern girl, so I told Everyday Sunday to try to be southern for a day, they wouldn't survive. Well, on the way home from church today i saw Ever Stays Red's RV and trailer on the side of the road- blow out on the trailer, so we stopped and gave them a ride to where the fender fell off of the trailer, so--- it was fun. i had a really good time yesterday- even being picked on.

Friday, June 24, 2005

how cool is this?

mom, dad, gary, and kita are all going out tonight- a double date... on harleys. yay!
quote of the day:
"what once was lost now is found."
-erin and lyn giggle profusely.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


YAY! for the first time in a LONG TIME, today, my daddy restarted his harley! and BOY DOES IT SOUND GOOD! i'm so proud of him rebuilding it- and getting it runnig- that's awesome!

yippee doo.

ok, so i'm in love with my laptop, but not inlove with the fact that i should beleaving for work in anout 7 minutes. ick. it's ok- i reckon... i have to do more sheet rock today though- gross.
quote of the day:
"if you have nothing to say, sing it."
david ogilvy

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


yay for me! this is my first post from my laptop- with wireless internet. sweet! yay! now this makes me feel different about graduation and going to college.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ehh... ok.

so, as a summer jorb i've been painting houses. the insides. and some porches, but i get 7 bucks an hour and it's not that bad. it's really hard work, and really tireing work, but i'll make it. i pretty much go in whenever i want, and i leave when i'm finished or when i want to, which ever comes second. it's not so bad.
i'm still anxiously waiting for my laptop to get here. i ordered it on friday, and it's not here yet! ger. i'm just impatient, that's all. UPS ground from Miami- how long could that take? oh. right.
i saw peter pan on "broadway"- TPAC, and it was AMAZING! i almost cried! it was so freakin' cool. cathy rigby was wonderful, and so was the rest of the cast, they were all just awesome. and the guy that played Smee, was the man that played the next door neighbor in the princess diaries. he was great. it was all really cool.
well, mrs.batts, the woman whose house i'm currently coloring, asked me how summer was going- slow? yea. i think because i'm so excited about going to harding, my summer is just going to poke along. and that's a good thing- not complaining. i'm excited. erin is too. yay.
quote of the day:
"Wall Street is the only place people ride to in a Rolls-Royce to get advice from people who take the subway."
Warren Buffett

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

no, don't.

just kidding. don't click either of the titles that said "click this" for some odd reason, blogger is being stupid. so, if you want to look at my photoalbum, scroll down a pinch and click on the link to the right that says "My Photo Album" amazing isn't it? and it will take you to, where you must type in the name of my photoalbum: girlwithpinkbracelet. don't join or anything, just type that in on the text line at the top. ok. i'm going to work now.

click this again

i fixed it. i think. if it still doesn't work, let me know.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

click this

either click this, OR, click on the link to the right to get directed to my photoalbum- girlwithpinkbracelet, you may have to type that in at the top of the page that link takes you to. the name of the photoalbum is girlwithpinkbracelet. have fun. more pictures-beach, and last day of school(prison).
" of the day:
"if i could reach the stars i'd pull one down for you."

Saturday, June 11, 2005

updated photo album

this is the link to my online photo album, i put pictures from prom on there, about 20 new ones, so take a gander if you want.
" of the day:
"the more said, the less remembered."

Thursday, June 09, 2005


ok, so now that the excitement of the beach has worn off, the rude manager at applebee's told me they hired too many new people to hire me, but if one of them doesn't work out he'll call me, and my tan is starting to fade, all i can say is argh.
it's not all that bad...
" of the day:
"opportunies are like sunrises, if you wait too long you miss them."
-william arthur ward

Sunday, June 05, 2005


well, i finally did it! i graduated! and after spending a week at the beach, I"M SO GLAD IT"S OVER! AMAZING GRACE! no, i don't miss high school. i'm ready for college, and i hope it's ready for me. i think this summer will be good. at least i hope so. with the events that have taken place in the last two weeks, i don't know how it could be bad. this will be fun!
" of the day:
"fly me to the moon..."
-frank sinatra

Saturday, May 21, 2005

almost there

the above link is the link to my high school. and in just one and two half days.... i will be done. i will have "got-er-did" as someone said at HICKman county graduation this morning. i graduate on friday. it was so hard for me not to cry this morning at h.c.h.s. it was really hard. i'm not sure about friday night though- i can't decide if i'll cry or not...
i did not however cry at my LAST CONCERT WITH CINDY FREEMAN! ha ha! i was so proud of myself. and erin, she didn't cry either. go us.
i went to hurricanes last night with nick, aaron, will, sasha, and cathey, and we had a lot of fun! it was really cool! sigh. i love being 18. lots of fun. well, i'm really tired, so i might be going to get some sleep now-
" of the day:
"i'm a hobosexual"
he he...

Sunday, May 01, 2005

so glad to be home!

wow. i am super glad to be home. gatlinburg with concert choir was rough. it was fun, but rough. we came in 2nd. so that's not bad. i had fun.
glad to be home.
" of the day:
"if i were gay i would give you my heart, and if i were gay i would give you my all, but i'm not gay, so get your hand out of my pants."
-stephen lynch

Sunday, April 17, 2005


ok, so all-state was ok, not great, not bad.
i now have some of a voice, an essay to write and a contour drawing to finish by tomorrow morning. yay!
i'm sure i'll have loads of fun!
quote of the day:
"right here in this moment is right where i'm meant to be.'
-sarah evans

Monday, April 11, 2005

almost forgot...

when you click to go to My Photo Album and you get to the web site, the album you want to go to is entitled "girlwithpinkbracelet" type that into the top blank line of the left hand side, and you can view my pictures as a slide show or one by one. i'm proud of my self! go me!
hooray for me! hooray for me!
as you can see, i can now post pictures on my site, and YOU can look at all te pictures in my ONLINE photo album. i only have about 20 pics in it right now, but i'm working on more, this is so fun!
love you bunches!
link should be on the side, near the bottom.

kissing lobsters...

Image hosted by

i found out how to post pictures on my web site! i'm so excited! this picture is about 2 1/2 years old maybe? the girl holding the lobster is cassie ponder, and yes, i kissed the lobster! wow brown cow!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Saturday, April 09, 2005

here i am, once again...

ah, so... prom is less than a month away and i'm excited.
i quit the play! praise the lard!
um, i'm good.

not really much to say, so i won't.
sorry this is sucha crappy update.
peas out.

Friday, March 25, 2005

I am no longer "pastey" cline. i am tan. yay!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

somewhere over the rainbow, way up high. there's a dream that i heard of once in a lullaby. somewhere over that rainbow, sanity lies. some day i'll wish upon a star and wake up where high school is far behind me.

Friday, March 18, 2005

i'm home. ahh. mom and i are going to nashville later today. so that will be fun.
craig and i had cake last night. it was good. red velvet cake. yumm.
that's really all that's going on.
i go back to school monday. ger.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

just got home from ark. about 3or so hours ago, had a good time. going to bed now.
quote of the day:
"be all that you are, not all that someone else is."
today's list:
why i hate driving to/from ark.:
1.the bugs on the windshield
2.the radio stations get sucky
3.the traffic
glad to be home. post more about the trip when i'm not to sleepy. peace out.

Monday, March 14, 2005

erin and i arein arkansas- trying to make her come here.
it's fun.
list for today:
"things i need to do"
1. finish art project
2. finish "summer reading"
3. clean my room
i'll tackle those when i get home.
las night was fun, we stayed in karyn, carrie,and katie's room- fun times. erin and i both had a bed to our selves- very nice,cool girls. tonightwe're staying with jessie. she's fun.
quote of the day:
"maturity is a very magical thing...
now you see it,

now you don't."
found that in jessie's room, thought it was funny.
coming home thursday.
peace out.(yes that's 2 fingers karyn)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

caleb's dad died monday morning from a massive heart attack. a stint in his neck ruptured and caused loss of blood flow to his brain and heart. caleb's 7 year old brother found him when he tripped over him around 3:00 monday morning. the funeral was today. and it was rough. it was hard to get through. mike was an awesome man.
don't take for granted what you have. it may be gone tomorrow.
pray for the brown family, jennifer{mike's wife}mike jr.{22}, caleb{15}, and issac{7},and their whole family. today was a hard day for them.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

well, i hate school. but, who didn't know that. i hate my teachers, except one, being mr.jones- who is, coldhearted, but awesome. he and mr.bone have been my best teachers through-out all of high school. they make me go to school. so- school sucks, they make me go. what's a girl to do?
i can't take a test to save my life.every time i study my butt off i get in the classroom knowing everyhint i studied. the teacher hands me a piece of paper and there it goes! out the window! i nolonger know anything and i feel like a complete moron when i leave 22 questions blank on a test!
ha, venting sure makes me feel better.
the welton is evil. she grades work on whether she likes it or not, not your ablility to do the project or the amount of effort put in to it. she's a bad word.
i hate school.
although this is the last week before sprin break and there are only 48 schools days left. so there is hope. i just have to find it. you'd think 13 years of this crap is enough.
i'm so stressed out. it's bad. i need to quit caring. acctually, i don't care. it's just that it's so simple it gets on my nerves.
quote of the day:
"I'll do benefits for all religions. I'd hate blow eternity on a technicality."
-Bob Hope
are there ever those times in your life where you just want to bite something. hard. maybe you don't want to bite, but you want to hit something. well, i just want to bite something. really hard.
i can't even begin to express my frustratedness. it makes me type funny. i bang my fingers onthe keys like it's going to help... NO.
Lyn, get over it.

Monday, February 14, 2005

so- it's valentine's day, or as i like to refer to it: Single's Awareness Day or S.A.D. today was a rather good day. yesterday mom and i made fortune cookies for my friends, and they went over really well. mr.jones was impressed with my poetry:
Valentine's Day fortune cookie
To all you losers that hang out with me.
I'm cheap, so here's your treat. I'll be your
friend to keep. Gee, you sure are lucky. I hope
your Valentine's Day is full of love and
other crap. Just remember I'll be celebrating Single's
Awareness Day thanks to a certain ex-boyfriend
(the moron chap). I love you all and your friendship
is something I truly cherish. Remember: I Heart You!
And love will never perish.

i'm such a poet. lovely words...
everyone liked the fortune cookie except jeremy, and he's gay so he doesn't count. i thought erin was gonna cry, mr.jones loved it. julee and nate were really excited and nick was really cute about it. he put his fortune in his wallet so... i dunno. for those of you that don't know... i would kinda like to spend time with nick. he's really sweet.
my brother has a date tonight. i'm proud. and jealous. but... oh well.
quote of the day:
"a man is not where he lives, but where he loves."
i thought that was an appropriate quote for today.
have a great day.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

the COOLEST thing that could EVER happen happend to ME today! i took "big tony" to work, andas i pulled of of ole'chuck's parking lot i heard "the noise of the day" on the party(local radio station) and i heard the anouncer say "the 25th caller wins ryan cabrera tickets!" a. ryan cabrera is hott, b. he sings really good, c. he's hott, d. he writes his own music, e. he's hott, and f. he doesn't dance.... SO i call about 5 times after a busy signal a guy answers the phone and says "the party." that's all he said, he didn't tell me what number i was- so i asked him what caller i was and I WAS NUMBER TWENTYFIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW FREAKIN AWESOME IS THAT?!?!?!?!? i had to pull over on the side of the road because i got so flustered and excited because not only is this the first time in my life i have EVER WON ANYTHING, but i won ryan cabrera tickets! i am so thrilled! erin and i are going on feb. 8th to rocket town to see ryan cabrera! and the seat are up close, so that's really awesome! yay! i just couldn't believe it, i said "you're kidding! no way!" i was freakin' out! but jeremy said i sounded good on the radio, so, YAY!
quote of the day:
"do anything, but let i produce joy."
-henry miller.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

well, today was as any other day: torture. i don't like ms.welton- the woman drives me batty.i like her out of the class room, just not in it. SHE'S SO WEIRD! when i'm in her class i feel as if my creative juices aren't flowing, but rather are frozen. this lady is cookey. but, in other news...
not really doing anything this weekend, i don't think. not really sure yet- i left my homework in my locker... congratualtions lyn, you're a moron.
if you haven't heard i'm number 60 of 291 seniors graduating in may. so that's cool. i'm excited.
quote of the day:
"If the world did not suck we would all fall off."
-alexis seitins, i knew he would be good for SOMETHING one day. thanks brother number 3.
umm... i'm gonna go try to do the homework i left in my locker.
peace out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

ok, my mother asks how she got a wonderful daughter like me? my answer, she's lucky! and because she's umm... lucky.
ok, so onto the next big question of the day! which is:

ok, so now that that's done, we move on to high school.
it sucks.
ok, in oter news...
quote of the day:
"the best things in life are not things"
-unknown. let us all stress this point to ourselves.
ah ha! i do have interesting news, lacey and morgan broke up, REALLY long story... and cade and laura broke up(thank goodness) so- morgan is now single. this could be good.
well, i'm off to be creative.
peace out.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

well,my weekend in memphis was fun, and i'm just glad i don't have to go to school tomorrow. i had fun, and little sleep, but it's ok.
i hate school.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

AMAZING GRACE! is about all i have to say.
well... i'm going to go finish writing an essay for jonesy-give me a call if you need to speak words.
how do i put in to words what i need to with out hurting feelings? ARGH. once again i am a frustrated pirate.
a word on compassion with the quote of the day:
"The words you speak today should be soft and tender. for tomorrow you may have to eat them."
i had a lovely evening. but that's beside the point. if only i knew what the point was- i know the point and purpose- but eh... maybe when you're older.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

wow. a lot has happened since december 13th... here we go.
i'm 18 now. which means i can buy my own lottery tickets!horray!
christmas was great! new year's was good, going back to school sucked, and mom died(my greatgrandmother) so- i really don't have a lot to say at the moment... i'm sure i will in a day or two.