Saturday, October 30, 2004

homecoming was so fun! we won everything but the game of course! haha! but we had so much fun! last night i came up the great idea of running out on the field after the game... so we did. it was really emotional. so was the pep rally. but we had a lot of fun! it's over now.

i'm really tired now, erin and laura and i hung out yesterday, and went to eat, and slept before the game. so, we had lots of fun.

hum. sigh. it's over... one step closer to graduation.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

argh! i'm a frustrated pirate.
so, now that that's out in the open...
the play is going well, all of 2 rehersals have been sucsesful. ( i still can't spell) i enjoy the cast, most of it, and i enjoy working with them, most of them. so, i'm sure in the end, it will all have been well worth my while.
sleep is no longer a part of my life, but a faint memory of years past.
i'm so glad i'm single.
school still stinks, because they still make me go... but that's ok, because did i mention i'm glad i'm single?
ah. sigh.
it has its perks.
the good thing about school is that homecoming is next week and that means.. HOMECOMING WEEK! i'm very thrilled. i love homecoming! it is wonderful! the best week of school ever. i love homecoming, and it's my last dchs real deal homecoming. but, that means that i'l get to have real deal harding homecomings which i'm sure are just as fun, or maybe even more! i love homecoming!
single is good.
quote of the day:
"life is lumpy"
-robert fulgum
life is very lumpy, we have to learn to lump it and move on, no matter what comes our way. we also need to know that there will be lumps and that we can't expect the road to always be freshley paved. for then we would be naieve and drinking eveian. HA! if you understand you get that, if not, it's funny... laugh.
61. today makes 61 days until i'm 18. i'm in no hurry to grow up.
la de da de da...
harding is going to be great.
i will miss those of you near me in miles, but that's why phones, cars and the internet are such good inventions.
i have my graduation dress... which means one less thing to worry about come may... ah, may... in all actuality, that's not very far off. amazing.
i need a date for friday... yea. i need something to do. this is why single is good.
love sprinkles.

Friday, October 15, 2004

yumm... egg salad samich!

i'm bored today. i think i might sleep some more.

my hair is... pretty blonde. i like it, it looks really good.

all of the dirty clothes i brought back from AR are still in my bag, i haven't even emptied it out. oh well.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

i'm home. i've been home. i just don't like any of you enough to tell you that i am. just kiddin. i was gonna tell you eventually.

break os almost over, and for some odd reason, it feels like christmas. i wish.

i dont' really have much to say, except i love you.

quote of the day:
"you can't fight the war for freedom if you don't fight the war on terror."

spirit sprinkles.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

i'm in arkansas, give me a call if you want.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

fall break, glorious thing.
shaun and i have been not together for a while now, and that's going well.
school sucks other than the fact that i have 2 weeks off.
it's starting to get cold down here in the south, and i love it. yesterday i moved all my longsleeves, jackets, sweaters and things to the side of my closet closest to the door, and in turn put sleeveless and shortsleeves farther. not that t-shirt weather is gone, but it will be soon.
not really doing anything this first week of break, cleaning, doing laundry, sleeping. friday i'm going to visit harrison, and saturday i'm going to the vandy game. that should be fun.
74 days until i turn 18. wow!
the house smelled like christmas yesterday. i love that smell, it's just warm, and smells so good. but, it's only october.
homecoming is in 3 and 1/2 weeks! that makes me excited! yay!
i made the play! duh! not like i wouldn't, but i got mrs.cratchit in mr.scrooge and i am severly excited.
i think we are leaving for arkansas on sunday, so that will be fun.
well. that's enough for now, can't update too much.