Monday, August 02, 2004


that's how many school days till it's over.
first day of senior year. glad it's over. my classes are dumb, the people in them are worse and i just want it to be over. that's sad.

first block is forensics, which i may have to drop in order to get the classes i need/want.
second is econ/govt which so far is not that bad.
third is concert choir of course, fun times.
fourth is BIOLOGY II! who takes BIOLOGY 2? NO ONE! they RANdomly put me in this class and it stinks, so i'm dropping it.

second semester is as follows... so far.
first is DISCRETE MATH! what is that? 4th alternate on my schedule! i got my 4th alternate! i'm also dropping that.
second is contemporary issues a cool debate kind of class.
third concert choir. of course.
fourth english 4 ap yay. dicky jones and i will have great fun with each other i'm sure.

but other than my two icky classes that i'm dropping... it's ok. not too terrible, just simi terrible.

i'm going to make this year a great year. others around me may not want me to have agreat year, but i'm going to have a lovely time despite them.ha ha. sipte. it's so fun!