Tuesday, June 22, 2004

i got a hair cut, eyebrow wax and hair hilight today- i feel clean! my eyebrows were icky my ends were split and my roots were showing! i feel much better now though.

today has really been a boar. that's all i've done. gone to do that and nothing. so... blah!

quote of the day:
"I AM. not I was, or I will be. I AM."
i can imagine God saying that.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


all last week i was at the church from around 9 am till 4pm helping A.T. decorate for VBS and this week is VBS.AH.

i also got a job last week, i start sometime soon, and i make $25 a day! yay! my hair cuts, and eyebrow waxes are free, but if i want color or anything i pay for the product... i work at a cut above, by pizza hut in centerville. the job at hand is not cutting hair or even shampooing. i answer the phone. and run errands. so, no biggie. and as it stands i only work friday and saturday, but i still get off at 2, so it doesn't really horn in on my weekends.

quote of the day:
"the violin is like the guitar only you play it with a stick."


be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I feel like I should do this... post that is. it's been, too long.


shaun and I have been together almost 6 months. 6 months next sunday. that's amazing, it's a pretty long time. he's very good to me and I think he's starting to figure out what things I JUST CAN'T STAND. like when he acts like he's mad at me, for a REALLY long time. he knows I hate it, but we both eventually get a good laugh out of it. I think we're going to see the new harry potter movie tomorrow! that will be very fun. we went to the tractor pull last night, and that was actually fun. it was kinda funny. those people have way too much time on their hands and way too much money... it should be illegal... but I had fun. there were "carnies" and they tried to get us to play their games... ehhh... NO. a lot of them were able to count all their teeth on one hand... EEEEE. that was THRILLING. shaun's ranger now runs. not extremely well, but it got him to dickson and home last night... just needs a new carburetor and exhaust. it smokes. ungood. also another good thing about shaun, he quit smoking!!! YAY FOR SHAUN! i'm very proud of him.

bea now sleeps in my room... sometime during the night she gets out of her bed and on mine, and then in the morning she's most of the time in her's again.. she's silly I don't understand. goofy doggy.

depity is fat.

I ended up with 3 a's and one b for the end of the semester. and clark is a butt.

I'M A SENIOR! PRAISE THE LORD! one more year, I can do it...
oh wait, what am I thinking.. i'm a 12 year old and still in 6th grade... silly me. church guy friends will appreciate me realizing the reality...

marco polo = vomit
te he...

"even angels fall"