Tuesday, April 20, 2004

school really stinks. i layed in bed this morning wasting my get ready time thinking about how nice it would be to not have to go to school! skip my senior year and go to college. i'm ready for it. i hate school. i have no compassion any more. SCHOOL STINKS! why do we go to school for 13 years and then decide to go 4 more? it's like people go to school for fun! i use to like high school, and i still do- but class stinks. my day is so bad. it's just icky. ger.

i went to shaun's yesterday after school(prison) and walking with erin, and we hung out, watched some TV and then waited about 97 years before the barBQ was done, ate with his family plus me and john and then i started out the door at 8:30. i pulled out of shaun's driveway at 8:35 and off of his road at about 8:10. i pull on to the main road(hwy 70) and i'm doin great, actually going the speed limit, and about a tenth of a mile from where i pulled out is a save-a-lot and there was a truck(hauling a very large object) acting like he was about to pull out in front of me... well he's a great actor because he did. i was no less than 3 car lenghts away and he pulls out in front of me! i of course get angry because i hate that, but i let it slide. after a small ride behind him(from far away) i figured he'll speed up... no biggie. well, about 5 miles later he's still going 40 IN A 55! OH MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER JOSIPHINE! all the way to the dickson city limits i was behind this ginormous tralor pulling- A THING- and GOING FIFTEEN MILES UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT! i literally thought i was going to go crazy. when i had a chance to pass there where always cars coming and hills were unfun! JEEZE! that was so not cool. so, my mother being of course the cool, understanding mother she is(browine points), did understand and was just thankful that i got home ok.

quote of the day:
"you can't always get what you want."
maybe a tom petty song? not quite sure.


Saturday, April 17, 2004

it's been a long time since i've done this- i might do it wrong, but i'll give it w whirl.

shaun and i have been together a little over 4 months now, and i don't regret one day of it. because we don't get to spend an enourmous amount of time together i try my derndest to cherish every moment i see him. even when we argue- which we haven't done in 8 days! his prom is him 13 days and mine is in 14. that excites me beyond belief! yay! shuan is a great guy. he changed my oil in my car! how cool is that? pretty dern nifty if you ask me!

school is how it should be- my daily torture. the first block of the day is great. 2nd is ok. 3rd is terrible and 4th might as well be hell. although i have fun in 4th block the class is poo. cindy freeman is the devil. all of concert choir has come to this conclusion. no one likes her anymore! she's evil! the woman is so... just... cindy freeman! argh!

and now for something completely different...

erin knows more ways to get herself in trouble than an ex-con. that girl is some-kind-a-stupid, maybe it's crazy, but most of the time it's stupid....

smell of the day:
Swiss Army cologne
why: yum... shaun has just purchased some of this intoxicatingly wonderful aroma- AH! it SMELLS SO GOOD!

i don't really have much else to publy proclaim- so i'll be goin now-

be good.
be safe.
be fun.
shaun and i just watched radio, it was very good. kinda sad but good.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

heh meh... i have a wonderful beau-friend! yay! he's coming over to change my oil tomorrow! isn't that nice of him? i think so. it's my 4 month anniversary gift! HAH!

well, i JUST finished my paper.. i'm super tired! going to bed now.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Friday, April 09, 2004

when i hear about other people having wrecks, it makes me think about mine. and then i think about how fortunate i am to still be here. i've never see shaun cry like that...
pray for waverly.