Wednesday, February 25, 2004

i didn't try out for the crucible, many reasons, just didn't.

i have a life. that's fun to say.

berrr.. i'm cold.

quote of the day:
from mr. pettes...
i suppose you had to be there, but it was freaking hilarious.

love puddles..........................

Monday, February 23, 2004

so, things are going well, and this is good. this makes me happy.

school, is as it should be... dun dun dun... dim lights... scary music... my daily torture. but the crucilbe starts soon.. so no biggie. and one thing that makes to just so amazingly happy is that shaun fully supports me if i make it. he understands that i won't have a lot of time. and that makes me feel good. and if i dont' make it.. it's all gravy.

by the way: i made a 93 on my geometry test today- go me.

gatlinburg was wonderful, beautiful and cold as always. and i'm just so happy that i got to spend that wonderful weekend with shaun. in what mrs.freeman calls "God's Country"... i got to be with shaun, and a lot of other people i love and that love me.


quote of the day:
"blue eyes cryin' in the early mornin' rain..."
-songs about rain
i am absolutely addictited to this song, and shaun has me listening to country music again... but only if it's a good song. awkward.

heh meh neh meh.

erin is as stubborn as a 2 year old cricket on crack stuck to fly clue where that came from... she won't listen to anyone. and that's sad. i'm as stubborn as a drunk mule... that one either... but i still listen. my best friend is getting on my nerves. and that's sad.

i go to alabama this weekend. joy fun. i'm going to away now.

love puddles..............................

Monday, February 02, 2004

hello love.

it's been a terribly long time since i've done this, so let me see if i can...

ok. so i made all-state, ssa. which means i made mid-state, satb. which is very cool. our concert is this thrusday at about 6:30 at "lip-scum" university alumnus auditorial seating facility. be there or die. no really, i'm not kidding.

i go to collierville this weekend. joy-fun. i'm doing poetry, and duo with antonio(anthony lee). wow. collierville. yippee-skippee.

we are doing the crucible for the spring play.. i'm so excited! i want elizabeth proctor!
that's who i want, no one else. argh.

shaun and i have been dating for almost 2 months now. that's amazing, 2 months on
the 13th of this month. and check out my brother with a girlfriend! yay! i know how he
feels with the whole long distance thing... except i'm not 750 miles away from shaun,
ever. amazingly enough we see each other on average twice to three times a week, we try to anyway... both of us are just so busy. it's hard, but worth every minute of it.

i went on the junior/senior retreat last weekend, shaun came too. he fits right in with our youth group, which is really cool because his church doesn't have one, so he does everything with us. he came to the super bowl party which was last night, and very fun. stinkin' patriots. we don' need no stinking patriots! te he.

i'm cold.

quote of the day:
"happiness isn't bought or sold, it sits on the back shelf and it's non refundable."
-lyn rushton
i don't really know why i said it, but i think it needed to be said, so i did.

i'm taking speedreading with mr.jones this semester. AHH! i'm a-scared! but i'm sure it won't be that bad. and it will help me in the long run.

smell of the day:
Random Person Guy in the Hallway Every Morning at 7:38 When I'm Standing at My Locker
why: every morning at 7:38(or whatever the time may happen to be at the moment in which this occurs) this random person guy walks buy me while i stand at my locker and he wears the same cologne as shaun, and oh my dear great grandmother josephine! AHHH! i think he does it to torture me! because he smells so much like shaun, and it's crazy! heh meh neh meh!

bananas are yellow.

love puddles...............