Monday, December 13, 2004

i hate school.
but there are only 6 days until my birthday. yay!
blah, yultide feaste went well...
i hate school.


Tuesday, December 07, 2004

ah... so, since the past time i posted nine years ago the following have made my life joyous: if you don't know i got accepted to harding! i'm extremely excited, I CAN'T WAIT! one more semester... i can handle it. and there are only 12 days until i turn 18.yay!
the play(mr.scrooge) was extremely wonderful, there where no bad nights. we got so many compliments, it was by far the best production i have ever been in. i look very forward to guys and dolls. i love the stage, all the lights, attention, makeup, sweat and stinky costumes! I LOVE IT ALL! the stage is where i belong.
i am very proud of myself. i did extremely well in the fall art show. out of 8 pieces i had 6 to place. and one to get judge's choice- one of the biggest compliments you can get in a high school art show.i got 2 first places (on an Islamic tile design- a triangular design repeated about 30 times & a found objects and linoleum print- found ojects where flowers and my linoleum block said "dare to be remarkable"), 1 second place (on an acrylic and color pencil piece entitled VioLyn- a close up of a violin done in monochromatic blue-which won the judge's choice), and 3 third places(one on a greek inspired cup-stars all over the place with little guy looking in his telescope at a shooting star-" the astrologer", another on an egyptian cartouche- "Lyn, Queen of the stars!"- not one star on the whole dang thing! and the last on a multiple altered linoleum print i did- " a role of the die" a rolling die falling(rolling) onto a checkerboard background, 4 on white paper with gray frames, 5 on yellow with black frames, all done in black ink and placed checkerboard-ed on a giant red matt. it's very cool) and the two pieces that did not place were my two rubber ducks of the semester- one was a collage- duck made out of feathers and plastic bubbles and water all around with a curtain that matches the ones in my bathroom. the other- a stained glass mosaic- lots of little pieces of glass that i cut and glued onto a glass jar bottle thing, then grouted- icky. i thought they looked nice-ish. it was fun. i'm proud of my self. well, speaking of art, i'm in the mood to draw now, so i believe i will... hugs and kisses- hersey's that is, off brands are icky. quote of the day: "I'm an otimist, an optimist that takes her raincoat." i thought that was very... me. although everytime it's reaining, i aways think it will stop, so i never carry a raincoat, either that or i forget. probably the second one.

Friday, November 12, 2004

BlAh! one more week done. four weks left until christmas, and that means the first semester will be over... finally. it has gone really quickly, which is good. but, i'm just really ready for it to be over. all of it. high school is gay.
but, i'm having fun, and that's all that matters.
britney: guess where my bunny is!?!?! HAHAHAAHAH!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

school is poo.
i'm so swamped!
it stinks!
but other things are going well... so... BLAH!
love and kisses.

Monday, November 01, 2004

The following are Bush campaign slogans that i have come up with in my down time:
Kerry is a moron, vote Bush.
No one likes Kerry, vote Bush.
Kerry is a moron that no one likes, vote Bush.
Kerry has a big nose, vote Bush.
Kerry smells funny, vote Bush.
Bush doesn't wear flip-flops like Kerry- vote bush.
the last one from a 4 year old's point of view.
go Bush.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

homecoming was so fun! we won everything but the game of course! haha! but we had so much fun! last night i came up the great idea of running out on the field after the game... so we did. it was really emotional. so was the pep rally. but we had a lot of fun! it's over now.

i'm really tired now, erin and laura and i hung out yesterday, and went to eat, and slept before the game. so, we had lots of fun.

hum. sigh. it's over... one step closer to graduation.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

argh! i'm a frustrated pirate.
so, now that that's out in the open...
the play is going well, all of 2 rehersals have been sucsesful. ( i still can't spell) i enjoy the cast, most of it, and i enjoy working with them, most of them. so, i'm sure in the end, it will all have been well worth my while.
sleep is no longer a part of my life, but a faint memory of years past.
i'm so glad i'm single.
school still stinks, because they still make me go... but that's ok, because did i mention i'm glad i'm single?
ah. sigh.
it has its perks.
the good thing about school is that homecoming is next week and that means.. HOMECOMING WEEK! i'm very thrilled. i love homecoming! it is wonderful! the best week of school ever. i love homecoming, and it's my last dchs real deal homecoming. but, that means that i'l get to have real deal harding homecomings which i'm sure are just as fun, or maybe even more! i love homecoming!
single is good.
quote of the day:
"life is lumpy"
-robert fulgum
life is very lumpy, we have to learn to lump it and move on, no matter what comes our way. we also need to know that there will be lumps and that we can't expect the road to always be freshley paved. for then we would be naieve and drinking eveian. HA! if you understand you get that, if not, it's funny... laugh.
61. today makes 61 days until i'm 18. i'm in no hurry to grow up.
la de da de da...
harding is going to be great.
i will miss those of you near me in miles, but that's why phones, cars and the internet are such good inventions.
i have my graduation dress... which means one less thing to worry about come may... ah, may... in all actuality, that's not very far off. amazing.
i need a date for friday... yea. i need something to do. this is why single is good.
love sprinkles.

Friday, October 15, 2004

yumm... egg salad samich!

i'm bored today. i think i might sleep some more.

my hair is... pretty blonde. i like it, it looks really good.

all of the dirty clothes i brought back from AR are still in my bag, i haven't even emptied it out. oh well.


Thursday, October 14, 2004

i'm home. i've been home. i just don't like any of you enough to tell you that i am. just kiddin. i was gonna tell you eventually.

break os almost over, and for some odd reason, it feels like christmas. i wish.

i dont' really have much to say, except i love you.

quote of the day:
"you can't fight the war for freedom if you don't fight the war on terror."

spirit sprinkles.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

i'm in arkansas, give me a call if you want.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

fall break, glorious thing.
shaun and i have been not together for a while now, and that's going well.
school sucks other than the fact that i have 2 weeks off.
it's starting to get cold down here in the south, and i love it. yesterday i moved all my longsleeves, jackets, sweaters and things to the side of my closet closest to the door, and in turn put sleeveless and shortsleeves farther. not that t-shirt weather is gone, but it will be soon.
not really doing anything this first week of break, cleaning, doing laundry, sleeping. friday i'm going to visit harrison, and saturday i'm going to the vandy game. that should be fun.
74 days until i turn 18. wow!
the house smelled like christmas yesterday. i love that smell, it's just warm, and smells so good. but, it's only october.
homecoming is in 3 and 1/2 weeks! that makes me excited! yay!
i made the play! duh! not like i wouldn't, but i got mrs.cratchit in mr.scrooge and i am severly excited.
i think we are leaving for arkansas on sunday, so that will be fun.
well. that's enough for now, can't update too much.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


school is icky. i love having 2 art classes though. even if i hate one of them, it's better than biology 2.

i go blank when i actually want to update.

maybe later.

Monday, August 02, 2004


that's how many school days till it's over.
first day of senior year. glad it's over. my classes are dumb, the people in them are worse and i just want it to be over. that's sad.

first block is forensics, which i may have to drop in order to get the classes i need/want.
second is econ/govt which so far is not that bad.
third is concert choir of course, fun times.
fourth is BIOLOGY II! who takes BIOLOGY 2? NO ONE! they RANdomly put me in this class and it stinks, so i'm dropping it.

second semester is as follows... so far.
first is DISCRETE MATH! what is that? 4th alternate on my schedule! i got my 4th alternate! i'm also dropping that.
second is contemporary issues a cool debate kind of class.
third concert choir. of course.
fourth english 4 ap yay. dicky jones and i will have great fun with each other i'm sure.

but other than my two icky classes that i'm dropping... it's ok. not too terrible, just simi terrible.

i'm going to make this year a great year. others around me may not want me to have agreat year, but i'm going to have a lovely time despite them.ha ha. sipte. it's so fun!


Wednesday, July 21, 2004


another day. nothing really special about yesterday. just a day. although today we might go to hooters and do something in nashville. that would be fun. all my friends think it's either weird or cool that shaun took me to hooters for my birthday/x-mas dinner. i had fun. it's not a bad place, the first people that took me there were my PARENTS. so it can't be all that bad. and it isn't.

quote of the day:
"dum sipro, spero."
while i breathe, i hope.

 i get to babysit on friday. 10 and a half hours with ian and collin. i'm excited. my excitement is worth $75! yay! 

Monday, July 19, 2004

quote of the day:
"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die tomorrow."
-James Dean
violin today, and that's about it.
hectic day...

Thursday, July 15, 2004


we start school in 2 weeks. YAY! for once i'm so thrilled about starting school. i can't wait! senior year... yay! i think that's why i'm so excited, it's my last year!

quote of the day:
"nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action."
-johann wolfgang von goethe


shaun and i have been dating 7 months. that's a long time. wow.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


did the family reunion thing, it was fun. not too bad.

i was going to put a picture from prom on here- but i don't know how. hah! oh well. just kidding.

gotta go clean the fish tank. ewww.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Friday, July 02, 2004

my midle name is no longer lilly. i am in the process of tanning. tan in a box.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.
not many thoughts...

my job is gone. rhonda moved to a new place and is working for someone, so no longer needs my services. oh well. i tried. i had a job for my longest record, i worked 3 days. i don't really count babysitting the faulkner boys as work. i play video games, watch tv, swim and eat all day. that's all i ever do when i'm there. so that's not work. i made $106 including a haircut and an eyebrow wax. so really i made $85. stinky poo! i currently have about 40% of that left. so, i'd say for two weeks on about 20 bucks, i'm doin pretty good. school starts soon, inservice means income. so does lunch money. somehow those two words fall under the same definition in my dictionary. (oo! luk at mi spelin too big wurds!) so, in some ways i am thrilled that school is starting soon. junior year was ok. everyone says that their jr year is the worst. no, mine was ok. it wasn't amazing it wasn't horrible. just senior year! yay! hoping this one will be wonderful! i know it will be because i'll make it wonderful! so there!

shaun and i are going to play putt-putt tonight. i'm excited! yay! we saw spiderman 2 on wednesday night, after he(Christians In Action) sang at church and then drove to dickson, the 9:40. our tickets were #s 326 and 327 of 400, and there was a line from one side of the roxy lobby to the other side, we were on the other side. we actually got to sit where we usually sit upper left, close to the middle, and there was one seat beside us, this guy asked us to save it, but his date/friend/person never came and there were about 4 seats on the very front row so... there were a few people in there. putt-putt tonight.

gene and becky have been here since tuesday.they're leaving today.i got to drive becky's sterling blue convertible chrysler sebring! yay! haha erin! it was really fun.

i feel gross. i need a shower. i need to wash my hair.

i go to alabama tomorrow- family reunion. the good one. it's not that bad- just the drive that i don't like. blah.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

i got a hair cut, eyebrow wax and hair hilight today- i feel clean! my eyebrows were icky my ends were split and my roots were showing! i feel much better now though.

today has really been a boar. that's all i've done. gone to do that and nothing. so... blah!

quote of the day:
"I AM. not I was, or I will be. I AM."
i can imagine God saying that.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


all last week i was at the church from around 9 am till 4pm helping A.T. decorate for VBS and this week is VBS.AH.

i also got a job last week, i start sometime soon, and i make $25 a day! yay! my hair cuts, and eyebrow waxes are free, but if i want color or anything i pay for the product... i work at a cut above, by pizza hut in centerville. the job at hand is not cutting hair or even shampooing. i answer the phone. and run errands. so, no biggie. and as it stands i only work friday and saturday, but i still get off at 2, so it doesn't really horn in on my weekends.

quote of the day:
"the violin is like the guitar only you play it with a stick."


be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I feel like I should do this... post that is. it's been, too long.


shaun and I have been together almost 6 months. 6 months next sunday. that's amazing, it's a pretty long time. he's very good to me and I think he's starting to figure out what things I JUST CAN'T STAND. like when he acts like he's mad at me, for a REALLY long time. he knows I hate it, but we both eventually get a good laugh out of it. I think we're going to see the new harry potter movie tomorrow! that will be very fun. we went to the tractor pull last night, and that was actually fun. it was kinda funny. those people have way too much time on their hands and way too much money... it should be illegal... but I had fun. there were "carnies" and they tried to get us to play their games... ehhh... NO. a lot of them were able to count all their teeth on one hand... EEEEE. that was THRILLING. shaun's ranger now runs. not extremely well, but it got him to dickson and home last night... just needs a new carburetor and exhaust. it smokes. ungood. also another good thing about shaun, he quit smoking!!! YAY FOR SHAUN! i'm very proud of him.

bea now sleeps in my room... sometime during the night she gets out of her bed and on mine, and then in the morning she's most of the time in her's again.. she's silly I don't understand. goofy doggy.

depity is fat.

I ended up with 3 a's and one b for the end of the semester. and clark is a butt.

I'M A SENIOR! PRAISE THE LORD! one more year, I can do it...
oh wait, what am I thinking.. i'm a 12 year old and still in 6th grade... silly me. church guy friends will appreciate me realizing the reality...

marco polo = vomit
te he...

"even angels fall"

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

school really stinks. i layed in bed this morning wasting my get ready time thinking about how nice it would be to not have to go to school! skip my senior year and go to college. i'm ready for it. i hate school. i have no compassion any more. SCHOOL STINKS! why do we go to school for 13 years and then decide to go 4 more? it's like people go to school for fun! i use to like high school, and i still do- but class stinks. my day is so bad. it's just icky. ger.

i went to shaun's yesterday after school(prison) and walking with erin, and we hung out, watched some TV and then waited about 97 years before the barBQ was done, ate with his family plus me and john and then i started out the door at 8:30. i pulled out of shaun's driveway at 8:35 and off of his road at about 8:10. i pull on to the main road(hwy 70) and i'm doin great, actually going the speed limit, and about a tenth of a mile from where i pulled out is a save-a-lot and there was a truck(hauling a very large object) acting like he was about to pull out in front of me... well he's a great actor because he did. i was no less than 3 car lenghts away and he pulls out in front of me! i of course get angry because i hate that, but i let it slide. after a small ride behind him(from far away) i figured he'll speed up... no biggie. well, about 5 miles later he's still going 40 IN A 55! OH MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER JOSIPHINE! all the way to the dickson city limits i was behind this ginormous tralor pulling- A THING- and GOING FIFTEEN MILES UNDER THE SPEED LIMIT! i literally thought i was going to go crazy. when i had a chance to pass there where always cars coming and hills were unfun! JEEZE! that was so not cool. so, my mother being of course the cool, understanding mother she is(browine points), did understand and was just thankful that i got home ok.

quote of the day:
"you can't always get what you want."
maybe a tom petty song? not quite sure.


Saturday, April 17, 2004

it's been a long time since i've done this- i might do it wrong, but i'll give it w whirl.

shaun and i have been together a little over 4 months now, and i don't regret one day of it. because we don't get to spend an enourmous amount of time together i try my derndest to cherish every moment i see him. even when we argue- which we haven't done in 8 days! his prom is him 13 days and mine is in 14. that excites me beyond belief! yay! shuan is a great guy. he changed my oil in my car! how cool is that? pretty dern nifty if you ask me!

school is how it should be- my daily torture. the first block of the day is great. 2nd is ok. 3rd is terrible and 4th might as well be hell. although i have fun in 4th block the class is poo. cindy freeman is the devil. all of concert choir has come to this conclusion. no one likes her anymore! she's evil! the woman is so... just... cindy freeman! argh!

and now for something completely different...

erin knows more ways to get herself in trouble than an ex-con. that girl is some-kind-a-stupid, maybe it's crazy, but most of the time it's stupid....

smell of the day:
Swiss Army cologne
why: yum... shaun has just purchased some of this intoxicatingly wonderful aroma- AH! it SMELLS SO GOOD!

i don't really have much else to publy proclaim- so i'll be goin now-

be good.
be safe.
be fun.
shaun and i just watched radio, it was very good. kinda sad but good.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

heh meh... i have a wonderful beau-friend! yay! he's coming over to change my oil tomorrow! isn't that nice of him? i think so. it's my 4 month anniversary gift! HAH!

well, i JUST finished my paper.. i'm super tired! going to bed now.

be good.
be safe.
be fun.

Friday, April 09, 2004

when i hear about other people having wrecks, it makes me think about mine. and then i think about how fortunate i am to still be here. i've never see shaun cry like that...
pray for waverly.

Friday, March 19, 2004

well, i don't have to babysit today, and i did get to see shaun for about 45 minutes. that makes me happy.

maybe later in the day i could go see him?
heh meh...

love puddles.....................................

Sunday, March 14, 2004

heh meh.
welll spring break is here. i'm excited.

went to the hunters car show with shaun yesterday, very fun.

just happy its spring break.

quote of the day:
"if it ain't broke don't fix it."

love puddles.............................................

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

i didn't try out for the crucible, many reasons, just didn't.

i have a life. that's fun to say.

berrr.. i'm cold.

quote of the day:
from mr. pettes...
i suppose you had to be there, but it was freaking hilarious.

love puddles..........................

Monday, February 23, 2004

so, things are going well, and this is good. this makes me happy.

school, is as it should be... dun dun dun... dim lights... scary music... my daily torture. but the crucilbe starts soon.. so no biggie. and one thing that makes to just so amazingly happy is that shaun fully supports me if i make it. he understands that i won't have a lot of time. and that makes me feel good. and if i dont' make it.. it's all gravy.

by the way: i made a 93 on my geometry test today- go me.

gatlinburg was wonderful, beautiful and cold as always. and i'm just so happy that i got to spend that wonderful weekend with shaun. in what mrs.freeman calls "God's Country"... i got to be with shaun, and a lot of other people i love and that love me.


quote of the day:
"blue eyes cryin' in the early mornin' rain..."
-songs about rain
i am absolutely addictited to this song, and shaun has me listening to country music again... but only if it's a good song. awkward.

heh meh neh meh.

erin is as stubborn as a 2 year old cricket on crack stuck to fly clue where that came from... she won't listen to anyone. and that's sad. i'm as stubborn as a drunk mule... that one either... but i still listen. my best friend is getting on my nerves. and that's sad.

i go to alabama this weekend. joy fun. i'm going to away now.

love puddles..............................

Monday, February 02, 2004

hello love.

it's been a terribly long time since i've done this, so let me see if i can...

ok. so i made all-state, ssa. which means i made mid-state, satb. which is very cool. our concert is this thrusday at about 6:30 at "lip-scum" university alumnus auditorial seating facility. be there or die. no really, i'm not kidding.

i go to collierville this weekend. joy-fun. i'm doing poetry, and duo with antonio(anthony lee). wow. collierville. yippee-skippee.

we are doing the crucible for the spring play.. i'm so excited! i want elizabeth proctor!
that's who i want, no one else. argh.

shaun and i have been dating for almost 2 months now. that's amazing, 2 months on
the 13th of this month. and check out my brother with a girlfriend! yay! i know how he
feels with the whole long distance thing... except i'm not 750 miles away from shaun,
ever. amazingly enough we see each other on average twice to three times a week, we try to anyway... both of us are just so busy. it's hard, but worth every minute of it.

i went on the junior/senior retreat last weekend, shaun came too. he fits right in with our youth group, which is really cool because his church doesn't have one, so he does everything with us. he came to the super bowl party which was last night, and very fun. stinkin' patriots. we don' need no stinking patriots! te he.

i'm cold.

quote of the day:
"happiness isn't bought or sold, it sits on the back shelf and it's non refundable."
-lyn rushton
i don't really know why i said it, but i think it needed to be said, so i did.

i'm taking speedreading with mr.jones this semester. AHH! i'm a-scared! but i'm sure it won't be that bad. and it will help me in the long run.

smell of the day:
Random Person Guy in the Hallway Every Morning at 7:38 When I'm Standing at My Locker
why: every morning at 7:38(or whatever the time may happen to be at the moment in which this occurs) this random person guy walks buy me while i stand at my locker and he wears the same cologne as shaun, and oh my dear great grandmother josephine! AHHH! i think he does it to torture me! because he smells so much like shaun, and it's crazy! heh meh neh meh!

bananas are yellow.

love puddles...............