Thursday, October 30, 2003

i wouldn't call today fun. all though i must say a had a sense of hummor in the ambulance.
i flipped my 4runner this morning. it's completely totaled. no more of "the bus".
i over corrected after hitting a ditch on the way to get jeremy for school this morning. abiff road is the source of all evil. cassie mills, her mom judy, 2 guys i never saw the faces of, and an older lady in her dale ernheart pj's were the first to see me. the 2 guys got me out of the window by pulling the rest of it off. i flipped at least a car's length(don't know how high i went), and i was pointed the opposite direction i was going. landed on my side of the car, and walked away from it. my seatbelt saved my life. the guy in the ambulance said i probably wouldn't be alive if it weren't for it. i have some neck and back pains, and a lot of brusies(one on my elbow, my neck, my side, my hip, my leg, my knee, and my ankles) and some tiny cuts(on my hands). when i went back to the wreck site after all the x-rays in the ER, i was getting all my stuff that had fallen out when i flipped, and i had a "Jesus fish" on my back window, my "Jesus fish" was/is still in one piece, and has glass on the sticky side. . . i'm framing it. a long with a tiny piece of my windshield, and my haiwiian t-shirt airfresheners. i'm also saving my rearview mirror... why save all this stuff? to remind me everyday that God is watching out for me, and that he has a plan for my life.
my turtle survived too. all of my stuff, cell phone, 5 pairs of shoes, jeremy's football stuff, my art junk has all been recovered, along with my hats. mom even found my "office in a box".
i had glass in my mouth when i got out of the car, that was nasty. i thought i was going to hurl in the ambulance, that wasn't fun either.
no, i didn't go to school today. ryan's last game is tonight, and i'm unhappy that i can't go see him, but i'm happy i'm alive.
i'll have pictures at school tomorrow, and if you aren't at my school, and you really want to see the pictures, e-mail me.
Jesus loves me this i know...

Monday, October 27, 2003

hey all you guys and gals in monitor land...

this week will be good, i can see it now.

homecoming was good, we lost our game though, but that's ok, we didn't expect to win.

quote of the day-ish:
"I love him so much I can't love him."
that's one directly from me.
i thought it might explain/express some of my feelings at the moment. so, yea.

smell of the day-ish:
as in literally, my smell, because like ryan, and zack, and every other guy i know, i too have my own smell, and all the guy friends in my life have told me i smell good, and that makes me feel good.. so, i smell good.

well, i don't really have much else to say other than i love you, and you know who you are. and if you don't, then your eyes are borken and you can't see...

love puddles..............................

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


life is great, at leaset mine is... she dug her self in to a hole...

love puddles.......................................

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

fall break, what a glorious thing.

went to arkansas on monday, came back yesterday. went up to the double G and ate steak, rode the 4 wheeler around some, slept, shotsome guns. that was about the extent of it, other than seeing my brother and his friendgirl. she's nifty.

break is going very well. the first week was mostly just staying home, and sleeping in. but that's good enough for me.

ryan and i talked the whole way from church to his house on sunday night. no funny silence, that makes me so happy. i loves me some ryan. i'm going to his game on friday, so that should be fun. he just makes me smile from ear to ear... everytime i even type about him on here, i'm just smilling away...

meanwhile back at the ranch(dressing)...

quote of the day-ish:
"you bought a lion?"
from secondhand lions, a very good movie that i saw today.

smell of the day-ish:
armor all
why: that's what the inside of my car smells like now, it has that"oldish/newcar" smell, so, yea...

that's about enough gabbering... i'll be off.

love puddles...................................................

Saturday, October 11, 2003

well, a small bit of news...

we won our game last night, 40-0, surprise. and Ryan Neieriahsiamandnasansas, as aaron spelled it, won't be too happy because they lost their game, 13-55. i feel so sorry for him... i went to his game and saw how hard he played, and it's just sad that they lose all the time. but we are still undefeated.

more later....
love puddles.........

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

ok, so it's been 9 years since my last post...

boy have i been busy.

this whole being in high school thing, sure is making my sleepy. but i like it. my brother thinks i'm getting more dates than he is... well, this could be true, which makes me feel good for me, but not too good for him. but anywho... these dates have been loads of fun. i'm enjoying myself. living life to the fullest. and not getting enough sleep. but hey, i've only one life to live, why not be sleepy?

i get to dye my hair red, for little women, it's in december though, so it'll be a while, and no, it won't be permanent. i'm irish. topa tha marnin to ya.

i finally got to see ryan on sunday. it felt good to see him again. it's not any fun to have withdrawls of a person. after a week and a half i think you could have called me desperate. but i got to talk to him and see him, and smell him, and just be near him, so i'm smiling from ear to ear.

dan and i had a talk. yea. we've come to the understanding, i guess you could call it, that we are friends. and friends we are. friends are we. this is good, but also bad. but i think in the long run, "everything is gonna be alright". that's a good song.

jeremy and i went on a date last night, we had fun, we played at parks, and i got to play in the sand, and we swang, and it was cute. i had fun. he also helped me wax my truck.

i got 6th of about 60 in poetry on saturday, and nate and i were 1 point from breaking... argh.... but it was fun.

our football team is 6-0, YAY! go us! i love football. this weeks game is home , so i can't do anything on friday but pray... hehe. and next weeks is at centenial. then its HOMECOMING! i'm so excited! yay!

quote of the day-ish:

smell of the day-ish:
why: he's my bestest guy friend in the whole wide world, and he smells wonderful.

love puddles..........................