Tuesday, September 30, 2003

it's been a day of seven since i've posted, so i'm gonna give it a go...

that play last night went really well. that pleases me, very much.

the teen summit at mstu was also good...

but last nights phone conversations were perhaps the best ever.
sunday i was very upset for reasons that i shall keep to my self, and i called Dan, he was he 1st one i thought of at 11:40. so he was asleep, and i left him a voice mail... while i was on stage last night he called me, and so i called him back and talked to him the whole time i was taking my make up of, changing out of my costume and washing the gray out of my hair... he makes me feel really good. like ryan does... wow, 2 really great guys. it's fun to be me. but the other phone call. around 10:30 last night, i'm laying in bed and i hear my phone give me the voice mail beep. so i get up, and get the phone, call my voice mail, listen to my old messages, and then i listen to my knew message, and who should call me but zack gordon. "hey lyn, your message thing is sweet, this is zack, call me back on my cell phone if its not too late when you get this." no, i usually wouldn't be so excited about a guy calling me, but for 2 reasons i was. 1st, zack has been my best guy friend for around 4 years know and for 2 of thouse years, i had/have had very strong feelings for him, other than best friend. 2nd, it's been REALLY long since zack has called me unless he was telling me he couldn't be at whatever we were going to do together. so anyway, i called him back around 10:35 and we talked until around 11:20. he had just called me because he was bored and he thought of me... and that makes me feel really good. and i have come to the conclusion that i am ok with zack and i being just friends, infact, it makes me feel very good... zack and i being just friends that is. so, no more worries about him, of course i'm going to worry about him, but let's just say that if we have a future further than best friends, it'll take a while to convince me of it. and that makes me happy. so now, i'm focusing on dan and ryan. since i'm not in a relationship with either of them other than we go on a date every now and again... it's legal to think about both of them, until i figure out what i want. i haven't seen ryan in 2 weeks... that makes me sad. but i have a "date" with day tonight, we're going to see figments at the high school together. that makes me happy... my life is going very well now...

quote of the day:
"bananas, and that's all i got to say about it."
-kelly and me

smell of the day:
why: he smells good.he has his own smell... good.

love puddles....

Sunday, September 14, 2003

a couple of things make me ger right now....

ryan is kinda being a butt

the sub deb girls haven't called me yet, but that's ok, i think.

and zack is sick, and that just makes me sad for him.

love puddles.......................................................

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

hey homies.

i havent seen ryan in a 4days... sigh.
i'm planning on going to his game to kinda surprise him on friday, because it's their homecoming, and so yea, i'll probably end up calling him in the next ten minutes.

well, school is school, as it always will be so i supose there's is no new news other than, i was nominated for sub deb initiantion, so that's cool.

love puddles........................................................

Sunday, September 07, 2003

ok, so it's been a day or two... ok, a week or two... i've been busy...

think back...

well, i got a part in figments, joy.
i got chamber singers that makes me very very happy.
ryan and i spent a lovely evening on the couchlast sunday watching basic... fun times.
we had the forensics luau which was quite fun. and afterward joely and i had one of our talks. those are always helpful.
we won the football game friday 49 to 6.. played kenwood... it was sad. someone tore our sign down the morning of the pep rally, and that was very disappointing. but we still got second. so that's good. erin, brittany, and i yelled so loud on friday and friday night we all woke up on saturday as hoarse as mr.ed. i'm still pretty hoarse i don't know about anybody else. so there is the past week in a very tiny nutshell, only the highlights, that's all that matters anyway.

quote of the day(ish):
"tears fall down your face, the taste is something new..."
from the all american rejects.. loves me some tyson ritter.

smell of the day(ish):
Victoria's Secret: Very Sexy for Him
why: dang that stuff smells good. patrick made me go in to vicki's hush hush to but it for him because he needed a new smell and he wanted girls to think it smelled good, so of course i bought it for him, only after i made him come in the store... i'm evil, i know....

love puddles...........................................