Wednesday, July 30, 2003

i made money for laying in the sun today... that's pretty much all i have to do with ian and collin, i sit for them tomorow and friday too. 150 bucks in just 3 days.. that's awesome.

so yea...
quote of the day:
"yea, you're friend with the expensive acne..."
-jinx in die another day
collin and i only watchd it 3 times today... so i rented him another james bond movie... collin thinks he's 007, it's the cutest thing i've ever seen, and well ian, he just plays video games.

smell-o-the day:
Mary-Kate and Ashley's: ONE
why: i was at wal*mart searching for a possible new scent, i'll still wear vanilla, and i saw this ONE, and sniffed, and it smells really good. i was amazed, i usually don't like M-K & A products, but it smelled really good.

4 days of freedom left...
well, i'm off, love puddles......................

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

i hung out with sandra on sunday afternoon/night, and we had a fun time shopping and at church, and that was about all we did. it's been 2 days, so i can't really remember too many of the details.

yesterday erin, aaron and i went to cool springs, and shopped around... i got some cute shirts from express, and some flip-flops and a jacket from old navy. erin and i were in desperate need of some shopping to vent some things. so of course we spent money. and saw some very yummy guys... so that was fun. we were suposed to meet gevin and adam for lunch, but adam decided they would go to opry mills instead... so we didn't get to meet gevin. ger.

today i'm with marcy, we were gonna try to do something on my computer to print some invitations, but that didn't work... just kidding. so... my last 5 days of freedom before school starts... gee... but i'm ready to go back i suppose... not really, but that's ok.

quote of the day:
"i love you like a fat boy loves cake."
i heard that song, by 50cent, yesterday, and i heard that line and thought it was funny.

something new, i'm gonna start having a "smell of the day"... good/bad smells i smell... like the smelly smell of a smelly smell that smells smelly.... yea... WAY TOO MUCH SPONGEBOB with ian and collin....
so with out further adue...

smell of the day:
Bath and Body Works: Warm Vanilla Sugar
why: i wear it everyday, and have for about the past 6 months. at camp, ryan asked me what the smell was, and i asked if it was good or bad, he said good, and it was W.V.S.- so... if you get a chance, go to B&BW, and smell/get some Warm Vanilla Sugar... so you can smell me... or smell like me...

that' s about it... i'm just a rambling idiot...
love puddles.................................................

Friday, July 25, 2003

yay! we have internet again! now i don't feel so deprived.

well, since my last post, not much has happened. sandra and i finally got to talk last night, and we are hanging out sunday afternoon, so that should be fun. we'll go k*marting, and that will be fun too.

quote of the day:
"when i fall in love, it will be completely..."
that's from the song, "when i fall in love" imagine that.

i am actually looking forward to school. amazingly enough, i want to go back, even though i don't. i enjoy my job being watching nick junior, playing video games, and swimming with ian and collin. it's quite fun. but when school starts, at least i'll have something other than that to do.

so, i'm gonna quit ramblin like an idiot... and just leave...
love puddles.......................................................................

Saturday, July 19, 2003

internet at our house is being dumb, so i just got the chance to update... although not really anything has happened.

happy birthdays to loren and joel... and hey sandra, your phone number doesn't like me... it never lets me call you.... sorry. well, i'm gonna get...

quote of the day:
"when you wish upon a star..."
if you don't know what that's from, you worry me.

love puddles.........................

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

i got cute shoes today. they are black and tan flip-flops(of course), but they aren't really like a thong flip-flop... and they have like maybe a 1/2 inch heel. pretty cute-playless $9.

i also shopped online, and got new jeans from old navy for only $22(after shipping/hangling/tax). yay! i love shopping. i so need to go get a top for the first day of school. tee hee hee...

went with the family to see finding nemo, time #2 for me, and they liked it, that's good. and i've also seen pirates both of the carribean and pentzance. both were great shows.

well.. not really anything to say...

quote of the day:
"you made me ink!"
from finding nemo....

love puddles..................................

Monday, July 14, 2003

oh yea, and i have recieved post card #2(#1 was from london) from craig who is on his trip in euroupe, with band people... #2 was from paris.
another day babysitting the faulkner boys... that was fun, it always is. today collin wanted me to stay and not leave, he asked mrs. robbie if i could come back tomorrow... he's so cute. ian of course was great, he's always great.

i took death of a salesman with me, and read about 4 whole words. i felt like i got a lot accomplished.

jeremy is here, along with g-ma and pop-pop, i had completely forgotten they were coming. and i thought jeremy was coming next week, welp... here they are.

i start school in a little less that a month. august 4th. dont' really know what i'm gonna wear, but i'll be adorable of course. =o) i'm really excited about being a junior. a whole lot more excited that i was about being a sophomore. but i imagine nothing will top the excitement of being a senior. although i was very excited when i started high school, why? i have no clue, but hey, it's school. it gives me something to do.

quote of the day:
"i stand to praise you, but i fall to my knees..."
from light the fire, a completely worn out camp song. i was happy when we only sang it 2 times all teen week.

love puddles........................................

Sunday, July 13, 2003

i went to bed at 5:30 friday afternoon and woke up at about 11:05 saturday moning ... 17 hours of sleep... i was tired. so here we go:

camp was great.
SUNDAY was the usual, sign-in say hey to everyone i haven't seen in a year, unpack, goof off till supper, church, feild of dreams(i played football), bon fire devo, makendox, and go to bed. the biggest/best parts of sunday are finding out who's gonna spend the week with you and the bon fire devo. bon fire went really well. it was great. we had it down in the rock quarry, and the fire was huge, the singing was amazing, and it was just cool. and yes, we did have hamburgers for super... imagine that. kelly slept with me, and made me sing to her and the rest of the cabin till she fell asleep at 2AM...

MONDAY we all woke up ready to go, fired up all the way. we divided into teams after breakfast and class and had our first team games. we played soccer, and won, i scored a goal, daniel scored one, and carson and kyle had an assist. the other team, had nothing. our second game we played football, great times... although we lost, it was fun. i got tackled (in flag football) by this very large 14 year old, and oh my goodness! i still hurt! i was hurting all week after that. following team games was lunch, and the theme for the week being "the mole" we had to wear a mole on our face... a large mole... fun. rest time came after lunch, it was good... lots of sleep. we did the creek after rest time. there was this pipe thing to jump off of, and it was really fun. when we got back from the creek, we changed for the pool, where we had more team games. i was in the breath holding constest where i got 5th, the moment i got under water i sneezed! all of my air was gone, and i practically drowned myself trying not to get last. then after the pool was devo and our lesson from paul rogers. following that we had battleball. my team started to do really good, then we got bad, and then we got good again. and then we went to bed about 11:30.

TUESDAY a few of us started to drag our feet. after breakfast and class, we played hush buttons during morning-o-challenges, i had to throw this sock thing and i got 4th,cause i had never done it before... and i of course did not loose my hush button.then we played waffleball, fun game, and the guys won hush buttons. then came lunch, rest time, and then the creek run. i came in 58th(better that last year's 84th) beating a lot of people i didn't think i would have. i beat joe, jackie, courtney, and scott, and a lot of people that could have EASILY beaten me. carson won, and he was on my team, so that was really good. after the hay ride back to the buses and then the bus ride back to camp, we changed for the pool, where we got to just goof off. that was fun. after the pool was devo with craig, and then pass and shoot. my team was good at pass and shoot for about 3 games, and then it was all downhill. after that, we went to bed about 12:00.

WEDNESDAY we were getting tired. we had our usual breakfast and class then we had the softball tourney, our team was brutally beaten twice. the 1st time, it was understandable, the other team was fierce, and the 2nd time, we had the worst field ever, it was long grass, we wouldn't see the bases, which we had to walk out because there weren't any there because we were on a FOOTBALL FIELD. we had to wait for scott to go back to camp, get bases, more bats, and balls, so we could play because we were the losing teams.ehh. we ate at mcdonalds, and got our food cheap then came rest time and that night we went roller skating, megan and i just kicked off our skates and started line dancing about half way through our night at the roller rink, it was really fun, then we skated again. after skating we went and had devotion with darren shavers, and then we had makendox madeness, in which my team had 10 1st places, one of them being me winning ping pong. yay! so after makendox, we went to bed. around 12:30.

THURSDAY everone was really pokey, and worn out we had breakfast and class as usual team games, we lost... and then lunch, rest time, and "the fair up there" we had the blowup stuff you see at fairs, and it was really cool, we had the giant slide, an obsicle course, and jousting, which i on twice. i was no good at the obsticle course though.we had that thing, and "carny" games for about 4 hours, so that was fun. then we had supper and an amazing devo with mike kelley, the singing was so great. it was straight from the heart of every teen in there, and it was just so uplifting, i lost my voice during that devo... and then there was an awesome fireworks show! it was the coolest thing i had ever seen. it was ALL the fireworks that the big tent that half of our youth group works at, it was ALL the fireworks they didn't was so cool. around 1:00 that morning, we all climbed into bed... about 3:00 that morning we all actually went to sleep.

FRIDAY woke up, ate, cleaned, packed, lunch, left. clint and i always go to snappy's on the square before he goes home, so this year we invited a couple people to go with us, and it was really fun. i almost cried when ryan(not my church ryan) left. i know i haven't mentioned him in the whole post, but i've spent my last 7 summers hanging out with him at camp. every year that's who i spend my week with basicly. ryan is so awesome.. a bit weird, but who's to say i'm normal.

so, now i'm home... and my throat hurts really bad, and i have drainage like nobody's business, but the joys of camp make up for it. i love camp, and the people there.

quote of the day:
"i tried so hard and got so far, but in the end it doesn't even matter."
-linkin park

love puddles..............................

Friday, July 04, 2003

well, i finally finished streetcar this morning... blanche was a little nutty...

i went up to camp last night as usual, and saw blake, billy, kentucky, ben, kell*b, whitney, lauren and a whole bunch of other people. blake and i played 3 games of pingpong, needless so say, he beat me every time...we would stay tied at 19, and playing to 21, he got me every time... stinky... but i had a really good time with him. i also spent some time with kell*b, who was in pieces because she got her first kiss... the girl was torn up about it... i thought that was really sad. so she came to talk to me about it, instead of going to anyone else... and that made me feel really special. now, i don't really blame her for not talking to joe(her brother) he might not understand, but i thought she would have talked to jill... i'm glad she came to me. made me feel really special.

well, i need to go for now, but i shall return...
love puddles.................................

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

i think i'll start the day off with the quote of the day:
"Donate your unused IQ points today!"
that comes from my chatter box thing, on the left hand side of my site... every now and again, it says something really odd, and i thought that was one of those.........

so ryan gets home tomorrow.. yippee! lyn is happy. although the poor guy will probably be too tired to speak, i just want to see him. ::big smiles:: words aren't necessary for my happiness, smiles will do.

sandra jenkins left a post on my guestbook last month... that makes me feel really good... all throughout my freshman/sophomore year, i never really felt like sandra really liked me, and then she found out i shopped at K*mart, and hey, whaduya know, she wants to hang out with me.(i kinda hope it's not just because of k*mart) i really like sandra, the fact that she doesn't care what the crap people think about her, and she just says what she feels like saying, reminds me of myself. this year is gonna be fun... so thanks to the great sandrana for being a fellow K*mart shopper. ok, that was REALLY cheesey... kinda a cheddar, or maybe american... that's a knee slapper for ya... sandra, did you get a car/liscence? i thought i saw you driving in dickson the other day, maybe it wasn't you though...

still haven't finished streetcar... oh well.

love puddles.....................