Sunday, May 06, 2012

I'd much rather be kayaking...

Wow. Where to begin? My second year at east lit has proved better, more trying, and more rewarding than the first. Being super involved is really taking a toll right now though. Prom was yesterday (I'm the prom coordinator). Volleyball try outs are in 3 weeks (going into my second season as head coach). And to top it off, I'm now the department head and will be teaching ap next year. Whew! By, everyday is interesting. Never a dull moment. Life outside of work is almost nonexistent, but I'm working on it. My summer, which is only 3 weeks away, will be full of lots to do. Amberland in 19 days. Aaron and Annie's wedding the 1st of June. 3 weeks of camp. 1 week of ap training. 3 days of volleyball camp. 2 days of professional development. Lots of kayaking. It's going to be great:) Only 3 more Mondays of school left. Can't wait for the 24th!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post number 504

It sure has been a while... I think it's proof that I'm busy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

guest list. for life.

i have one foot in the graphic design door. it's kind of exciting.

aaron found that a favorite band of ours needed a promo paster for this big festival they put on that we are going to... basically, i volunteered/he volunteered me to do it... and i did.

then, last night while driving to huntsville, al from bon aqua, tn for a pgroove show, i stressed out about not having bought tickets early. 

aaron made a phone call, left a voice mail, and twenty minutes later received a text... i was on the guest list. 

too cool? yes! 

but one of the coolest parts? aaron was the plus one... that's usually me. i felt special. 

the show was awesome... i got hugs from all but 1 of the band members when they realized i was the girl that did the poster.

THEN on the way home i opened an email from the guy who got us on the guest list, he thanked me for my work and told me he was sending me an autographed poster. :) 

AND THEN.... i told him thanks and that i would be happy to do more stuff in the future. so right now i'm sitting at my computer working on a promo poster that the band will use. 

the best part? i'm on the guest list for any and all shows i want to go to... ever.


i'm kind of a big deal.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

greg clayton.

SeƱior Clayton, incase I foget to tell you on saturday, happy birthday. I so miss you and our "not as frequent as they should have been" meetings.
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Hi Mr. Clayton! Last time I saw you, you asked me about any art I'd been up to.....i have been up to a few things....mainly portraiture and jewelry and handmade fashion accessories. Anyhow, I thought you could use a little color on your page, David Bowie style so you can see the little work I've been able to do since teaching.
Hope you're doing GREAT and that your wife's foot is all healed :D
Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!
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Greg Clayton February 2 at 9:35am
Yes, Jessica, like you, works to expand my horizons --- always a welcome adventure.

A Quiz:
-- what do you most like about your teaching role?
-- what do you like least about it?
-- what are you making time to create?

This is for credit.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011


the thing about art that nike could never understand, is that there is no "just do it."

rutledge and i were involved in a 50 comment facebook thread about not feeling inspired to do art, but wanting to create something so bad, it hurt.

one of the comments on the thread was from a friend of rut's who told us both, "well, just do it then!"

it's not that easy. when i force myself to create, i often look at what i attempted to create and realize what a complete train wreck it is. then the anxiety and what we call the "duomo effect" begin.

there's a certain feeling of emptiness when i can't create because i know it's going to be junk. there are days in a row that i tell myself not to even try... "lyn, if you pick up that pencil whatever you do is going to look like trash."

the contrived art, or, art that you have to think about when creating it, is, for lack of a better term, poop.

i wish dadams, senior clayton, babbo keller, and bev would send me prompts every week or two so i could at least have some where to start from.

on saturday afternoon i spent hours pouring over photos from italy, dallas, and nashville, trying desperately to be inspired... didn't work.

then i forced myself to pick up some chalk pastels... i know, even after the mantra of "lyn, it's going to be complete crap..." i made myself sit down in front of a piece of water color paper with a big smudge of chalk pastel on it from another project.

i started with some yellow. then to some purple. i was ok with it at this point and should have just walked away... but didn't. i grabbed a garish blue, grey, red, and the worst mistake of all... black. ugh.

i drew a figure that had been in my head and did patches of colors swirling everywhere... i almost threw up it was so disgusting. i picked up a stenciling paint brush and began to blend the colors together, brown, great...

i became mad at the paper. how could it let me do this?

i ran my hands over the paper to blend everything together to get rid of the figure and the swirls and then took a wheat colored yellow and drew a straight line through the middle of the page, filling in everything below the line with that color, trying to hide my horrifying attempt at creation... then filled the top half with blue.

wheat field? florence sky line? make something up?

i thought of a photo i had taken in italy and feverishly began searching for it over the next day and a half. when i finally found the photo, it looked nothing like i thought it did. ugh again.

still have the half yellow, half blue piece of paper... still stewing over what to do with it.

so today, i thought of a tree.  and painted it. i don't completely hate it. maybe i'm on the road to recovery...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I love my job.

One of my precious students told me she's pregnant, I'm glad she did... If she hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to tell her how proud of her I was for not going through with the abortion.

Friday, October 22, 2010


so i started teaching in august. it has been a rollercoaster, a picnic, and a nightmare. but i love it.

i coached volleyball, which to be honest was the main reason i didn't post from the time i got the job until now. i was getting home at 8 or 9 everynight, going to bed, getting up and doing it all over again.

i have had my fall break. spent most of it in dallas...

...with nash.

got to see april too!

i had such a wonderful time. i miss nash the second i get on the plane. i knew that going to see him would just bring back memories and feelings... which i was afraid of... now that it's happened...?
i'm not so afraid.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010


i woke up around 545 this morning to the sounds of my friend nicole packing. she stopped to have dinner and spend the night last night on her way from ohio to gulf shores; a friend of ours is getting married. since mom and dad got home from their trip yesterday, i decided not to go to the wedding. also because i leave for camp a week from today.

last night i was showing my parents my stairwell painting and i realized i really like it.
when i first finished it, i wasn't too crazy about it. now, i can't stop looking at it. there's something about it that draws me in. i love it. i'm finally proud of it.

on thursday i had 2 interviews scheduled, it turned in to 3.
my first interview was at 1030 in nashville @ the east literature magnet high school (the job i really want). i showed up early to the school, saw a girl walk out of the principal's office, he called me in (around 10:15), did the interview thing (not too sure how it went, could have been better). when i walked out (10:37) there was already another girl waiting. he told me he was interviewing a lot of people for the job and that he would let me know one way or the other by the 12th.

my second interview was in columbia with the head of hr for maury co. schools. just a screening to say whether i should even continue with the application process. when my interview was just ending he asked me what i was doing now, i told him going home, he told me that was incorrect. he sent me directly from there to talk to a principal in mt. pleasant @ the school for visual and performing arts (5-8). that interview (the 3rd) went very well, i think. he gave me a tour of the school, then the art room, he wants me to come back sometime this coming week and interview with his team of... i don't know what to call them. but if they like me i'm in.

such a dilemma. the principal at mt.pleasant asked if both jobs were offered to me, which would i take? and at first i really didn't know. i told him i would have to just take some time and pray and think about it. hopefully the job i want is the job i need.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

my soul feels better...

i took better pictures of 'stairwell' this morning, much better. from an actual camera and not a cell phone.

oil on canvas

this painting was extremely fun. i needed to create. i am noticing so much more a difference in myself when i am creating and when i am not. much more sane when i have time to actually do art.

click on the pictures for enlargements
thanks to 'mal' for the photo